Diablo® III

Patching for Saved Data Corruption anytime...

... soooooooon?!?! This is getting ridiculous.....

I don't know how many of you are experiencing this out there.... but this will be the second time in a month that this has happened and I've posted about it.... and now I'm getting extremely frustrated.

Luckily I've known about this issue so I back up my data on a USB stick, but I have been sick over the last week or so and hadn't backed anything up...... this morning after playing through half of Act 3..... I finished and moved on to Act 4..... pulled 2 Lego's including a Plan I didn't have..... and WHAM!!! the game crashes right in the middle of a fight. I can still hear the sound effects.... of course I wait a few mins to see if its just bogging for a minute or so...... but it doesn't come back and I have no control over the PS3 so I have to restart and I say to myself....... "I swear if this happens AGAIN!!!"......... well guess what?!?

Before even going into the game I checked my data utility to see if the Save data is still there..... and it is, all chars saved just the way they were at 8:45 when it saved last...... but when I start the game it simply acts as if the save isn't there at all. Even starts me back at the very beginning where I'm fitting lines on the screen and choosing gamma brightness?!?!?

This is absolutely ridiculous..... A) I shouldn't have to be backing up my game..... and B) How long will it take Blizzard before you realize this is a MAJOR bug that needs to be fixed. As I'm sure I'm not the only player this is happening to.

I'm a nerd, I get that.... I'll keep coming back for more. But to honestly think I can get new folks to play? Ones that have said..... "Ooooo I've always wanted to try Diablo!"...... but then after putting in a 12hr weekend with my best friend or my girlfriend..... I have to say, "Sorry.... Blizzard sucks and the game got corrupted.... we have to start all over!" Which I'm gonna have to do with one of my buddies characters unfortunately......

Are you guys kidding me with this?!?!

Come on.......

Side note: I'm also open to suggestions if anyone can figure out how to get the saved data back..... I'd hate to reload it from last week off the USB stick..... I'm afraid it would just override the old saved data and Id lose it forever.

Of course I'm aware that that might just be the case anyways so......

*incredibly frustrated Blizzard lamb*

EDIT: Oh and by the way..... I hit 60 this week with my monk.... and Paragon 10 with my whole account...... ALLLLL GONE...... extremely annoying..... especially the 50% stun, 1k DPS Sledge Fist that I picked up this week...... also gone. Like I called it before.... its worse than Hardcore.... its "Dreamcore"...... not just one life, but that one life could all be gone in the freeze of an instant..... *sigh*

Oh and second time in a month.... and Ive only owned the game for 6 weeks..... doesnt sound like several years of fun to me..... more like several years of frustration if I wanna keep at this. And my PS3 is just fine..... doesnt do this with anything else BUT Diablo 3.....
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Both my friends I talked into buying have experienced corrupted have lost characters to corrupted data. Both involved moving to and off cloud save.
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even if a patch was pushed out today by Blizzard

it would still take time or both Sony and MS to approve the Update and then push it to there PSN or Xbox live users....

if your new to blizzard you know there matto is "soon"
in real term soon could be tomorrow or next year

i for one happily never had this happen
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Here's an idea: back up your data every time before you play. It only takes 30 seconds or so to do. Just leave the usb in the ps3 24/7.

I agree you shouldn't have to do it, and they should patch this asap. but in the meantime, no one wants to lose a week's worth of play time - and you don't have to.
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I have a backup on a USB so I am not too worried if it happens. However, I will say this, the last 2 times the PS3 froze and corrupted the save, when I turned back on the PS3 after the hard reset, the system asked me to let it fix the problem. Each time I actually let it go through it's thing (took about 5 minutes even though is says 2-3 hours) it fixed the save.
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I lost all of my characters. My only good character was lost. If I can't get it back then this game is dead to me. I don't have a lot of time to play. Took me a long time to get that far. And the fact that EVERYTHING IS GONE.. not just the one hero, But everything. Incredibly pissed off. At least 10 different set items gone. Not to mention the number of other items in my chest that are just gone. I'm dbc1990 playing on the ps3. If you can restore my hero karnac I would greatly appreciate it. If not. Dont expect me to play ever again or suggest it to others like I have been. Until now..
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Happened to me once, yet to play it again.

So close to my last achievement (5 million gold) refuse to do it again.
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There's a way to restore it and get it to work again. One of my friends have done it on their system. I forget the exact method, but he called Sony and they suggested doing something and it restored the save file and "uncorrupted" it.
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i have never had this happen at all. i backed up my save from time to time to be safe but never had to use it.

04/21/2014 10:41 AMPosted by AceBro
, but he called Sony and they suggested doing something and it restored the save file and "uncorrupted" it.

its something like hold the power button for so many beeps and it puts it in a mode that fix's stuff like that. it can found with a search so you dont have to call sony.
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