Diablo® III

250billion amulet sold


Wow look at what i just dug up,
Oh no, don't go there again! I created a thread asking about this, and it turned into 7 pages of people arguing about how people spend their money.

However, the amulet looks totally amazing!
hahah money is so inflated now its not even funny
Yeah. I made someone mad because I voiced my opinion. We better not bring this back up again or the opinion suppressors will come out of the woodwork.
An item is worth however much a person is willing to pay for it/people can spend their money however they wish

/end thread
Found by botter.. sold by botter.. purchased by another botter.
10/20/2013 06:44 PMPosted by Darkseid
Found by botter.. sold by botter.. purchased by another botter.

found by a botter with no idea of item values despite the fact that the only reason they play is for profit? Also pretty sure ppl were complaining the new owner of that amulet has low elite kills.
Wow grats someone found a #1 in world GG item for once? Anyone wanna guess how many total number of ammys have been picked up and ided by EVERY PLAYER since the first Teeming necklace has been found?


That number of unid ammys that has been found since then is the number you should expect to pick up before you even get something close to what was rolled the other day.

My point is, don't go out and start worrying about pick up every single ammy you see drop on the ground just because one lucky dude hit the lotto with one. As much motivation seeing a roll like that gives you, you need to think about what the reality of actually finding one is.
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I think it's more amazing that someone sniped it for 2 billion first.
10/20/2013 09:28 PMPosted by Westey
I think it's more amazing that someone sniped it for 2 billion first.
Good lord imagine the guy who first found it..Ugh he just lost 8 grand haha what a loser
here we go again lol. This time I'm not buying in, I'm buying popcorn.
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I wonder how can a player obtain something like that without the AH.

The mystic needs to be able to do this....for a price.

avg dmg 47
Str 330
Vit 97
AS 9
CD 98
CC 10

but over USD 3000?????
I truly wonder if anyone actually paid this amount now,
knowing barb will be nerfed to the ground, soon
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