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Stuck in between gear levels

Hi there

I seem to be stuck between the items that cost <9M and those which cost >22M. Most of the items I have are 'ok' but I just can't get items that would make a difference. Maybe you know how to improve or how to get through that apparent equipment gap.

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EDIT: Running Archon build
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You don't have much CC. That's one big thing. You've concentrated on CD but it won't benefit you as much without having high enough CC to get the crits rolling in.

CC Tal's ammy, CC Pox, switch your rare ring for a Int/CC/CD one (Unity might be a good choice)... some of these can be found around the 1m mark each if you are patient enough.

I would also re-roll your shoulders and bracer to have more AR/armor/Vit (CC on bracers). Your EHP looks really low (can't load your character on d3up). If you can raise it high enough, you can finally drop Prismatic Armor for something that'll give you more DPS.

Check out Jaetch's Archon video tutorial. He goes through what you need in your build from your gear.. I think you're just lacking the knowledge of how the build becomes effective.


If you get a chance, ask him about how rubies and emeralds can affect your DPS too.
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I see. thank you for the help and especially for the link!

uploaded to d3up:
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Thanks for the d3up link.

Yeah, definitely your CC needs to be improved. You'd be surprised at how much some pieces are on AH, especially if you are patient with bids. It's only once you try to break into MP7+ that there is no overcoming price on AH unless you are able to capitalise on an unfortunate seller who's underpriced or miscounted zeros.
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Hi guys,

I find myself in a similar predicament. I've spent a fair bit on this Wiz (for me, 50+ million is a "fair bit" haha) and I can't seem to really break out my DPS. Can I get some similar gear advice? I have yet to find the single item that's going to really boost my damage, but maybe it's because I'm not looking as high as 100+ million for one item? Does that make sense?

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unfortunate seller who's underpriced or miscounted zeros.

That'd be me. That's for bringing those memories back mrduma. 1.2M instead of 1.2B. Three zeroes makes a difference. Did that twice.

Oh, OP, look out for bids....that's where you're gonna get your most value. Just put out 10 or 20 bids each night for cheap...you're bound to win one or two of them. And, if not, try again the next night.
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10/21/2013 06:30 AMPosted by PieHole
unfortunate seller who's underpriced or miscounted zeros.

That'd be me. That's for bringing those memories back mrduma. 1.2M instead of 1.2B. Three zeroes makes a difference. Did that twice.

I can understand missing one zero... but three?! ... twice?!?! Lay off the crack, mate.

I built a CM/WW wizard for 788k gold that gave me this: http://d3up.com/b/1074424

That's under 1m. You should be able to do similar with your budget with much better DPS and decent EHP.
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