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Thinking about trying a Skorn build....

Hello all

I've been giving some thought to trying Skorn over my current DW setup. I have a Skorn in my stash and while I cant look at it right now (at work) I think it is a LS Skorn with about 1300 dps.

If I were to equip that and go with a build like the one below, what tweaks would I need to make on my gear to be successful.


I know the SoJ would need to be changed for a HOTA SoJ. But what else would you do. And any tweaks to the build to make it more effecient are welcomed.
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Hmm, interesting situation because of your set bonuses. I would say you should get an AR witching hour to pick up the last slot of ias, but then you break your IK set bonus. You could swap to an IK chest, but you lose the BT set bonus; although you could come out even or ahead on vit if you craft some good vit shoulders (You would also likely gain over 400+ armor if you get an IK with 800+ and the added strength). That might be the best option if you want to hit the 1.67aps bp; otherwise you would need to find or craft an ammy with ias and decent stats which can be difficult, or get IK gloves. Trifecta's are expensive obviously, so you would lose the cd on your current ones if you pick up the ias there. However, you would make up for it with the added cd from your skorn. Guess it just depends on what you feel is easiest, and what set bonuses you want/need to keep.

Oh, and if your skorn has over 5% LS, you might be better off using lacerate with rend (depending on what runs you're doing of course).
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