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[Guide] - Max EXP/hr in Patch 1.0.8 (solo)

Druin, you are quite a solitary gamer. Quite contrarian given your presence in forums, yet you enjoy solitude and reflection. You are a dichotomy.
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Thanks! Tried this yesterday, moved up a few levels. Have not tried the build change tho, I am using a Nirvana build albeit without really ever going into Nirvana. Even so, my lady monk is less monotonous than leveling my barb, however, he could be lots more fun in DC.

Thanks, I enjoy your posts during downtime at work or waiting in line to pick up my kids.
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Wow...nice job druin.

I linked up you video on my page!
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Okay, I managed to get this to work somehow, thought the rotation is not in anyway smooth. Using dual-wield LS and MoE: Backlash. That's the ONLY way I can survive a 30-50 size mob with trees and savage beast to boot.

Slowly ween myself off Serenity now (don't really need it) to first incorporate FitL than change to TR as I gear up. (i prefer that over DS)

To OP: Maybe start off with a "beginner skill set" to get used to the large size of the mob pack before jumping to your maximum potential one? Particularly for DWs - Double LS is necessary, even if your DPS drops.

Still not on par with my Nirvana spam, but slowly getting better at it.

Edit: Also using Pillar for now. Due to my fast weapons not dealing enough instant damage. The worse is when the EP mob explodes after it is pushed back. But for DW, the spirit cycle ain't too bad.
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I wont have a chance to read all of this just yet, but it's safe to say that this spec is super badass and I'm going to give a couple of these solo runs a try. If only I had a super mega awesome doom hammer like you sir!
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Hey Druin!

I know you don't claim do dual wield much, but what would you suggest for someone who has a gimp TR set? My main gear is for dual wielding, but I also have a TR set that I use for farming DE's.

Would it be worth my time to TR through FoM until I find a game with Decaying Crypts, then change my skills/gear back to my dual wield setup... Or would it be more beneficial for me to just stay in my DW gear and use DS:Q to look for the Decaying Crypts?
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10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
Thanks for this ;)

Nubtro!! What an honor to see you here! :D

10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
Anyway, I´ve copied your build and played around with skills and variations, tested around, getting accustomed to the whole gameplay.

My general take is that as long as you have EP-SS on your bar somewhere, there are a million variations on this build that work depending on your playstyle.

Just last night I was testing Deadly Reach - Strike from Beyond instead of FoT-Q and was able to put up really good numbers still ... there is just a ton of potential from this spec-shell!

It really means a lot to me that you write it from a solo-player perspective, which is how I´ve spent most of my time playing this game - although nowadays there´s quite a nice group of individuals on my friends list who paragon level like crazy, but it´s always WD+3 Barbs so I get asked for my Barb only - but I want to have each class at p100 (so far only 4 Barbs).

It's really nice to hear this! The #1 negative response I have received regarding this topic is "you can just group and get more xp/hr noob." The whole group thing is just too much interaction for me ... I like moving at my own pace and jamming out to music while collecting data!

10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
I´ll be honest and state that I initially didn´t like the whole generator-generator-spender gameplay which seemed edgy after hundreds of hours with the flowing synergy of ww-rltw-opks-rend, but I´m really beginning to enjoy playing my Monk. Palm+Bell are pretty ridiculous skills heh.

This makes a lot of sense. I have been playing Monk since beta and I still don't enjoy the clunky feeling of generators + spenders. The old cookie-cutter when I could snapshot Sweeping Winds was the best I have ever felt about my monk from a play-style perspective ... oh well! :(

Barbs seem like a more well-designed class ... they are just so streamlined but I guess that is the result of essentially being resourceless (rage isn't exactly the hardest resource to come by).

That being said, the feeling of blowing up 60-80 monsters all at once is a thing only Monks can really do ... and man it feels good! :D

10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
As for the build, note that after a bit of testing in Fields of Misery I find Northern Breeze (non-TW) better at gathering masses of monsters because Tailwind is so fast (plus the slow) that the monsters often seem incapable of keeping up with me and stop following me. Basically it feels longer to gather large groups with Tailwind than with the slower Breeze (out of curiosity, what´s the relative movement speed values of TR base/TW?)

This is interesting. I have found that there is no amount of movespeed that is "too much" because I can always slow down when I need to and goat-men follow forever.

My guess is that you are used to killing frogs and bats and you are having problems keeping them following you? If this is the case, you can ignore bats and frogs. They give terrible XP compared to goats and they are also terrible at following.

I will occasionally kill large groups of them but rarely is it worth my time.

There are LOTS of open-spaces in this run so more movespeed cuts the travel time down and leads to flat-increases in efficiency for these sections (finding DC, running to elites to get stacks in Festering, running through open spaces in Cem and FoM).

I recommend giving Tailwind another try.

TR base gives 25% movespeed. Tailwind gives an additional 25% movespeed on top of that.

10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
Related to this, I actually struggle a bit with areas when the mobs are so slow that they don´t come to me fast - Crypts for example feel a bit sluggish. I admit I haven´t really tried the "prepare level 1 first" before clearing it and the MS bonus from TW is surely more advantageous in there.

I am not sure how familiar you are with RTS or MOBA games but there is a concept called "orb-walking" and it entails attacking, moving while your attack animation is on cooldown then attacking again.
In D3 there is no attack animation cooldown really so you can't true orb-walk, but if you do this in crypts --
EP - move - EP - move - FoT - move - FoT - move - bell - move you will never die and you can move through in a more fluid fashion because it is impossible to "corral" or group the mobs in DC.

If you watch my video I assume I do some of that so you can get a feel for how it works. It's probably best to do once you get comfy with the EP-Bells interaction.

10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
I had a bit of trouble surviving in higher MPs (currently run MP8) due to my low resists with Quickening and the daze and AoE aspects of CW are working much better for me.

Yup, this is the exact reason to use CW over Quickening! Good call!

10/22/2013 04:42 AMPosted by Nubtro
I wanted to ask what was up with the weird delay of Palm but I guess it´s just how the skill works and you have to get used to it - just leaves you vulnerable to taking damage, but you touched upon that as well.

This is an issue for sure. One thing that helps is that the animation for EP is "frontloaded" which means you can EP and as soon as the DoT hits the mob, if you are spamming bell, you will cast WoL instantly.
It animation cancels the end-part of the EP animation and leads to a near-instant group AoE in DC.

I usually do it like this -> FoT to full spirit -> EP -> EP -> EP + MOC + WoL all at once which you will see works quite well ... it has the effect of nearly removing the third EP's animation time.

These were just my first impressions as a Monk greenhorn :)

I´m looking forward to spending more time leveling this character. And again, thanks for the very thorough explanation, I read every bit of it.

It is truly a pleasure to have your feedback and I am really glad you are enjoying the monk experience! :D
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Druin, the happy monk
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Hey Druin. I've dusted off some of my TR stuff and given this build a try. It's definitely going to take a while to get used to it. One thing that's kind of bumming me out is that my AR is so low without OWE. 398 vs. 658. If I could get a hold of a decent AR Inna's helm with SR and a decent AR Witching hour I feel like I would be in a good spot.

As of now though I think I need to run OWE. If I do this though is there really no difference in my SR in choosing between guardian's path and Exalted soul. (3.57/6.86 with SOJ vs. 3.84/6.34) ES is actually better without the SOJ.

One thing I was finding difficult was getting max spirit after my WOL bell on packs. With 3 EPs on them even. Maybe I just need to try it out some more to get used to it. It also feels like TR is draining the living crap out of my spirit pool.

The last thing is that I just can't believe you can get 300k dps with a 2h. And you shame me by getting 240k dps with a leoric's ring on. I'm struggling to balance EHP and dps. Maybe I should see if I can drop resists somewhere and gain a bit more dps. Thoughts on that?

Also, thanks for the guide. The parts I've seen so far are great. And as a predominantly solo player myself, who has been getting frustrated with slow crypts groups this might provide me with a decent alternative to group play.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated :)

Edit: I'd like to make a suggestion. Instead of going all naked on your templar, why not give him some MF gear (With no EHP on it) just for a bit of bonus MF while leveling? Couldn't hurt.

Edit2: After playing more I'm guessing GP scales with SOJ ad SW much better. I was almost at 10SR with both of those up and exalted soul. Also... I need to remember to use overawe before bells better.

Edit3: Is it worth it to lose like 3/4k dps to gain more EHP? I'm at like 455 AR and can't find how I can get higher AR on my gear without either losing a ton of vit (which I'm already low on) or a ton of dps.
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10/22/2013 07:05 PMPosted by Amiar
Also... I need to remember to use overawe before bells better.

I had this issue when I was learning to farm VOTA with a similar build, although instead of EP I use Blinding Flash to 1-shot lower MP elites.
Anyway, I solved my own problem by just re-binding my keys so they would go in order. So do something like MoC on 3 and WoL on 4 (if you still prefer the 1-4 buttons). Then it just kinda comes naturally.
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@Druin, what do you pick up and not pick up from the ground?
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This is precisely why Barbs are OP and need nerfs.

... ohwait.

Nevermind. >.>
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Amiar> It sucks that none of your crafts have any vit. With this spec I only feel comfortable on MP10 with EHP around the 500 mark, but my pc is also kinda slow, so tends to lag at bad times - this requires some more EHP to stay alive.
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10/22/2013 11:40 PMPosted by Metalsvinet
Amiar> It sucks that none of your crafts have any vit. With this spec I only feel comfortable on MP10 with EHP around the 500 mark, but my pc is also kinda slow, so tends to lag at bad times - this requires some more EHP to stay alive.

Yeah, I know. I just bought a WH with 80AR and 80vit (with some STR and dex on there too). It set me back a bit, but it's a good belt. My AR is now 535 with 374k EHP. Now I just need some HUGE vit crafts. I'm thinking shoulders or even bracers (even though i love my bracers).
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I'm sure you put forth a ton of effort into this post but i started to scroll down and see the entirety of the post and my eyes fell out !! XD

anyways, i am looking forward to playing my favvvvorite class in the expo i.e. Monk, already started playing w/o LS and i love it, def more of a challenge and feels like I am back at day 1, strategically fighting elites not just bum rushing anymore, relying on my LoH, Lps and Lpss!! also after playing since releaseI finally started to play my Wizard and also greatly looking foward to the expo for him as well!
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Gave this a try last night on MP10. It worked well using my spirit regen gear and TR so I could avoid those charging beasts. Definitely going to grind out the last few paragon levels to get to 100 using this. Thanks for the awesome guide!
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@ Druin

Thanks a bunch for the guide I have found it very useful for my farming needs. Now a couple of questions:

What is the recommended least dps,HP,Armor,all Resist for it to e effective to run on mp10 and maintain that average exp per hour. Will a 200k monk average the same ?

Gear recommendations for synergy with build?

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I gave the solo crypt run a shot last night. I'm pretty stubborn with my build and skills, but I was able to hit 5 stacks, prep and run run the crypt, and clear half of the fields solo in MP10 to obtain more exp than I did in an entire four player MP8 Act 3 run and in far less time. The only thing I did different was swap in my LS EF to put myself in cruise control. It worked like a champ. : )


The general consensus for MP10 farming is 50k health, 5k armor, and 500 all resist. Naturally that is gear and skill deep dependent, but it shouldn't be too terribly different for crypt runs.
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@ treleth

Thanks for the info about health resist and armor, but i'd lile to have a more or less of an idea what a 200k monk xp per hour would be versus I think druin runs a 300k monk, I'm guessing the xp/hour is gonnahurt because of lower dps
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@ treleth

Thanks for the info about health resist and armor, but i'd lile to have a more or less of an idea what a 200k monk xp per hour would be versus I think druin runs a 300k monk, I'm guessing the xp/hour is gonnahurt because of lower dps

To be honest, I have like 230k and was able to kill elites and packs of trash with no problem. The most difficult part for me is just adapting to the play style. For trash, if you have lower dps, then just put up 1 more EP. On elites it might just take a hair longer, but should be doable with 200k.

It's going to be slower than druin's run, but it should be doable on mp10 for sure.
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