Diablo® III

Built this CM wiz for a little over 100m

Just wondering how I did because I never made a wizard and not really sure what I should be prioritizing
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Did you look at the guides at all?

Not enough LPH or IAS
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i'll break it down for you, here are some stats you might want to aim for:
- 2.51 or 2.73 APS
- 50%+ cc
- 800+ LoH
- 18-20 APoC
- 4000+ Armour
- 750+ AR

To help with getting that APS goal (don't waste your time with too much excess APS), Look at your wand (1.63 APS) so you'll need; +54% IAS from gear to hit 2.51APS, or +68% IAS from gear to hit 2.73 APS. I'd say for now just try out 2.51 break-point, it's easier, and unless you are Ubering you'll be sweet, and it allows you to get lower rolls and less gear required to stack IAS, so you can maybe spend more on AR/cc/CD/int/vit etc.

Going for nat's set bonus with boots + ring with cc is easy to help you with this. Don't use a Mempo unless you can get a source with APoC, if you can't then use a cc Storm Crow 5%+ cc ones are dirt cheap (plus it gives you 350-450+ LoH). You will have to lose the hellfire until you meet these stats.

It's up to you, it's a cc and APS related build, CD comes second to that. You need the cc to reset cooldowns and generate APoC, which with the two above mentioned APS's are the ideal break-points for wicked wind. (google cm/ww breakpoints if you want to research it further, but it's simply got to do with how many times the attack ticks/hits which is higher depending on your APS, which in turn = faster cooldowns = quicker arcane power regen)

Don't refer to my wiz lol it's in all sorts at the moment, was switching to Archon now i have no idea what he's doing haha =P But i still have my gear, and I used Prowlers with cc, Tal's Relentless Pursuit, Storm Crow and the Nat's Set for boots + ring. That's pretty much the only differences in our build.

See how you go, man i needa hurry up and get on and hit p100 already. Good-luck gearing!!!
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I built my "Thatyani" wiz today for 100M ( except for the gems ) without thinking too much on gearing.

The first thing is, when starting a budget build, you don't wanna get a Mempo.
Storm Crow will give you the LoH and APoC that you need for this build to work.
With 433 LoH and 10 APoC, not only you cannot spam your skills enough, but you cannot heal yourself efficiently.

Another thing is the lack of ASP. You really should focus on getting to 2.5 BP.

I could say your CC chance is low, since I got 14 more CC with the same budget...

You got good MIT and HP, but you need to fix those things...

Without losing the mempo, you will need an APoC source and another source of LoH ( rings or amulet ). You can change Zuni chest to Tal Rasha and get ASP there.
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You are about 7IAS shy of the 2.31aps breakpoint and your crit chance is way too low (generally the slower the attack speed, the more crit you need). Your have very good mitigation, but, as mentioned above, you could use more LoH to keep you alive.

The hellfire needs to go. Period. No-one who runs CM/WW bothers with hellfire unless they have some insane godly trifecta roll. Instead, try to get a ring with 6CC and 35+CHD plus int and any other damage stats you can afford (socket, max/min dmg, etc.). Then switch your ammy for a CC Duncross (you should find a 9CC one for <5m is you are patient and keep trying to snipe open bid auctions instead of just browsing the BINs). That will get you the IAS needed to get that breakpoint AND give you more LoH, but you will lose a lot of dps. The CC/CHD ring should help with that some.

I've never actually tried 2.31aps (2.51 is the slowest I run), but I hear its doable. Zunis gives you a ton of EHP, but you miss out on 2 IAS slots (armor and ring, since CC/IAS Pox are $$$) and also lose out on the Nats set bonus, making it a much harder path for anyone without a huge bank. Hopefully the mit is worth it.

Edit: Just noticed that your source has no APoC... In light of that, I'm just gonna second SunTzu's advice. Even 2.73aps with 50+CC isn't viable with 1 source of APoC. So yeah, 2.31 with 45 CC is just not gonna work.
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appreciate the feedback.. will definitely be looking for some other upgrades.. thanks all
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