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Is it just me or...

Skorn Nirvana is more awesome than 2W setup. :\
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10/22/2013 05:33 AMPosted by kamVINCI
Skorn Nirvana is more awesome than 2W setup. :\

Without FitL? Nirvana Damage bomb wise, I don't think it's close.
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Everyone has different taste. Not gonna blame you. :)
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10/22/2013 06:30 AMPosted by Wilson
Skorn Nirvana is more awesome than 2W setup. :\

Without FitL? Nirvana Damage bomb wise, I don't think it's close.

you dont think its close? i mean have you tried it or you just think its not good?

cool. :D im gona rock with skorn nirvana until people realize how awesome it is just like how people used to say skorn ww sucks.
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too slo mate..

but how many can you get off with that slow thing?
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<3 you too Fitzy!

Yea, I have tested Nirvana pretty thoroughly and, while I got it to work better than I previously had, there are two MAJOR drawbacks to 2h vs dual 1h.

The first, and by far most important, is that WotHF has an animation that reminds me of those dreams where you are walking through molasses and can't run fast enough to escape the thing behind you.... it's SO SLOW.

You get locked in place for what seems like 10 years during the second hit of the skill and heaven forbid the Nirvana interaction fails to go off when you hit IwL ... then you have to auto AGAIN during the buff which removes most of your DPS time.

Second, Faith in the Light is a big part of the Nirvana damage cycle and it is simply WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better with dual 1h weps.

My 1h nirvana bells do similar DAMAGE to my 2h nirvana bells and that doesn't bode well for the 2h setup!

I guess an unofficial third is exactly what Fitz said, the alternative from Nirvana with dual 1h is cookie-bells which is good but not great, the alternative from Nirvana with 2h is passive spir/sec guardian path which is amazingly efficient. This makes it a lot harder to justify Nirvana with a 2h wep.

... so yea ... I don't think it's particularly good but if you are having fun, you are doing it right!
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