Diablo® III

This Magic Moment...

So different and so new, was like any other, until i equipped you...
And then it happened... it took me by surprise...
I knew my follower felt it too, my d-p-s hit the sky...
Sweeter than wine... Softer than Melkor's rhyme...
Everything i'd worn or had, whenever i wear you right...

This Magic Moment... teal streaks run up my side...
I'd run Archon forever... forever, till the end of tiiimee...

Haha yes you may realize i'm very bored of my homework, but god i can't get enough of this tune so i made my own version about how i felt when i equipped Inna's Pants and making all kinds of dps gains enjoy! :-)

Original legend of a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul041CSNJto
(i don't claim to own any of this and is for recreational purposes only)
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Ah good, the Drifters version. :D

Oldies were the only music my folks could agree on when I was a kid, so I can lip-sync most of them without even thinking about it. :P
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Yeh, i'm happy to say my old man loved listening to some great music on the weekends, was like an un-spoken of family tradition for him to play music Saturday mornings haha. So glad he did or else i'd be like most of my 22 y/o friends and have no appreciation for how good the music these guys made.

Also another reason i don't mind going to family friend 40th/50th etc b'days, i know and like most of the music... but only singing and dancing to Abba when i'm drunk enough :)
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If i had a decent singing voice i'd youtube the shiz out of the songs i make up while i'm sitting here but, haha nah, not exactly gifted there like Melkor.
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:) I like your rendition. My mother used to play the same music as your pops. I used to change the lyrics all the time..
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I'm glad I was alive when oldies stations still played this type of music. 50s and 60s Doo !@#, Rock n Roll, RnB truly represent a golden age of pop music.

And, more on topic, Inna's pants represent stacking those deeeeps. If they had a slogan it would be something like "who needs EHP? Kill 'em first with Inna's."
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