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[PS3] TDK Clan / Guild Recruiting!

Welcome to the official "The Dark Knights" Guild recruitment thread for Diablo 3 on PlayStation 3!

There is a large response and demand for a fun community where like-minded gamers can call home, group up, and have fun. Whether it's in-game slaying monsters, on a guild / clan supported forum to create strategies, builds, or trade their hard earned finds!

I just want to create a trusted tight-knit family of legit gamers that can call home and make some great friends in the process.

We support both Hardcore and Softcore (regular) players of all levels and experience. Noob or expert. Stash flooded with legendary gear or you only own 2gold and white gear. We are a very welcoming group. We just have basic rules to maintain integrity, peace, and enjoyment for all of our current or soon to be members.

Not only are we very active in game, but we have an extremely active community on our member only forums! Many discussions happening on a daily basis regarding trades, strategies, events, guild affairs, off topic subjects, and many other post, announcements, and polls. There's never a dull moment here.

Want to party up with us first to get an idea how we roll? Feel free to stop by our guest section of the site! No account needed and no need to apply to post there. Stop by as a guest to say hello and get some people to party with.

All legit PS3 players welcome, no commitment needed! Get in game and play with helpful and friendly players from around the world. If you like how we roll, you are most welcome to join. If you just want to be friends, that's cool too!

No matter your play times, we are available here to you, one way or another for whatever reason you're on to play. Leveling low characters, leveling paragon, farming for that perfect legendary, brawling, or anything else. We do it all and have a blast doing so.

Play other games too? So do our members when they want to take a short break from D3. Best part is, 90% of the members here all play the same "other" games too! What better way to enjoy other games as well than with your friends and guild-mates here?

I will not discriminate against one player or the next, but as a request from myself and others that are part of this community, we ask that you please be a legit player if you plan to apply. We do not condone cheating, modding, or duping and it will not be tolerated while playing with this guild.

Keep in mind I have nothing against those who want to dupe or mod, and you can even feel free to apply as well, but if you do any of these things, chances are you may not get accepted. If you provide a great application and a solid case, all I ask is you keep the duped and/or modded gear to offline mode and do not use any of that gear when playing online, with or without any of us in the clan / guild. This is because members like to jump in and out of each-others games. I see it as you spent the money on the game, so you have the right to play it how you like. The only thing is, we also spent money on the game and choose to play legit. Hence why I am all about the "separate, but equal" approach!

If anyone has any questions, don't be afraid to ask either in the forum here as a reply, or send me a message on the forums over there.

We remain the guild of choice on PS3. The choice is easy - Stop on by and drop us a line!

If you wish to join, just follow this link here:

Or the direct link to the apply:

Thanks for your time and support
Hope to see you all soon,
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Just a friendly reminder - joining the clan forum or site does not mean you have to add everyone there to your friends list. You can pick and choose who you would like to team up with and add to your PSN. This is just a place for like-minded people to hang out and possibly team up, if they choose.
I've applied. This shows hope. The other clan I joined has a very unorganized forum where people post in just a jumbled up list of discussions. Guildlaunch seems to be a well organized site to set up this sort of community. Thanks for this and I hope it grows since it shows potential from the get go.
Thanks for the support guys! Can't wait to game with you all.

Like I mentioned somewhere, keep in mind I have not finished building the forum section yet, but I did at least include the basics to get people started until I get home from work today. Like general, hardcore and softcore sections with their own trading post sub sections.
I applied!
Applied on the site, looking forward to playing with all of you.
Thanks again for the support guys. Approved all 8 from this morning so far at work. Shhh don't tell.
Just applied, would love to have legit folks to game with.
Everyone that has apped thus far has been approved, glad to see such a huge crowd!
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Where's xbox guild!!!!
Applied! Keen to meet some Aussie players if there's any.
Applied <(o_0<)
Applied :)
Added you guys that all applied. What a great turnout so far!
10/22/2013 10:57 PMPosted by H2Oangel
Where's xbox guild!!!!

That's a good question :p
I added your guild to Useful Links for New Players thread. Hopefully it gets stickied someday. It's here if you wanna take a look. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10310891426?page=1#0
10/23/2013 02:02 PMPosted by Steave
I added your guild to Useful Links for New Players thread. Hopefully it gets stickied someday.

Thanks a lot for that. Appreciate that greatly Steave! You have my support too.
Great clan so far enjoying it here
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