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[PS3] TDK Clan / Guild Recruiting!

Nice to see some activities here :)

I have some low lvl legends lvl 20+ to 50+ legends stuff to drop HC... Please let me know who is taking from here.. I just started my HC inferno dun think i can join u guys yet, my items are not surviving well if i play master 1 inferno act 1

But rest assure that my weapons/items dropping for you guys sure can storm hell/nm/norm with ease :) (if u are DH build) do let me know n there is no need returns since just helping out fellow legits lvling to 60 players here

psn: devlinholic
90 Orc Shaman
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I'm in the guild and I am Synix7 on PSN. I have played one Pc, 360 and now PS3. I have a 60(7) monk on PC, a 60(5) Barbarian, demon hunter and witch doctor on 360 and on PS3 I'm going for monk/barb/demon. I play soft and hard. I do not have a mic currently but I do have Skype if you want to play with. I've been playing since day 1 and love this game to death. Been a huge fan of gauntlet and champions of norrath back in the day. If you need help with anyone or wish to play hit me up! :)

Synix7 i do have paragon 15 on softcore DH but due to many duppers online n my friends moving on to other games , i switch to HC.. currently my DH paragon 1 with crappy dps

My softcore DH is around 400k dps but since i switch my HC DH does 70k DPS :p

Plz let me know who ever in yr guild needs the items or some1 to pass :)
Glad to have you part of the team.

devlinholic, you didn't apply yet? If you want to join, feel free to! We have no level restrictions bud.
10/24/2013 01:34 PMPosted by AceBro
Where's all my HC players hiding?

Right here just applied
10/29/2013 11:28 AMPosted by MackDaddyMef
Right here just applied

Score!!! Now we are up to three, lmao. Ther eare others that are members that play HC a tiny but, but primarily SC. I need more HC people to game with! Glad you joined up!
what the heck, sent an app in.
10/29/2013 04:36 PMPosted by mrawdtsi
what the heck, sent an app in.

Lol, love the laid back approach.
how do i apply?
10/29/2013 06:16 PMPosted by AceBro
what the heck, sent an app in.

Lol, love the laid back approach.

thanks for the accept, ill add some of you guys on PSN this week!
Great group...ran with toon named: mercyn (or something close) not sure the clan profile...was very helpful .... crafted some Hollowed weapons that boosted me up a bit...played M5 then ran ubers on M4...crafted another hell ring...

2 monks doing some damage...actually learned about tail lash with the scorpion sting that provides 50% chance to stun for 1.5 secs

Looking forward to running with others...
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aw shucks thanks romad (im mecyn)
Was referred here by Romad. I have a Wizard Paragon 11 and am looking to find some loot tonight 8pm CST. My PSN tag is jtexasflood1 if anyone is interested. Thanks.
10/30/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Murderface
how do i apply?

Follow links at the bottom of the first page.
some links dont work on iphone i guess
starting to get the red a$$ because i cant use the link and i want to apply
Just signed up.
I'm one of those annoying guys with no mic, I play when the kids are asleep.
But I follow the group/leader and I'm usually on after 10PM EST.
CM / LL Wizard level 60(8)
Currently looking for help with the third portal from infernal machine, can't do it alone M1
so i copy and paste the link from here (that doesnt work for me) and open a new page, and it brings me back to THIS PAGE. FAIL!
been to the site, still dont see an option to apply. how the hell are you all doing this so easily?!
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