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First Ever Trifecta Ring Dropped....

... and it sucks. :(


P.S. Even the equipped rare ring was self-found. Huuuuuge DPS intel ring. :D

P.P.S. Any idea if it will sell? For how much?

EDIT: Another drop: See post #16.
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That's a pretty good ring!!! And you have so much gold!!!!
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yer ur other ring is much better.. but that trifecta should sell, maybe 150-200m?
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@yori I have 7mil gold, minus the amount that RobertVarga gave me. (I'm eternally grateful to him for that).

We on same boat. :P

We also have Barbs who can't do 500m xp/hr. I hate being a n00b.

We also have Glass Glass Wizzies. Although mine sucks, yours doesn't. :P
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@awesome0 ofc my other ring is better. i found it like over a month ago while pleveling wiz... boosted me from 336k to 350k dps. u can imagine. :D

if this trifecta fetches even a 100mil ill be happy. just that nothing sells on the AH now. im struggling to sell a 5.5CC SC i found 2 nights ago, for 7mil.
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Robert is a nice guy isn't he.
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how come he never gives me gold?
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Never gives me gold either, I only asked for a few bill
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10/22/2013 05:02 AMPosted by YORI
Never gives me gold either, I only asked for a few bill

omg what a miser
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10/22/2013 04:56 AMPosted by YORI
Robert is a nice guy isn't he.

Very nice. Yeapohsaaa.. :D

10/22/2013 05:00 AMPosted by Liquid
how come he never gives me gold?

u r rich. :P
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Pretty cool finding a trifecta, but I don't think it's worth much. Maybe 10-20M, but even at that price it might not sell.
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yea. what i was thinking. its a pity that we hav to play insane amount of hours to get a trifecta drop and even then the rolls turn out to be crap.

ive had sooo many near-GG items drop. :(
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Not bad man. The 6% attack speed will hurt the value, but still a nice find.

I have found 2 trifecta rings since launch and it was about 2 months ago, 5 days apart. One of them sucked really bad, like really bad, but the other was 4/40/8, socket, lightning resist, and some other BS stat. If I could reroll that bad roll to a main stat/vitality roll I would use it for sure on my Lightning resist Monk.

I have found less than ten trifectas combined in the wild between gloves, amulets, and rings. None of them were any good(a couple might be with mystic). In some small way it's cool to even get one, but man it would be super to get something usable.
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hmm,....2 trifectas for me. Junk gloves...and a decent ring last summer. something like 6CC, 7 IAS, 35CD and 80 VIT. I guess i crafted one junk trifecta ammy.
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Not counting BOA crafteds, I've gotten 6 trifectas - 3 gloves and 3 rings. The gloves have all been janky, but the rings were decent. One was a Lvl20 item and one was a borderline godly barb ring (6/32/6 100str, 75vit, 16AR). /boast

I agree with the 10-20m estimate for your ring. The trifecta stats are low but the extras (int, vit, min dmg) are quite nice. I guess you should look at the AH to see if there are any similar rings and what they are selling for first, but I think I'd start at 25m and keep relisting, dropping the price 1-2m at a time until it sells.
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I just got another drop. :O

30-88 damage
59 str
28 int
37 coldres

Looks good.
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10/22/2013 04:36 AMPosted by Tensor
@awesome0 ofc my other ring is better. i found it like over a month ago while pleveling wiz... boosted me from 336k to 350k dps. u can imagine. :D

yer rings without ias are very underrated, 3/4 of my wiz ring's don't have ias but they are still great for dps. :)
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