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What would you be doing if there was no D3?

10/23/2013 11:42 AMPosted by yodatoy
I was thinking...today...what if D3 was never a hype and it was never around. How would I be spending nights and wknds?

Would life be any different for you Toyoda? I think i've only seen you only 3 times and for less than 10 minutes. Between all the retiring and lack of playing???

Sorry, no one else trolled you so I had to =)
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before d3, i was just playing a lot of other games

from warcraft to dead space to bioshock, etc etc

if d3 didn't came out, i'd probably go for the next blizzard game (except WoW) which means starcraft 2 expansion and hearthstone

also path of exile

also no d3 forum and won't know people

hell, only d3 made me use the blizzard forum more than ever
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Diablo 3 is the only game I play so... probably I will do more of following:

– Watching more TV
– Go out, Drink, Play darts
– Go to gym (Stop donating money, actually go and work out)
– Find another game
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I would probably still be playing D2 LOD in a blissful state of ignorance believing in self found play.

I know there are so many things I needed to do this year that I didn't. I spent more money than I ever anticipated I would, but this is a form of entertainment. I haven't been to what I consider a real concert in almost 2 years, so the money I have spent may have covered 2 concerts the way I do them(killer tickets, several shirts, hotel). So I guess I am not out more than I would have been anyway.

There are many nights I have stayed up too late playing, so I would definitely feel the benefits of more sleep. All in all I don't regret the playtime though. I have played with some interesting people and Mumble has brought a personality with the names. I have been through so many ups and downs with this game, but I am still quite angry that the drops suck so bad and that they have tried to get away from D2 so much resulting in some really good things not being in the game.

Here is hoping that RoS will cause me to stay up even later than I do now and that I will have a decent shot at getting a solid bite off the carrot.
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