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Rotating purple laser beam of death

It seems like it's about the only thing that kills me these days, It almost always gets dropped directly on my face and before I can either move or teleport I'm dead. My resistances are all over 650 but it doesn't seem to matter, is there a proper defense against it?

Sorry I'm not sure what the proper name of it is, but like in the description, it's a rotating purple laser beam of death that some mobs seem to conjure.
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LS/LoH helps give some reaction time.
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Bump that AR up. Get at least 10K more HP. Most I would say would advocate 15-20K more HP.

FYI mobs that are Arcane Enchanted drop Arcane Sentries, your rotating purple laser beams of death (not to be confused with Archons, which are giant purple death balls). You have more than enough time to shift your position when they drop the Arcane Sentries. The Sentries themselves don't start "beaming" and rotating until a second or so after they are successfully summoned.
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Sometimes arcane sentries get tricky to avoid, while you are busy casting WW/EB, an elite pack can drop several arcane sentries simultaneously and 2 of them right under you. This is the time you wormhole the heck out of that spot OR tank it. My Archon can, sometimes, take two while he is channelling disintegrate to multiple targets but for my SNS, 2 arcane sentries = death.

In addition to bumping up AR, Mit, LOH and LS, when you see an arcane enchanted elite pack, look closely to their casting timing/animation and think a head for your escape route.

OR become Maloth!

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Other than what others have said, you really need to bump that HP up, 31k is wayyyyy to low, get your AR up a bit too, and i am not sure how you survive on 400++ LoH. :S
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