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Unable to obtain Beastmaster of Tristram

I’m currently playing D3 on XBOX 360 in Hell mode with my level 52 Wizard. Not only do I have the game (which was a new purchase, not a used copy), but I also purchased the add on pack through XBOX Live. Even after the initial update, beating the game the first time, adding the add on pack and so forth, for some reason, I’m unable to get this campaign challenge, even though I’ve beaten the game twice on two other modes. When reviewing the list for the challenge (Beastmaster of Tristram – Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act I), the following items are still grayed out (even though I’ve not only encountered and beaten the beasts multiple times in play, but also attempted to reread the Lore with no success):

• Carrion Bat
• Ghost
• Grotesque
• Scavenger
• Treasure Goblin
• Skeleton
• Unburied

I had no trouble obtaining the Beastmaster of Arreat, Beastmaster of Caldeum, or the Beastmaster of the High Heavens, so it stands to reason the very 1st of the Beastmaster challenges should have been completed as well. My thought was perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I started out with the Diablo 3 Demo and beat it, but I wasn’t able to confirm this on another XBOX 360 with another account as the Challenges option isn’t available in the demo.

In an effort to fix the issue on my end, I have tried deleting the Diablo 3 Demo data as well as create another hero and running through the same act with no luck.

I’ve also noticed similar issues with some of the other Challenges where items are grayed out, even though I have done the challenge and have the items available under Lore to read/reread. Due to the number of Challenges like this, I’m not providing them all in this post, but will be more than happy to make a list if needed. I thought we'd start small and work our way up to a fix to the bigger picture from there. Hopefully this is a known bug with a patch in the near future and won’t require anything special in order to correct. Otherwise, please advise as to what needs to be done to correct this issue.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
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Unfortunately, any lore book you pick up on the demo version of the game will have to be picked up again on a different character after you upgrade to get credit towards this challenge. This is something we are aware of, but don't have any real way to fix due to how console game demos work.

While this workaround isn't ideal, you should be able to grab most of these books within the first few minutes of play on a new character.
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Looks like 3rd time is a charm. The 3rd character I created seems to be registering the pick up of the Lore books.
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