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All Resist and Character Build

Please don't ask me to google it because I have and I have not received a satisfactory answer. Or perhaps I am just a little slow. I'm by no means a noobie when it comes to this game, so I apologize in advance for a question that I should already know the answer to. I've been doing OK with my characters both on PC and console. On PC, I have a 60 barbarian lvl 8 paragon and 60 DH no paragon. On the PS3, I have a 60 wizard lvl 9 paragon. Currently, I'm working on the console. For a while I was using Disintegrate as my main skill along with Magic Weapon, Eletrocute, and Archon as my champion/elite killer. I have used this successfully through Inferno(Hard) and once I hit 100k damage at the end of Hell level, I think I only died once or twice the rest of the way. As I attempted the Master levels, I quickly noticed that my current build had a few flaws. The biggest ones being the massive increase of the enemy health, the inferior total health of my character, and the drain that Disintegrate had on my Arcane power leaving my helpless. So, I looked up a few builds and somewhat settled on the skills Blizzard, Shock Pulse, and Hydra. Along with Teleport, Diamond Skin and Energy Armor. Here's a link tohttp://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#blQiOX!Zfg!bbYbYa. Now I can play on Master IV and do relatively well. It took a while to get used to the strategy of running away, placing a Hydra in the way, and blasting Blizzard, but, I have to tell you, it works very well. I did a Keywarden run in the Dahlgur Oasis last night and, although it wasn't easy by any means, but I didn't die once. And more importantly, the bastard dropped the key. So, after all this bologna, get to the damn point, right? Perhaps I'm being a bit picky, but I would like to solo Inferno Master V. I haven't paid much attention to the exactness of the math behind my build, which is pretty amazing actually given the fact that I have soloed Inferno on such a high level. I'm guessing if I what my character to be elite and comfortably farm Master V Inferno, I'm going to have to start paying attention. I understand the idea of effective health pool or effective hit points and that the ratio of armor to all resist should be 10 to 1. One of my questions is how to calculate or find All Resist? Is it adding all of the "% All Resistance" stat given by the gear stats? Do you add all of the Resistances together?(Cold, Fire, Poison, Arcane, Lightning) Do you add both of them together? Here are the resources I've been looking at to try and figure this out(So yes, I know how to google. I prefer bing lately actually):

The stats for wizard character are as follows:
Damage - 95.1k
Armor - 3205
Health - 148k
Strength - 76
Dexterity - 473
Intelligence - 3267
Vitality - 2504
Attacks per second - 1.22
Critical hit chance - 16.50%
Critical hit damage - +326.00%
Dodge Change - 19.3%
Damage Reduction - 51.65%
Physical Resistance - 594
Cold Resistance -594
Fire Resistance - 594
Lightning Resistance - 658
Poison Resistance - 671
Arcane/Holy Resistance - 716
Crowd Control Reduction - 37.23%
Missile Damage Reduction - 4.00%
Melee Damage Reduction - 20.00%
Thorns - 2116.00
Maximum Life - 148,578
Total Life Bonus - +69%
Life per Second - 1422.00
Life per Kill - 977.00
Life per Hit - 350.00
Health Globe Healing Bonus - 8055.00
Bonus Gold/Globe Radius - 6.00
Maximum Arcane Power - 110
Arcane Regeneration/Second - 11
Movement speed - +25%
Gold Find - +305%
Magic Find - +277%

If I were to add all of the "Resist All Elements" attributes given by all my gear, I would come up with 267.

I guess I'm also looking for suggestions on how to improve. I feel like I can continue and do ok, but I'm not sure I completely understand what I could add to improve or ultimately, what I can work towards in order to make my character elite. If I had a general idea of character building, then this could also help me with my other characters as well. If you have read this far, thanks for reading. If I get zero responses, I could just play my character as is, because it really is a decent character. Just looking to further tweak it. Thank you for your time.
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Impagination is your friend.
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INT gives @ resistance. Look at the lowest resistance, cold, and that gives you how much @ resistance you have. 594 to all resistance.

Besides that, ask console questions.. in the console forum.
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I'm just going to let you know I'm not going to read your jumbled mess of a post. This waller affix keeps getting worse and worse on these monsters.
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Got it! Add as much as you can to the sarcastic and patronizing attributes.
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I moved this over to the console discussion since it's more appropriate over here. I'll pass it along that it would be helpful to see a total for your +All Resist from items to the console team.

If I had a Wizard with those stats I'd be adding +All Resist, and +Critical Hit Chance whenever I could find it, but that's just my two cents. You might want to ask around in the Wizard forum for some advice, since there are a bunch of friendly and knowledgeable folks over there.
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Input your characters information to this website http://d3up.com/ and it will tell you your effective dps and effective HP, along with a lot of other useful information. It'll be a bit tedious, since you can't upload it directly from your profile on console but once you put it in and save it, you can change pieces of gear as needed and see how they would affect your stats.

Assuming Master V is the equivalent of MP10, you generally want your average Resistance to be over 600 (at the very least, 800 is a much more comfortable number), your Armor to be over 3800, your DPS to be over 150k and your HP to be over 38k. That is just to be able to barely survive and kill things at a pace that doesn't make you want to cry, it is by no means optimal.

Next you have your build. You are playing a kiting build, which takes much longer to accomplish anything with. It is not a bad build but it is not optimal for MP10. If you changed your build, depending on how, you would need APoC (Arcane Power on Crit), higher CC (Crit Chance) and possibly IAS (Increased Attack Speed). Archon and CM (Critical Mass) builds are the most popular right now for wizards, they are effective and increase your survivability without having to kite.

Here is a link to many great builds and gear suggestions for them: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9476737586

Paragraphs are nice too, try them out sometime. :)
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Your all resist is correct on the character sheet.

When people say "my all res is 550" sometimes they are just averaging it by site since some are 530 and some are 570, they just say 550.

You all resist works accordingly.

Every point of All resist in gear is 1 point on character sheet ie. 85 all res on a ring, gives 85 all res to Physical Resistance
Cold Resistance
Fire Resistance
Lightning Resistance
Poison Resistance
Arcane/Holy Resistance

Every 10 points you have in intel, gives you 1 point of all resist.

Ie. 4000 intel on a characters grants you 400 all res.

All of this is already calculated on the sheet, so your all res is roughly 640.

Just keep in mind, physical res is the only res that protects against reflect damage (besides armor itself) so it comes in handy later in the game as you add more dmg. Fire is probably the second most important res since a majority of higher dmg attacks are fire, along with the majority of elite affixes.
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My god as soon as I saw the gigantic wall of text my eyes began to hurt. Please learn how to break up your posts into paragraphs. No one will likely read something that isn't broken down and easy to digest.
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It made my laptop catch on fire >.>
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I read the post in its entirety. My eyes are fine, as is my PC.
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