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Hey, Is LS mandatory(mp8+)?

Hi Guys, i played as DH my whole life so i decided to make a monk.

I created a monk using Shenlong's Set , but i'm having serious problems with elites on mp8+, i just have LOH.

Is LS mandatory to play mp8+, or i have other problems with my build?

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first time linking this thread https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10311401143

you must be moving up blade
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Just recently rolled a monk after playing DH forever too.
You have about 20k more dmg than me, but I have a little more ehp.
No trouble with mp10, some packs take a little longer, I should probably drop to mp7 or 8
to be more efficient at killing, but mp10 doesn't give me trouble as far as dying.
No real LOH or LS to speak of, but I'm pretty tanky.

With the passive buffs I'm at 580 all Rez, with the deadly reach keen eye buff I can
keep 9500 armor up almost full time. I use healing mantra, with that, gear, and Templar
my regen is about 2.5k. Have a full bt set too, but it lowers my dps a bit can bump
regen to over 3k and elite reduction to 21% though with it and litany.

My gear also has a serious potion/globe buff, really helps.
It's about 42k bonus, makes the PoTs over 50k each.
If I'm getting low on health I can pop serenity and/or a potion, and with
my regen be back at full health and usually last long enough without running away
until my serenity and potion cool downs come back around. With large packs
globes are usually right next to me most of the time too.

Also have a more glassy build with about 280k dps, it's fun too, but I prefer tanky so far.
Was fun trying to use all my DH gear on the monk build. Cranking out paragon levels
so far, at 44 with about 80hrs on the monk. Mostly solo mp10, some group stuff though too.

first time linking this thread https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10311401143

you must be moving up blade

Nice write-up, thanks for the link.
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I wouldn't say it's mandatory but I think some of your issue is not enough LOH. Try buy some BT pants and lacuni bracers. The trick is to have as much attack speed as possible. You Along to lose out on some vit doing this so grab some vile wards with a higher vit roll. Take a peak at the guide I am sure you will pick up some more tricks
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Tks for all guys!!!!
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