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The combo of Druin's Bells/EP build for my main monk and a very lucky gloves craft has allowed me to start decking out my lower level monk in useful hand-me-down gear. My concept for her is as listed in the title, basically a roving fire AoE. I'll put EP:Flesh is Weak on a few monsters and just let them be burnt down by the AoE, taking out all their buddies. I don't necessarily need an additional spender, since I'm quite safe in the crowd of mobs waiting for them to get toasty. I added the AoE rune of SSS since it fit the theme and gives me a few seconds of invincibility and extra damage. TR is there for mobility, since fire spreads fast. :D

I know this is not a new build, but I'm wondering what else I should be looking for as far as gear and skills. I did try Submission but backlash seems to offer more deeps just by the eyeball test. I hate to give up my ls Skorn but I understand that backlash does better with speed. I ran this up to MP7 last night with marginal gear and very little problem, so I'm looking forward to seeing how far this can go.
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Try this with either a Maximus (CHD/LS/OS) or a BAoS axe with a high fire skills bonus. Personally, I love the Maximus because of that badass demon. I have also used this with EP/Essence Burn in group games for the lolz. I haven't tried this in a while, but I think I can get this running up to MP8 in solo and MP10 in group play.

Fire monks FTW.
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I actually have a very nice CHD/OS Maximus in my stash somewhere. I'm pretty sure the damage is not comparable to the Skorn, but I'll take it for a spin tonight.
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The damage won't compare. I usually pull mine out for fun. (hmmmm... that just doesn't sound right... lol)
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Let me tell you about the majesty of snapshotting backlash so you can live the MoE-Backlash dream!

Make a suit that has the following stats and nothing else (this should be incredibly cheap in the AH) --

The best possible suit for this is as follows --
Helm -- 9% IAS Mempo
Ammy -- 9% IAS 100% CHD rare
Gloves -- 4% IAS 18% CHD 20% fire damage Magefists (the fire damage snapshots and it's better than a 50/9 rare)
Shoulders -- Doesn't matter
Chest -- 9% IAS Tal's Armor
Bracers -- 9% IAS Lacuni
Belt -- 9% IAS 50% CHD Witching Hour
Ring1 -- 9% IAS 50% CHD rare
Ring2 -- 9% IAS 50% CHD rare
Pants -- 9% IAS Inna's
Boots -- 7% IAS Asheara's Tracks
Weapon1 -- 11% IAS 3% LS 100% CHD socket Dagger
Weapon2 -- 3% LS socket 0.25APS Echoing Fury
(socket emeralds into both weapons)

This suit is fairly cheap because you don't need ANY stats other than the listed ones.
The weapons can be pretty pricey so just get SUPER low DPS versions that have something close to those stats ... remember you don't need dex or anything.

With this setup you should have something like 4.00 APS on your mainhand (just make sure that is active when you cast Backlash) and 600% CHD.

Then, make your main suit a normal 2h tempest rush set with as little CHD and IAS as possible.
The slower your weapon the better because Backlash will THINK your weapon has 4.0 APS so if it really has 0.9 you are getting a 4.44x damage boost for free!

Stack CHC/dex/elemental damage on as many items as possible and put a ruby in your weapon (CHD doesn't matter!)

Then, use Chant of Resonance because you can't recast MoE without resetting the snapshot.
This will give you 10 minutes of ~8x damage Backlash!

I got my backlash crits up to 1m damage with this spec and I am 100% sure it can go higher! :D

Edit -- Note that Backlash will snapshot the 6% LS from EF + Dagger so having LS on your main weapon is not important. You can feel free to grab a 500dex/200vit Skorn or, even better, a MASSIVE DPS /Dex/Vit/socket Doom Hammer. It doesn't need LS or CHD so it should be dirt cheap.
(Avoid Doom Hammers that have artificially high DPS via an %IAS stat as that is a wasted roll)

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about the mechanic!

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all" ~ HK
Druin, the happy monk
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@Druin, I definitely need to try this out with my trusty Maximus post MoE/BL snapshot. Sounds like a lotta fun.
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@Druin, I definitely need to try this out with my trusty Maximus post MoE/BL snapshot. Sounds like a lotta fun.

Sadly, this tactic would be pretty bad for your maximus because the +fire damage on max will only work if it is equipped before casting MoE and that ruins the whole "using a dagger+EF then switching to a 2h" thing.

You could snapshot with the IAS / CHD gear using a CHD + LS max then switch to a non-CHD/LS max with a ruby in it I suppose but that is still going to suck compared to a dagger+EF :P
"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all" ~ HK
Druin, the happy monk
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