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Help me improve my Monk :)

Hello fellow monks,

I've been working on my Monk for a while now, however I've been more or less stuck at my current mp level and gear needs.

I can farm FoM MP9 with no problems and reasonable speed, however I cannot hold my own on a MP10 game if engaged by too big mobs.

I realize I have low Vit, and I'm mostly dependent on Blackthorne's set for it. That adds up to major DPS or AR drop while changing certain pieces and that has been my problem.

I'd be very thankful for any advice, here's my build : http://d3up.com/b/1126307
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You have to get out of that BT set if you want to see big improvements. If you look at my pants and belt combo you will see that I actually have more vita and more resist all (using OWE) than you are getting, even factoring in the BT combo bonus. You would add a lot of DPS and attack speed in the process. Get a WH belt with low dex (<40) to keep the price down; you will still add 11K+ DPS or something like that. You can keep on using the BT chest for now as it is great for EHP even by itself.

The other obvious fix is to get Nat boots with either vita or your OWE resist (fire). The resist option will be cheaper and would make replacing your current gloves with higher DPS gloves without stacked resists much easier. Getting gloves with CD% or IAS in place of resist all would give a big DPS gain as well.
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Sorry for the delay in answering, but I've been a bit busy both in game and out of it ;p

So, I followed the advice and did some big changes to my setup, mostly using items I already owned like pants and helm. Right now I`m standing at 167K dps 543K eHP and 634 all res, a big improvement over my other setup with little investment.

I am, however, kind of stuck again in getting that dps up. Obvious upgrades are Ring and Amy, but they're really expensive. I'm unsure if sacrificing a bit of HP or All res to gain dps is worth it at my current stats.

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