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How well does DH gear translate to monk?

I just hit 60 on my monk, but instead of spending millions of gold to get him decent gear I figured my DH's gear should translate at least reasonably well. I only purchased the weapons, though I'm not sure which should be in the main hand and off hand. Are there any glaring issues with my gear/spec? What MP could I reasonably handle, or ubers?
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Also here are my diabloprogress/d3up links, if those are easier to look at.


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Well, not knowing your specific DH gear.

IMO, the biggest challenge to switch from a DH to a monk is vit.

A decently geared DH gets at least 280 vit from DML quiver, that's a huge hp loss when switching to monk.

So either need a decent vit inna chest armor or inna pants. And of course that means you will lose some all res and need to get it somewhere else.

Also decently geared DH with SP is a lot tankier than monk, I mean A LOT!
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My monk is wearing the gear in my profile. My stats are approximately 150k damage, 42k life, 540 AR with OWE, and around 5300 armor with StI. Diabloprogress has me at 684k EHP unbuffed.
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Personal I only swapped BoA gear when switching to DH, the rest needed to be replaced for the build req (hatred regen, AR>vit, pickup radius)
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Easy transition, only needed the weapons.
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Replace your chest it's actually not that good for monk. Go high vit and dex no pur. Or else go lower vit and get all res there. Weapons are OK but I can't stand the EF try go for a higher attack speed like a sword or Axe.
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