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[Video Guide] Farming Dat Leoric's Ring

Hey guys, Amiar here with another awesome video guide :) This time it's on how to farm for a Leoric's signet ring! I give you some valuable information among other things :) I hope you enjoy.


Video Length: 5:47. Not 13 minutes like my first take lol

    - Normal MP10 Act II
    - Use Chant of resonance, Exalted soul and Guardian's Path passives
    - Use a spirit regen helm and ring (don't need inna's 4pc)
    - Don't use a lot of attack speed gear
    - Use a slow 2h weapon
    - Have over 50k dps
    - Use Tempest Rush: Tailwind and Mantra of Conviction: Submission
    - Have more SR than 10x your attack speed
    - Farm these zones: The Ruins lvl 1/2, Ruined Cistern, Sewers of Caldeum, Dahlgur Oasis and every sub-level inside.
    - Use magic find
Edited by Amiar#1992 on 10/28/2013 12:44 PM PDT
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Another gem!
[Quote]: "like farming Inferno, it's an investment of time that does not pay off in any way whatsoever, but I keep trying"
This is the best line yet, IMO.
Great job, Amiar. Keep them coming!
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Glad you liked it Fiber :) Hope you're feeling better now!
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I farmed one of these once... Got a 23% experience one and rage quit...

I like to chuck some firewalkers on for that GG fire damage aura - actually does something in normal.

I found mine in the ruined cistern.
Edited by Cayzer#6828 on 10/28/2013 3:34 PM PDT
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@Cayzer, thanks for the validation on Ruined Cistern :) I still haven't found one yet :(
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my fav line was "The first reason is you're poor as crap and you can't afford one" I lol'ed
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Amiar, your videos are hilarious but this one made me sad on the inside... I've found 6 doing pretty much this run, and your were right: I'm poor as crap and cant afford one myself :(
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Honestly, when I farmed for mine (and it was fun, as it was actually a decent 27% roll) I used to do the traditional routes you mentioned, as they are very common practice for quite a long while now via informational guides.

However, I found it much more valuable in time to just do - Alcarnus -> Canyon Mines -> Oasis (full clear).

Reason being is not only does it cut down farm time considerably per run, but rather that's basically the entire point. That other half of the reason is because the majority of the monsters who I feel have the 'highest' drop chance of rings are those Writhing Deceivers.

I don't have any calculations to back up my personal findings, but I can say this. Once my tactics changed - rings were dropping. Far more often per game to game too. Which was THAT much more opportunity for a Leorics. Lo and behold.. four Legendary Rings, and one was a Leoric.

For me it was all about eliminating as many possible chances for the Legendary roll to be an armor piece. It proved successful.
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@Nahsi, thanks! I value your feedback on this kind of thing. I'll try a couple of runs with that route and see if my first ring pops up.

And when you say black canyon mines, do you mean clearing that area or also going to stinging winds?

I also had alcarnus in my first video and totally forgot to put it in this one :(

10/28/2013 04:58 PMPosted by JackKnife
Amiar, your videos are hilarious but this one made me sad on the inside... I've found 6 doing pretty much this run, and your were right: I'm poor as crap and cant afford one myself :(

I fit into both reasons lol.

Edited by Amiar#1992 on 10/28/2013 8:15 PM PDT
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I was fully expecting you to have one drop towards the end of the video. Here's to wishful thinking!
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That would have been amazing and I just might have freaked out.
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