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Hey everyone, I found a cheap 5 reduced ltk SoJ today when browsing the auction house and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much reduction is required to make the ltk build work. It seems like a really interesting niche build but I doubt I can make it work within my budget.

Here are the stats on the ring if it makes a difference. (roughly, I'm at work atm and can't view it)

5% elemental
2.3 regen
28% elite bonus
5 reduced ltk cost

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Depends on what you mean by "make it work". But you really want a -5LTK Mara's and a -4LTK Skull grasp. Every point of reduced LTK is better than the last. It's the opposite of diminishing returns.

You've got to make a decision beyond that - It'll be easier to maintain spirit with a Skorn, but you may find survival harder without it. With 1H weapon and shield, you'll need to get at least -3LTK on the shield, with -5LTK being much better. And you'll ideally want a 2+ spirit regen fist weapon with LS, but may have to settle for a 1.2 attack speed weapon if you can't get one.

You'll also have to decide if you want 4-piece Inna's or you're current set up. The extra DPS from IAS on the Witching Hour doesn't help much and Inna's just gives so much better spirit regen. (Mainly because of the SW bonus, but the extra .33 Spirit/sec helps a tad). Also, 8% damage from the belt is nicer than damage from IAS.

OK. now looking at your current set up, and assuming you have no survival issues right now... I'd say try going with just a LS Skorn and -9 LTK more from Mara's and Skull Grasp, and get 2.3+ Spirit reg on your helm. That's -14 LTK, and 4.6 Spirit Regen from gear, and only IAS from your pants and belt. With passives and up to 6 spriit regen on Mantra and SW, you should be able to use LTK with minimal spirit drain.
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