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hey all. check my monk out

hey guys a few weeks ago i posted a topic here about once i hit para 100 with my dh i was gonna start to paragon lvl my monk using his gear. well last night i did it and now i transfered most of my dh gear over to my monk. only 3 peices i couldnt transfer were my dh dps amulet, my manitcore and my dml. the rest is equipped on my monk.

im asking for some input on if i need to change anything with my monk and if so what would i need to do. im a pargon 18 right now but honestly i dont no i huge amount about the monk but i am making it work.

quick stats

195k dps
53k hp
5100 armor
456 all resist(with owe)
5 total life steal
2.3 aps
47 cc( lacking cc from not getting 10 cc from my offhand item)

i wanted to drop one with everything becuase my gear doesnt have any elements on them except for my gloves they have 58 arcane resist. but if i drop owe i drop 58 ar.

my build is use a cyclone strike with soothing breeze and guiding light passive. with overawe and exploding palm(flesh is weak rune).

i run in groups with this toon and run mp10 pretty good for the most part. if i wanted to use my monk solo would i have to add in bells or pillars or something?

any insight would be appreciated and welcome. thx alot guys
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:) just looking to see if im on the right track or if i have to change anything.
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Sorry I thought it said "check my mom out" but your monk looks good. Only thing I would increase is your AR.
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Well, you've got to decide if you want to push for OWE free. It seems that your funds are fairly solid and you aren't that far off, so I'd say you should go for it. You want to get AR on two more pieces of gear to get over 500. Your best option is probably to get at least one AR roll on your gloves or amulet and another on a ring or your WH belt. If you want to keep OWE (at least for now), then you should get at least one and ideally two more pieces of gear with arcane resist on them.

On a side note, you are only getting 37 dex from both weapons combined. You can add a lot of DPS by getting that up over 200 dex (and it will help your defense too). However, that is not necessary, and a far lower priority than improving your resists. Everything else looks pretty good.
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