Seen a handful of cyclone strike (no dps) threads , probably dont need to make my own but here goes. Got my DPS monk to P100 a bit ago and started a new monk that has my DPS gear on it and out of boredom tried this cyclone strike build on my P100 that was sitting naked.
Comments, suggestions , thoughts all welcome.
Seen people spend a ton, and heres my super cheap option - that I think works just as well. I think a lot of the attack spd stack really isnt that necessary (tal rasha chest, witching hour etc). Although I think its important on rings gloves etc.
I havent tried the sledge fist but thus far have not issues with survivability so I haven't found it necessary, just opted for the extra spirit regen and life on spirit spent. (I get 6k life per cyclone ^ ^)
Havent spent more than 50k per item (although it has taken a bit of daily shopping - a few exceptions around 200k range)
Besides the group advantage of cyclone spam the real advantage of this build is the exploding palm, I really have never played with a cyclone monk that I see effectively spread exploding palm - and I think all the extra spirit regen makes this really nice in group play.