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Can you help me get my monk to 300k dps?

Having a really hard time deciding what to upgrade or how to go about improving my monk. I have about 2 billion gold to spend and need some solid advice on what to upgrade to get a nice boost in dps. If you're willing to help don't hesitate to leave some advice for me. I appreciate everyone's time. Thank you.
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You have so many rooms to improve your gears. I think your cc and cd are fine. But most of your gears are missed some dex, ias, dmg. Try to increase your overall dex to 3k+, 60%+ AS, and high damage (xx-xx) on your rings and ammy. Both weapons are too low-end. Try to find better EF and rare Axe/sword. I think you should target 250kdps first. 300kdps is too much to you atm and 2b golds may not be enough to gear up. Good Luck!
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Not sure what gear has changed since you posted, but there are a couple of questions you need to answer for yourself that will determine what you upgrade.

1. Do you want to stick with OWE or not?
2. Do you want to stick with EF or not?
3. Single or dual LS?

Your MH axe is perfectly fine, IMHO.

The things that jump out at me immediately are your amulet and your EF.

I'd actually say, just upgrade your EF, then upgrade your gems to Rad Stars, then craft amulets until you get one that you're happy with, and then move to gloves.

If you're not intent on keeping 3 piece Inna's, you could even look into getting a crit Mempo.
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It's not possible to upgrade to 300k for 2B with owe-free / dual ls / no echoing fury. I think it's not even possible to reach 250k if you want to maintain respectable ehp (600+) and tdr (91.5+).
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10/29/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Notrius
It's not possible to upgrade to 300k for 2B with owe-free / dual ls / no echoing fury. I think it's not even possible to reach 250k if you want to maintain respectable ehp (600+) and tdr (91.5+).

I think if you really paid attention and waited for snipes 250k / 600kehp is possible for 2b, but not easily. I don't have more than 1.2b in my monk @ 249k / 459k ehp (90.17% DR) and I don't think alot of my purchases were very well made.

I think 300k is definately a stretch for 2b. I agree with upgrading the EF, I wouldn't waste any gold on a crit mempo if 2b is the budget. You'll use a ton of gold for a few thousand dps over a good inna's.
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The good news is that you can build a great monk for 2b, but if you push for 300k DPS, you will have to make sacrifices that I would not recommend. I feel 250k DPS is a much better target for a well balanced monk on that budget.
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I was trying to do the same, but was getting killed a lot in MP 10. So I built my all resist to 700 and switched from dw to sword and board. In dual wield you only strike with one weapon at a time. By going to sword and board I upped my all resist to over 800 and my damage is over 150K (that's single weapon). I cut the amount of times I die in MP 10 to just a few times.

The problem is the specs look good on paper, but I have found they don't play out as predicted. I think sword and board would prove this. Spec-wise it looks weak, but when you play it, its great.

Looking foreword to hearing from the trolls.
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Thanks a lot for the insight guys.
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