I believe I have discovered a potential bug. I'm on PS3 and my wife and I each have a PS3 account with our own lists of characters. Two nights ago we launched the game from her account and I joined in. She levelled up Haedrig to level 10 then crafted a set of bracers and equipped. We stopped playing for the night and noticed the next day she was still wearing the old blue bracers! Also Haedrig was back at level 9.

So last night we launched from my PS3 account had her level Haedrig back up to 10 and craft/equip the bracers again. We both went into our stash and options screens to "force" a save and did see the save progress indicator. After it was gone we quit. Lo and behold tonight we start a game and sure enough Haedrig is back to level 9 and wearing the same old bracers. What's going on?