Diablo® III

i am farming legendaries elsewhere now

which is PoE

as much as this game has its own issues, i am done with d3 at least for now.

to be honest, PoE's drop rate is astronomically horrible as some might believe otherwise.

gamed for 12 hours and only got one legendary and i didn't even bother identifying it.

surely i would get a rough estimate of 30-40 (counting instant brims) with d3 but eh, i want to farm elsewhere and that's really it.

i can attest that taking a break from something for a while or a long time could either revitalize my interest to dwell into it again or be forever lost

no, my items are not for sale or giveaway, same with my gold

lastly, we are not obligated at all to keep playing d3 only.

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I will still be here whenever you decide to come back Pichapie!
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Cool, have fun!

Look forward to seeing you tear up Reaper of Souls or d3 once the loot changes kick in =)
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PoE is a very good game as well. It's less focused on legendaries overall, and very viable to make builds that don't use any at all, so it's fine if you aren't getting them. That said there are certain builds that rely on having a particular legendary. Anyway, have fun, it's a great game.
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indeed poe is fun and i've been farming so much that i have gears for newbs and it's fun to be helping out.
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What build are you playing in poe? I've been thinking of giving it a go again since the release. The new trigger gems seem like fun.
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Do you have Paragon levels?

I'm 44 or 45 now on my Wiz, and some games I get 3 or 4 legendary drops. None of them are great or fantastic by any means, but its something.
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jackstraw: 2h spectral throw melee tank ranger

halcyon: 7 pl100, 1 pl81, 1 pl45, 1 level 0
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Pichapie has more Paragon levels than Carter has pills.

Pichapie, if you do not return to D3 eventually, I will drag you back here myself or I'll just make a rap song where the focal points are insulting you.
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take a break if you want but dont ever leave!. You can leave, but you will never check out!
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friend told me "POE" was good, but I probably don't have time for it.. cos I don't have 20x p100 like u :D

p.s. if u want, ill buy ur mempo for 2bil n sell it back to ya for 1.9bil when u come back to d3 :)
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im not leaving d3 at all hence no cash out, no giveaways, no nothing.

the last most enjoyable thing that d3 offered was me grinding from 95-100 in one sitting and surprisingly that's way more fun than 0-95
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hehe k np, btw ur tr chest looks almost identical to mine :D
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you're right awesomo.

you know how that goes right?

highlander style, there can be only one :D
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so i was just farming in PoE when i came across a 2h weapon (sword) and i literally went' WOW' when i identified it and saw it was a 100% upgrade from my old weapon. it feels so good

oh and also met someone who actually knows me from d3, small world
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lol I wouldn't wanna fight ya on pvp, cos u got way more ehp than me :)

but I'd love to get sword drop like that in d3, I always pickup rune sword/conquest sword/desolator wand, ring/ammy/gloves etc during crypt run, but honestly I don't even know why I bother cos they are always total junk.. :(
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