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11/06/2013 03:19 AMPosted by abend
I've got a shield and unsocketed dagger on :)

Still 182k...don't be shy Morph...take some more clothes off...don't be a tease!! :P

Morph, why aren't you running a crypt preppers/XP competition?!?!

Just wanted to give this thread a solid leg hump bump. Let's get this stickied...

I haven't run with you in forever mate, where have you been?
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Ooh Ohh

Pick me too. I've got a Barb who can prep :)

Morph prepping crypt with no weapons:
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11/06/2013 03:11 AMPosted by Morpheus
I've got a shield and unsocketed dagger on :)

You know when your undergeared when morph's crypt prep gear has higher sheet dps than your main :)

Aim of the Crypt prepper is to aggro only and get the mothers spewing - no point in an accidental kill :)

Which is why I have regeared my barb. 12k dps and 2m EHP - still room for improvement, but I took it for a spin last night when the servers came up - works preppy well :)

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Morph prepping crypt with no weapons:http://imgur.com/iMUHjQr

ROFL - nice one Poinard!

Will be good to run with you all - this tune popped in my head this morning!

Hit it
Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah

Here comes the cryptprepper, (not a) murderer
I’m the lyrical gangster, (not a) murderer
Pick up the crew in-a de area, (not a) murderer
Still love you like that, (not a) murderer

No, no, we don’t die
Yes, we multiply
Anyone test will hear the fat lady sing
Act like you know, Rico
I know what Bo don’t know
Touch them up and go, uh-oh

Edit: Might as well call myself a NooB - too much coffee this morning
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11/06/2013 03:34 AMPosted by Morpheus
I haven't run with you in forever mate, where have you been?

AFK being daddy to my little one who turned 3 weeks old today *<(:)

Just doing solo runs when I come on in case I need to dash off and change nappies, etc.

Morph prepping crypt with no weapons:


@Nick You so (not) gangsta :P
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When prepping the crypts, I am currently swapping out my main weapon for a fist weapon with some 'life on spirit spent' to keep me alive (works well), but I find I have to stop regularly to get my spirit back up :(

So last night I bid on a Daibo (hopefully I won). It has a small drop on 'life on spirit spent' so hope it will still be enough to keep me alive, it also has spirit regen so this should mean I don't have to stop as often. All going well this will speed up my prep times with less accidental kills.
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@ Abend

Congrats on the baby mate, life changing :)

@ Nicky

Yo yo my Nicka... gonna take some shorties back to your Crypt?
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Alright, I'll chuck my shield into the ring.


16k dps, 4.7million ehp.

Hint for other barb preppers = Shield blocking means big ehp. Justice lanterns may be pricey, but doom bringers go for cheap if you look for vitality and low dps. Stormshields c/w vitality are fairly cheap too. Rolled a vitality glove, shoulder and amulet and there you go.

Had a shot at prepping a crypt tonight and it went fairly well. Barb survived easily but I had issues generating fury. After a few couple of passes, the only way I could move thru the crypt was with WW and I couldn't sustain WW constantly so I'd come to a stop and have to wait for the timer on WC to reset to generate some fury and off I'd go again.

Changed some of my skills around for some extra fury generation, should go a lot better next time.
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i had that problem with my barb as well. keeping WOTB up was a major pain and generating fury with a low attack speed it much harder.

and thats impressive EHP. i havent checked what my barb has in the prep gear, but i can guarantee its no where near that :P
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Thanks Morph :D

@ Nicky

Yo yo my Nicka... gonna take some shorties back to your Crypt?

I can see a music video with some Spewing Horror's twerking your barb Morph...

11/07/2013 06:41 AMPosted by Asmodeous
16k dps, 4.7million ehp.

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11/07/2013 02:17 PMPosted by abend
Spewing Horror's twerking

that's the bit before the zombies come out isn't it? :) *twerk* @vomit@
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I'll throw my shield in as well.


Yeah, I know, you've never heard of me. I've been playing with Wazz and Nicki (If she could ever get her account to work right, poor kid...and hey..if you see this...turn your Skype on goof ball)as of a few weeks ago re-learning the ropes etc. Feel free to add me, just make sure when you do to say that it's for Crypt runs.

I am quickly picking things up thanks to my endless questions to Wazz (thanks for putting up with me mate), but I am no where near Morph's standard...yet :P


8.5k damage, 3.8mil ehp, 160k life, 937 all res, 10.2k armor


Try going with Cleave/Reaping Swing. With that many critters around you, you can insta fill your Fury in one, maybe 2 swings. :)
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Anyone runs DH?

Here is my beauty: http://d3up.com/b/1097656
34k DPS -- too much I think
584k EHP -- more than enough
2442 LoH -- is the key
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I noticed that some of you are having problems maintaining fury and berserker on your prep barbs. I don't know what I have done right then, but I can run with zerker up from the moment I hit fields to the moment I leave the dungeon after 5 or 6 passes. I put her together from stuff I had in my stash so shes just a bitsa barb, but she does a great job. Just a standard WW build with Tough as nails, nerves of steal and bloodthirst passives. Like I said, don't know what I did right, but you might want to check out Legend on my profile.

Edit: the other thing I have just realised is, that I have become quite antisocial since doing these runs lately. I have been concentrating on crypt runs only, and have had my quick join turned off, so apologies to all my old friends who haven't been able to run with me lately. But I too MUST HAVE MOOOOAR.
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Sept is addicted to XP and the run :-P
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No need to add me to the roster because I'm barely on but if I am on for a while I'll be doing some crypt runs with El Preppy: http://d3up.com/b/1195168.
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11/07/2013 04:21 PMPosted by Septimus
I noticed that some of you are having problems maintaining fury

I fixed it with a blue pill. Now I.m always buffed with fury
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A blue pill, hmmmm wonder what that could be.
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The pill is also usefully to stop you rolling out of bed.

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Hi Guys, i would like to join this crypt runs please ( If thats ok )


Thank You
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