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11/08/2013 03:37 PMPosted by IcarusJr
Hi Guys, i would like to join this crypt runs please ( If thats ok )

Always OK to join a crypt run if a spot is free mate... but this thread is for those to sign up for prepping crypts ;-)

The idea is that if you just want to run the crypt, you instead add on names of players in the list on the first post. Basically, there are plenty of players who want to run crypts buy only a portion of those players are able to prep the crypts efficiently. This is a way for people to identify crypt preppers.

For someone who only wants to run a crypt, if you have, say, 12 crypt preppers in your contacts list, you stand a good chance that at least one will be online and with a spot free for a crypt run... or that one of them have access to the crypt chat channel to add you.

But please read the etiquette part of the first post... crypt runs is probably one of the more procedural things in Diablo 3 and it's very easy to stuff up the run for everyone if you don't know what the various roles and process is.

I know botched up one or two things on my first crypt which deprived my fellow team mates of extra xp we all should have gotten... don't particularly want others to follow in those footsteps.
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Just set up my barb to prep crypts so feel free to add me if you want me to help out
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giving this a little bump.
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Well, I sorted out the fury supply problem. Wasn't too hard. This is the skill set I use for Crypt prepping. I don't need all of the skills such as WotB, Bash or Rend, they are there ready for when I change skills for the actual run.


I ditched the vitality storm shield and now I use my critical hit chance shield. With into the fray my CC is 30%. With the fury generated on crit hits from into the fray and animosity, when the crypt gets a few targets in it and can pretty much perma WW.

If for some reason my life drops a bit, I can drop a rend attack. While the damage is low based on about 22k dps, if the crypt is packed, I get a rend hit on about 20 targets with 12% total life leech, it will replenish some life along with the regen working from the war cry/inspiring presence.

i had that problem with my barb as well. keeping WOTB up was a major pain and generating fury with a low attack speed it much harder.

and thats impressive EHP. i havent checked what my barb has in the prep gear, but i can guarantee its no where near that :P

The ehp actually balances well with the regen from inspiring presence. with 110k life, 2% regen plus items, my barb is regenerating 2.5k (approx) life per second. Coupled with the high ehp from armor, resists & block/dodge, I can leave my barb standing surrounded by trash and his life doesn't move. Only critters that can actually damage him are beast charges, tree poison or elites.
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So no DH preppers here?
Interested to see what skills and gear others using.
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I have just started this prep crypt stuff but I think my TR can handle it. I prep it yesterday but had no contacts on my list... so I was hoping I could add some of you guys to do some runs. I am mostly online at night when my newborn and wife are sleeping, hehehe

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11/12/2013 02:44 PMPosted by Cex
so I was hoping I could add some of you guys to do some runs

As long as you are happy running MP8-10 - add me Cex... I am on most weeknights after kids are in bed and wife needs a bit of quiet time
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Cex, feel free to add me. I am on most nights. Always up for crypt runs. Prefer mp10 but am also happy to drop down to mp8 if needed.
Btw Mugsy, you can add me to list of crypt preppers. I have a TR monk that I prep with. Still refining the technique, so not as good as Septimus yet.
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ooh yes please i can prep w/ my lovely barb Peter van Prus

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just checked my prep per , 2.9mill ehp lol
3k life on hit , 116 k hp

as long as i'm spinning the whole team is winning :)
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Done, done and done... nice top up to the list today.

For the TR monk preppers, take a look at my build (Pink).

Not the best health pool but I rarely die. I find for TR monks, it's best to zip back and forth the distance of half a screen a few times before going to the next half... just gives the game enough time to register for the wretched mothers to spew.
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A tip ive found if you're using a TR monk to prep crypts. When you find those pesky jailor, vortex, frozen, vampiric Ghosts who can really slow down and even destroy your crypt prep.

If you use Inner sanctury Rune Consecration. If you drop this down behind you at the right time you can stop the ghosts in their tracks, which allows you to prep most of the map in peace.

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You have too much dps for a prepper bob...u suck.

Just wanted to give a leg hump to this post.

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11/14/2013 02:32 AMPosted by abend
You have too much dps for a prepper bob...u suck.

I never ceases to amaze me how Diablo players manage to find fun/objectives in end game. By all rights we ought be bored of end game... repeating ubers, paragon leveling and gear farming ought to drive players insane after several months. But we have crypt runs... where we create a specialised character focused on minimal dps to prep the crypt.

I can't wait to see what we do in a proper sandbox environ like Adventure mode.

(I still hope they patch in a more extensive adventure mode... give us the whole bloody map of sanctuary, with the various townships and randomly generated areas around it for us to explore).

11/14/2013 02:32 AMPosted by abend
Just wanted to give a leg hump to this post.

Thanks for the support abend, as well as Sept's previous bump as well.
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Count me in

Prep Monk N Prep Doctor here

Been lvl'n hard on some chain runz l8ly
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A quick observation on barb vs monk preppers: My preference is for barb now. One of the reasons being that TR will slow enemies and make it harder to pull mobs together. I find this tends to negate the greater speed TR monk has (with Fleet Footed) over zerker barb. Any thoughts?
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I find that although the TR will slow them down, as you have more speed just go through them an extra time or two and the pack will be big enough that it clumps together.
Also I find I run out of spirit shortly after getting through packs, so when I stop to regain spirit the mob will clump up behind me.

I am prepping MP10 crypts most nights (except when doing MP8 key runs). Like others I get on when kids/wife gone to sleep, normally get on between 9pm to 10pm. So send me a friend request ( JJE#1799 ), I only had 2 showing online last night and I had a crypt ready, so made it difficult to fill the game.
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11/14/2013 03:11 PMPosted by JJE
Like others I get on when kids/wife gone to sleep, normally get on between 9pm to 10pm

my 18month old didn't go to sleep until 9:50pm last night - I couldn't believe it :( (damn full moon babies)

Game night over
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I am using stomp on my barb to pull mobs together and also regen some fury - works quite well.

I am very much a hopeless barb tho and I am sure that I take too long to prep for the amount of zombies I get in the crypt (if it isn't wall to wall zombies... is it prepped?) :)

Or maybe its just we smash em down so fast that it seems that there was more in there
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