Diablo® III

No love for Whimsyshire?

Really really rare are the unique items from that place. I have found two in 1700 hours of playing. :) The Horadric Hamburger, and a spectrum sword. I do most heartily wish you luck with your quest. I do know it takes some seriously heavy stuff to survive there if you are at any MP level at all, but on the other hand, the pinata's are great fun. I highly recommend a puzzle ring on you or your follower or both. It may or may not be true, but I have found a very high percentage of my legendarily from the goblins they spawn.
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Whimsyshire is ok, but they need to add a cow level.
I loved mowing down massive groups of cows in a much more open area.
But it's much more than that, they simply need to add more secret areas.
Just a thought...

How about a secret Act 2 level with all those seemingly useless blackrock depth pages I have in my stash.

Blizz you ever going to do anything with those?
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I really enjoy slaying unicorns and teddy bears. Feel the wrath of my manticore!!!!!

I also love that people get so mad about this area. "OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS. WHAT THERE ARE PONIES? THEY DID THIS JUST TO MAKE ME MAD!" get a hold of yourself, cows was so overrated its not even funny. Jump into a cow game, let the javazons and sorcs kill everything, leech xp with everyone else, rinse, repeat. Getting rushed and using this technique was a way to get to lvl 80 without even having to play the game, not fun in my opinion.

Ohhhh that's right because cows walking upright saying "moo" is so dark and scary.
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i like whiysmshire, makes diablo the only game where i have punched a pony so hard in the face its skeleton flew out its bottom
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I ran the secret cow level countless times, whereas I've probably only run Whimsyshire a couple dozen times.

I'm looking forward to Reaper of Souls, and in particular the secret Treasure Goblin land.
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I don't know how many hours I played in the cow level on my 96 Amazon... a lot... a whole lot... that's as best as I can guess... And it never got old! I absolutely loved it... Granted, it was scary when someone would go near the cow king, since my 96 javazon could still create the hell portal - a feat in and of itself in my book...

On the flipside, I went to Whimsyshire once...
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Can't stand Whimpshi*

It definitely feels like a slap in the face. Obviously it will stay in the game but I think there's enough outcry here to make some secret levels that fit the theme more. I personally hate the irradiated colors of that zone and the "my little pony" crap within...
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Once I Get my New toon to where I can enter Whimsyshire that's where I stay and level my player I die a lot at first but it is like playing the next level of the game normal = nightmare, nightmare = hell and so on, you level super quick in that place so I take all my new toons there.
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I enjoy tearing up and getting torn up in Whismyshire, it's a good laugh. Devs have been putting joke areas in their games for decades now. Sometimes its subtle like the face of Max in old Lucas Arts games, and sometimes dumped on by the shovelful in Black Isle's Fallout series. Whimsyshire falls into the later category obviously.
I must agree with an above post that the music is lousy. That wibbly oscilloscope synth get annoying pretty quick. I have a cure for it in a playlist from my music library of classic psychedelic rock. Just turn that on before going in and let Hendrix, Beatles, Byrds, Dylan, and others be my minstrels. Appropriately enough this list opens with "Mama Told Me Not To Come," by Three Dog Night.
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Whimsy should have a giant bunny rabbit boss and once killed the whole place fills with hell bovines. Moo.
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11/05/2013 01:41 AMPosted by TastySouP
I'm sorry but Whimsyshire isn't even a joke, it's pathetic.

It's totally a joke. You just don't get it.
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Whimsy should have a giant bunny rabbit boss

THAT!! or a Giant smiley boss that has all the powers of all elites at the same time.
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Whimsy is just too inefficient for me. So I do what most people do air think, rack up A1 - Fields of Misery / Decaying Crypt. Too short a map, too many dead-ends, etc.

But yeah, every once in a while, especially when my daughter is watching - I go there. :-).
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Let's bring back Cow map but instead fill it up with Raging Buffalo's .... LOL !
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I personaly like Whimshire it's just fun slashing those teddy bears and unicrons ,makes me laugh ever time :D
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