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which is better,cc,cd,and att speed?

I have stopped play for a while and just returned about a week, no idea about what the game up to with those new patchs now. I got about a billion to upgrade my items, as my title said which one do you think is better with the recent patch. My wizard doing fine in act 1 and 2, but not at act3 and 4. Also, where is the best place for me to lvl up my paragon, I'm now lvl 76 and found it already pretty hard to get good expericent..
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You're running a CM/WW build so you need a balance between APS and CC. By balance, I mean hitting a particular break point and getting as much CC as possible for it. You're at 2.495 APS. The closest break point is 2.51 APS. A lot of your gear is on the lower end of the IAS rolls so improving the rolls to 8 or 9 will get you there.

Your CC is a bit low for 2.51 APS though, so I would suggest bumping that up to at least 55 CC if you're happy with the 2.51 APS break point (the next one up is 2.73). Getting an amulet with more CC (amulets have a max of 10) and possibly switching to the Nat's ring/boots combo will give you more CC as well. You will lose DPS with this change though. Better CC should make up for it unless you can find some bargains (amulet should be easy to replace or you can try your luck at crafting).

Another problem is see is high DPS with only BM for sustain. Is 1.5 LS enough at 285k unbuffed DPS? Your AR needs a bit of work and so does your HP. I would at least look into getting either an LS weapon (which will make it more difficult to hit APS break points) or looking at getting better AR/armor/HP and investing in LoH.

I would also drop Sparkflint and go with an armor. If you're dying a lot, go Prismatic Armor. If you're not, try Storm Armor: Shocking Aspect. Also, drop Glass Cannon for Cold Blooded. More DPS (since everything will be frozen anyway) without the armor loss.

For experience, look at running Decayed Crypts found the Fields of Misery in Act 1. You can prep it and aggro all the mothers in there to spit out zombies a few times then go back and kill everything. Do it in a full four player group and watch your experience bar jump.
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Thank you for your full detail respond mrduma, this really helped me a lot. I know what to improve now instead spend all my money to buy some high dps one hand or offhand ...thanks again buddy have a nice day!
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You should really get blackthorne's pants. It's a easy way to get life on hit and they would most likely give you more life than your current pants (with slight damage loss). Also you only have 9 apoc, switch your offhand for one with 9+ apoc as soon as possible. This is of course if you want to play CM.
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11/03/2013 07:30 AMPosted by HauntedKhan
Also you only have 9 apoc, switch your offhand for one with 9+ apoc as soon as possible. This is of course if you want to play CM.

Completely missed this.

Since your Mempo has no CC, you will get more bang for your buck with a Storm Crow with CC. They are crazy cheap and give you APoC and a bit of LoH. What you wanna look for is +8% Lightning Damage, 400+ LoH, +4% to elites and 6 CC. The price difference between 5.5 CC and 6 CC is a rather huge jump, so that's a good cost effective option.

The other option for APoC, as HauntedKhan suggested, is an APoC on your Chanto's Force. The problem with this, is price. APoC Force is much more expensive than a CC Storm Crow. Instead, get a Force with an Int/Vit roll for more HP, which you need anyway. 19~20 APoC is enough for a CM/WW.
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I found that I need is to get the moch cc, c smg and attack speed as high as possible, I don't have problem about my mana coz it pretty full the whole time,so I think I don't need a wizard hat,anyways thanks for pointing that out tho. I do need more hp all resis and armor so I can use elect aromo instead of using the energy armor now. :)
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You're not lacking APoC because your attack speed isn't hitting the break point. If you run enough attack speed with CC, you can freeze better and more consistently, especially against ubers. For that, you will need more AP for your WWs and EBs.
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