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I'm about to give up

I've done almost everything I can THINK of plus reviewed most everyone's gear that has a higher dps rating than mine.

I just have no clue how to get higher than I am and not only that, how to survive.

Hell I look at Jaetch's build more than anything and I can't, for the life of me, understand how the hell he has 820k dps.

This is getting frustrating because I can only acheive 170k dps when I buff up but I go down quick on just an MP3 level.

If I were to scratch everything I have and rebuild for the highest dps and survival what would you suggest?

I am open to all equipment ideas what I should go for etc. I'll even farm the hell out of no mp inferno to get the funds for it I just need to stop dying so MUCH.
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lol chill
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You die as much as I do and see how frustrated you get :P
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As far nearly all of these threads I will recommend:

All Resist.

Life Steal.

Life on Hit.

You have almost none of these things, that is why you die. Remember, when you are checking out someone else's equipment to see how they survive, DPS is often the *least* important attribute.

And if MP3 kills you, farm MP1, or even Hell MP10 until you get some funds to re-gear.
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What's your build and gearing goals? And what's your budget? What guides have you read (please mention specific ones that you've read)?

Not to sound unkind, but I see some clear areas for improvement in every piece you own. Based on your gear, you seem to be trying CM/WW wiz, but your skills are something completely different. If you're wanting to be a CM/WW wiz: the DPS on your Chant's Will could be easily higher for cheap, you could get a double Intelligence roll on your Chant's Force, you absolutely need cc on your amulet (that's like almost 7-10%cc right there), and you could chase attack speed on your gloves+rings. Your mitigation is also lacking a bit (i.e. all resist and armor), as well as sustain (I'd pick up BT pants). So there are lots of areas you have that you can improve. :)
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firstly, you have to look for a build to work towards. then you can start gearing accordingly. check the wizard's compendium for list of builds. guides and stuffs there.

with that in mind, know that some builds are more costly than others, and of course, more effective.

good luck!
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My build is based on the Uber Death build. My APOC is near 20 so I can channel it so long as I'm hitting multiple enemies. Due to the Death Blossom insane high crit damage it can easily decimate groups of enemies, even elites and bosses, with relative ease (tested during a mp5 public game with max players, every hit I did to belial took a relatively large chunk out of his health).

The basis of the build that I've tweaked it for is to teleport in using calamity which provides a large damage and weak knockback to the enemies surrounding me then unleash death blossom to eliminate the rest. Wave of force is a secondary knockback in case they get too close again (again with APOC this isn't really an issue as when I am fully buffed my crit % is near 50 so i don't suffer arcane power issues until the enemy thins out).

Electrocute allows for a quick refill of AP when I suffer AP Loss as the forked lightning crits often enough for me to be at full AP within a second or two. Pinpoint and Blood Weapon are used as DPS buffs.

My budget (since I can really only farm 0 to 1 MP without many deaths) is low. I have about 200k right now but I can farm more if I really put into it.

You're supposed to be able to channel the Death Blossom infinitely without worry of AP. But I found that my overall dps rating suffered greatly with the gear that is required for that. (Stone of Jordan does nothing for that and I would have to replace my helm for that as well). However I have found that the higher the crit % for this move the larger damage it does (far greater than any spell I've ever used with 300 to 400k crits when I had 100k dps or lower and death blossom is the centralized move for this build.)

I'm not going for CM/WW wiz because when I try I just can't do it. This is simpler for me.
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Also, my overall character goals is to achieve at least a 300 to 400k dps rating unbuffed ideally with the highest amount of APS I can achieve with a relatively high resist and life steal / life on hit rating with APOC staying somewhere within the 15 - 20 range with a Crit damage % of 400+ and 50% or greater CC.

Higher Vitality would be amazing as I only have 25k health at the moment and I can't count the times I've been one shot killed (it's frustrating how many times that's happened).

Everyone I've ever seen achieve a high rating like that I've seen buffed with marquis gems on EVERYTHING.
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Well, if you are aiming for 300-400k unbuffed dps Marquise gems will most likely be the least expensive pieces of your equipment.

From running Uber-death myself, it is very nice to have at least -5 Arcane Torrent, if not -10 and 20 APoC. Then, because the spell tends toward randomness you need a large amount of EHP to survive when your missiles don't do what you want them to do, and then a life steal weapon to put that high DPS to great use for survivability.

You haven't yet stated what your budget is, but if you are aiming for 300k unbuffed dps you'll likely need a few tens of billions.
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Tens of billions....



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I didn't read the whole thread but I'm pretty sure whatever build you are working towards won't cost "10's of billions" to achieve 300k.
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Haha, actually... wow, I meant to say it would cost that for 400k, not 300k.... sorry, wine is cheap tonight...

But, well, unbuffed 400k dps along with the requisite survivability gear is ridiculously expensive.

Even unbuffed 300k is pricy pricy unless you want to be a complete glass cannon. Likely not tens of billions expensive, however.
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300k with Glass Cannon will cost you 3-5 billion depending on how patient you are with AH sniping.

400k will cost you 50+ billion.
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You, my friend, seem to have a bad case of "DPS obsession", a very common condition among D3 players.

Yes, having a ridiculous high DPS is very cool, but, as you and all of us know, hard (if you decide to go the route of AH sniping) and costly (if you decide to buy gold in the RMAH) to achieve.

I'd recommend the three following steps and you will be cured:

1. Gear around your build, but try to be flexible enough to be able to use alternative builds. Find the build you're comfortable with. Not everyone has to be a CC/WW wizard. There's also the archon and meteor options (among others), and within those, many different builds. They all have similar requirements, with some significant differences, in terms of apoc, all res, armor, AP regen, etc.

2. DPS shouldn't be your main focus. What good is high DPS if you can't survive or sustain your AP? Balance should be your focus. Survivability is as important, if not more, than DPS. Build with all res, vit, armor, loh, life steal, apoc, max AP and AP regen in mind. Yes, that will mean sacrificing some DPS, but then again, if you die constantly, your DPS is worthless.

3. Finally, if you don't have or don't want to spend the money in the RMAH, or if you don't have the ability to snipe (I don't, for instance. I'm terrible at trading), relax and enjoy the game. Play with friends, play in groups. I have 200k DPS unbuffed, I play MP8-10, I survive and the collective DPS that my friends contribute helps killing things fast. Would I like to have more DPS? sure, but I know how hard it will be to go up from there for me. So I just chill and have fun.

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Azitnael when u talk about 300k dps unbuffed first thing that pop-up in my head is archon build ask ur self first do u wana play archon wiz? Do u know pro and con of the archon wiz? like other here said it must be damn costly like billion but that build must be that way still ok with it?

If that is too pain try this


This gear already balance in what it should be in 50m budget if u think that u can use this build try to win for it. The starter gear have 2/3 of my real gear power but that enough to kill mp10 elite even dps only 160k if u know how to use this build of course.
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You've looked at the builds but have you watched/read the guides? Looking at good gear and understanding why its good are 2 very different things.

I'd avoid Uberdeath as a farming build - it was designed for quickly killing ubers that are being frozen by CM/WW teammates. Archon or SNS are the way to go until the xpac arrives and stirs things up.

SNS is much harder to gear for correctly - reading/watching the guides is a must! That said, getting to higher MP levels is less costly with SNS than with Archon.

Are you serious when you say your budget is 10billion+ gold? MP10 should be doable with SNS with that kind of budget (maybe not blazing fast, but definitely survivable). Not sure how high an archon would go with that budget but thinking MP8 at least.

The secret of high DPS:
*You will need 5+CC on each ring, helm, and bracers, 9+CC on gloves and amulet and source(8+ on source if using Triumvirate).
*You will need 40+CHD on each ring, gloves and Witching Hour belt, and 90+CHD on the amulet.
*You will want IAS on gloves, rings, amulet as well as on the items that always have it (Tals chest, WH belt, Innas pants, Mempo or Andariels Visage).
*You will need a black weapon (search it) with high DPS, decent base attack speed, CHD bonus, and socket).
*You will want +% bonus to <element> damage bonuses (such as on your Zuni boots and Tal amulet). Triumvirate is recommended for that very reason.
*You will need high int.

The secret of not dying:
*You will need a minimum resistance of 700+, this requires good AR on: chest, shoulders, bracers, belt, pants, and boots. Getting AR on helm, rings gloves, and/or amulets helps too.
*You will want good overall armor (4000+).
*Str adds to armor and int adds to AR so stacking those stats helps reach your armor and AR goals.
*You will need some sort of sustain! LoH only works for builds which spam hundreds of hits per second (SNS and other CM/WW variants). Lifesteal is needed for any other build. Some players just use Blood Magic to get 1.5 LS and are perfectly happy. Most players prefer having 2.8%+ LS on the weapon (which is the only other place wizards can get it).
*You will want as many hitpoints as possible in addition to the above (vit and %life bonuses).

Finally, some people enjoy building sets for people. If you ask nicely and clearly state what your budget and preferred build are, you might be able to get someone else to help you pick out gear.
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11/02/2013 07:50 PMPosted by Azitnael
You die as much as I do and see how frustrated you get :P

I was playing the game since Day 3 (I bought it Day 1 and waited 2 days for the server crap to calm down) and I KNOW what it's like to be killed a lot. And my wizard had your problems... until I played as my barb more when Paragon Levels came out and I started to solve my gear problems. Now I have a Wizard who has a build and equip setup to do what I like on mp7/8 (my goal anyways, mp10 I have a barb for that): Melee Combat.

Your primary problem is this: You lack organization.

You have a build that looks like you were playing Public games all the time and it has no uniformity. At least with WW/CM, Spectral Blade or Archon, all the skills work in unison and provide the player with their purpose: Destroy monsters as efficiently as possible and minimize the weaknesses.

The gear problems are as follows:
- You are using Chantodos but no WW/CM
- You are using a crud ring set when a Hellfire Ring and Zuni's Ring with CC/CD/IAS can solve the problem. The Hellfire Ring can be made for free at least.
- You could make crafts better than the gloves.
- Your Tal's amulet has no CC
- You could probably craft better shoulder pads for a higher AR score.
- A few of the items you have are BiS but are of poor quality (the belt comes to mind)

And I have a saying: The DPS of a corpse is 0. No matter how high that number is alive, it means nothing if you get slain all the time.

Solve your EHP problem first and recharge your funds. Then you can get some better quality BiS items. Hell, you might even get some items as you play.

Also, don't just aim for mp10 and say "THATS MY GOAL!". Take it one step at a time and try to rise up the mpX dosage so you can handle it. Going straight for MP10 will either lead to disaster without a game plan or you would end up purchasing items on the GAH (or worse RMAH) that you could have either gotten off an enemy for free or with currency you may never replace for a long time. I for instance aim for mp7/8. It has a nice balance of difficulty, speed and rewards. If I can do mp10 (which so far my barb can), then it's a bonus.

If you want to give up, then do it. But know this: It will be your own fault for doing it. Not the game's, not the character's, not some higher power like the angels. Because you had the chance to fix this easily fixable problem, but you chose to hinder yourself.
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First of all you're playing cm wrong, just stick with the traditional cm build,
and also you don't have enough attack speed and CC on your gears to make CM work properly.
and if you want more dps get better gems and weapon.
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11/03/2013 02:54 PMPosted by Chunk
First of all you're playing cm wrong, just stick with the traditional cm build,

I don't think he's even trying to go for a CM build. With his skill setup, CM isn't even necessary. Illusionist is more than enough to refresh Teleport. Unless he plans on spamming WoF...

But like many people have already pointed out. There's pretty much no synergy in OP's setup.

FYI, 820K is buffed with Deep Freeze (since I just happened to log out of a game with it... didn't even realize until now). Normally I sit anywhere from 660K to 740K for regular self-buffs, 442K unbuffed.

High weapon damage + int + CC + CD + IAS + bonus damage + elemental bonus
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I'm about to give up

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