Diablo® III

Diablo food

I tend to eat things that won't get my hands dirty. The greasy feeling sticking on my mouse is agitating.

I like cherry soda and vanilla soda of any kind. Vanilla coke and Cherry Dr.Pepper are what's in the fridge right now.

I love spicy food to go with it, but they tend to be greasy so I usually just take a break while I eat. In fact, Spicy Rufles with Japaleno cream cheese dip is what I'm gonna eat right now.
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I usually feed on the cookies that Blizzard feeds me, hence I've been starving for awhile.


I always end up with a can of beer and some jelly, weird combo.
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3-6 hour sessions with coffee+water and a break after to enjoy my food :D
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Sometimes drink a beer while playing the game, but food?

If I snacked and played Diablo I'd certainly just get fat. No thanks. Snacks + computer are a dangerous combination.
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For those who like to eat/drink while at the computer:


After losing 2 $100+ keyboards to beer/soda/juice, I switched to only using keyboards that cost under $15. Then I got this keyboard and I'm very happy with it. I wash it in the kitchen sink every couple of months.
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Meat Lovers Pizza
Chinese Food
24 pack of off brand cola
Brownies with walnuts
Frozen burritos
Gummy Bears
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Coffee in the morning, breakfast is a table thing only.

Double IPA's and Stouts at night. Maybe spicy nuts if the need to snack is there.
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Monster Energy drink . . with that no need to eat :D :D lol
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Coke, and Salami or pretzels.

What I want to know is, why do demons attack just as your stuffing a greasy treat in your piehole? It's like they know.
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11/06/2013 12:10 PMPosted by katanasoul
Would be funny to see the European version of this thread

Trust me when i say: "You don't wanna know!"

Anyways (me at least), i ain't that much of a man-pig but keep the keyboard clean. Mostly :D

Damn, now you reminded me that i need to scrub off some "stuff" from mousepad...

It's always hard to tell if it's cheese or something that resembles to it
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when im prepared:

fruit juice (either grape or orange) with grass jelly (black jello)

roasted peanuts with banana chips and raisins

when i'm not prepared


more water

whatever finger food there is in the kitchen
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11/06/2013 01:03 PMPosted by Nevalistis
I'm allergic to capsaicin. I CAN NEVER KNOW THIS JOY.

The first time I've ever felt real sorrow for a blue post.


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I'm a Vitamin Monster, rawr!

Mm, fruits! Strawberries are one of my favorite reasons to be in Southern California.

Cali strawberries are better than no strawberries, but they're not nearly as good as NY, NJ, or even Carolina berries.
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Me and my friends used to play beerablo all the time. There were a couple different sets of rules, but my favorite was to see who could level a hardcore character furthest after a regular interval of beers.
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11/06/2013 12:29 PMPosted by semiXform
Why did I sense this post was going to get a blue response? :)

Apparently, everyone other than Lylirra only has time to respond to such posts, while other sensible topics are ignored.. It makes me sad, indeed.. To make it worse, these are the kind of topics that make it to the main page as well.. What do you like to eat, how do you dress up while playing, which is your favorite color, etc..
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I always have sunflower seeds while playing. My beverage can go anywhere from bottled water to a Jack and 7..
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strong pain killers mixed with alcohol to allow me to sit through a Diablo 3 play session seems to be what's on my plate lately.
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Beer, beer and more Beer.
I wash the beer down with shots of whiskey.
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Early morning: My diablo 3 diet consists of a hot cup of coffee, possibly some donuts if i wen to DD for my coffee or otherwise its my homemade gourmet !@#$.

Afternoon: My farming and or PvPing will be accompanied with a nice $.99 can of arizona and some snacks possibly pretzels or wheat thins.

Late night: Most commonly the time for me to grind 10pm-4am. The cheesesteak or chinese food i ordered and a nice 6 pack of my favorite brewskis, Magic #9's , maybe blue moon, possibly some land shark.
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