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Diablo food

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Rum or scotch and diet coke.

Glen Fiddich, Bundy rum, Sailor Jerry... :)
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11/06/2013 12:10 PMPosted by katanasoul
Would be funny to see the European version of this thread

My European version - raw nuts /Almonds and hazelnuts/ and dried fruits /blueberries , cranberries and raisins/, all this mixed. NO chance to make something to remember to your keyboard and mouse pad. Beverages: at the morning coffee - double espresso with little condensed milk, midday beer or juice, evening - whiskey - aged Bushmills or Macallan, fits perfect with my nuts/fruits mix :)
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I like to snack on the cereal "Puffins". The peanut butter flavor, no milk. ;P
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American Harvest vodka on the rocks or with blue Monster. I won't eat over my keyboard, made that mistake once. Once!
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Carrot sticks, I quit smoking so I have to have something to replace it.
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Skittles and vodka.

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cheese danish, gallon of Mtn Dew or Dr. pepper and cigs
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11/10/2013 01:10 PMPosted by MackDaddyMef
cheese danish, gallon of Mtn Dew or Dr. pepper and cigs

Ehe, US "Danish's" aint nothing like the real deal :)) Trust me, I am danish, and was horrified to learn what a US "Danish" tasted like....And cheese are not, I say NOT, in any original danish cakes :))

Anyways, fruit, nuts (all kinds regular, no roasted/salted or greasy nuts!) as long as they are not messy. Hate "sticky keys"! :o)

For beverage, I go for water, coffee, coca cola and sometimes tea, especially tea now that it is going colder here in Northen Europe :)
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I don't eat anything while playing this game for fear of finding good loot, freaking out, and choking to death LOL!!! But if I did want to eat something for adventuring it would be granola bars, an apple, maybe crackers or something.
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was trying to post from my smartphone but had issues...


earlier with d3 it was starburst and coke.

More lately it's been tea.. and for heavier, longer grinds I go coffee.
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Do you feel like fixing the unplayable lag in D3 since Nov 10,2013. Hundreds on here can't even play the game....?
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11/07/2013 08:27 AMPosted by lukempls
Me and my friends used to play beerablo all the time. There were a couple different sets of rules, but my favorite was to see who could level a hardcore character furthest after a regular interval of beers.

Beerablo! Amazing. That's definitely a solid idea.

Here's another one, every time your character dies, you have to chug a bottle.
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2 cans of monster energy. & beer too*
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