Diablo® III

To be honest, PoE is the game I wished D3 was

For me, POE looks like it has a lot of potential.

But playing it, it's just not fun. It's not engaging and the classes aren't interesting.

Its very unpolished. Combat is not fluid..
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Man I keep mixing up Arcangel and Archangel.. Anyway..


First of, this is open forum, we are free to express our own ideas and opinions about the game. I see whenever someone indicates in their post that POE is good or better than Diablo, you get all defensive and say the game is boring and making statement like "many of us have played PoE and know the truth about how boring it is."

Dude, we ain't BASHING D3 but giving D3 players another option of playing another game that resembles more D2 than D3 did.

You can't play the game for 10 minutes or an hour and say that THIS GAME SUCKS AND IS BORING. PERIOD. You gotta give it some time to grow on you. If you really enjoy ARPG and D2, POE will not disappoint. Why do you think pro d3 players like Alkaizer and Kripp left for POE.

But you know what, I am also starting to notice another trend. It seems like those who plays HC appreciates POE a lot more than those who play SC.
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I started playing PoE 3 days ago and got addicted!

I have a lvl 38 witch and... bro! It's hard to progress when you can't pay to win! XD

What I like about PoE:

1. The dark atmosphere, with the dreadful scenarios and soundtrack!
2. The itemization, with countless possibilities of gear and skills, for every class!
3. The difficulty. The guys at Grinding Gear Games don't care about the sissies. You have to earn your progress!
3. The ability to cast Portal in any area, at any moment, and use it as I wish! lol!

What I don't like about PoE:

1. The combat dynamics makes some places a pain in the !@# to run, like when you have to climb several floors of a pyramid killing annoying skeletons.
2. The Global Chat is an absolute mess! You almost have to be a genius to follow the conversation and make the chat useful.
3. ... hmm... when I reach lvl 100 I'll try to add something more. :P

I like D3 too, by the way, but I'm tired of beta testing. I hope things change with RoS.
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But you know what, I am also starting to notice another trend. It seems like those who plays HC appreciates POE a lot more than those who play SC.

Ha! I guess you're right! ;)
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