Sony Online Entertainment is charging $60 to alpha test a free-to-play MMO

"The MMORPG EverQuest once had a reputation for being so addictive that it was jokingly given the nickname "EverCrack." Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is now readying the next installment in the EverQuest franchise, EverQuest Next Landmark, and it's hoping players feel that same level of devotion to the threequel. But over the years, Sony's MMO division earned a bit of a reputation for nickel-and-diming players to death, and it looks Landmark is hitting a new low. While the released game will be free-to-play, SOE is charging players for the privilege of testing it."
"How much will it cost you to get a glimpse of the next version of EverQuest before everyone else? $60. SOE is calling these early access charges the "Founder's packs," and it's $60 for alpha access or $20 for beta access. However, if you really want to drop some cash, $100 will get you alpha access, your name in the Landmark credits, and some pay-to-win items."

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