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Rate the Barb above You

@Uber, 8/10, good gear and such but kind of weird how you dont have any gems in your gear, which i hope you have a reason for not lol
@Vebot 9/10, your gear is awesome, your skorn is ridiculous :X
please rate me :)
Moodgar,i give you a 6/10.You have a lot of room for improvement.Get more health 40k is not enough.
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11/15/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Uber
@Bryan Man h-core is so different I wouldn't know where to start. I'm gonna throw a 9.5/10 out there just because the para 95 and all around solid gear. Tell me your secret to defeating the rubber band monster and the wrath of disconnect. I have crazy internet and a decent gaming desktop and still can't overcome them >.>

Only 2 things help with DC/rubberband: high ehp (including block/dodge b/c they actually matter in those situations) and a good group running with you. I used to run an ias dagger/shield with 2.1m ehp b/c of fear of rubberbands and DC in fact, but I almost always run with good dps groups now and I have faith in them. And rubberband specifically I just always watch for it, if the dmg numbers stop displaying then I know that I'm rubberbanding so I bust out a bash or 2 to resynch. I usually catch it within 3 seconds so my life doesn't move. Plus, when I was using dagger/shield I had a WH, so I was always fury-starved and rubberbanded a lot. That helped me get much better at noticing the danger signs, so now I don't even think about it, it's just like another elite affix to watch for.
11/15/2013 07:03 PMPosted by Vebot5rr
@Uber, 8/10, good gear and such but kind of weird how you dont have any gems in your gear, which i hope you have a reason for not lol

I'm done para levelling and I wanted to try DW before it's get neutered in ROS, meatbag just has some of my alt gear check out SnooSnoo :D

@Bryan I don't think I could do it, my congrats to you though. I hope everything gets improved in ROS I wouldn't mind a bit of h-core :)

@Rax 9.99/10 minus the .01 for the dupes :p
I'm sure your aware as well and prob have some pieces you switch around but you are over your split 2.5/2.86 by a slot of IAS :)
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Uber, why no ice climbers?


Please rate unsullied, not contemplate
@Fourty2DNAD3- DAT ALL RESIST! Not to mention your extremely high armor value. Your buffed Armor and AR must be through the roof. Your health is very low but it's likely to keep your armor and AR and build up higher health would be extremely expensive. I love your spear+shield which would work well for surviving with the blocking.

9/10 would likely be unstoppable in PvE. Just needs some more hp and it'd be an amazing tanker as well. But that's likely not necessary for your experience with barb.

As for myself, I just hit 60 and tried this set up. It wasn't a high cost at all but I know there's alot of room for imrpovement. Also I'm debatting on Dual-Wield vs 2-handed. Still new to barbarian also but I got the basics down so skill-setups might not be in perfect sync with equipment shown. Also I know the Hellfire is a Dexterity I haven't upgraded that yet to get him his own >~<
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@coolsam your dh look great and your barb is on the way there just need to improve a little bit 7/10 .
@SpitFire - Great damage output, man! I am jealous! I am not sure what your resistances look like, but I am sure you are on par with that, as well. 10

Please note when rating: With Battlerage activated, the damage output is around 126k, and with War Cry activated, I have around 11-12k armor with close to 80% damage reduction.
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Rate me please, I made my barb last night while extremely drunk. Spent 500 mill

I would say you should up your Vitality to around 60K, CC to 50%+, and Res to 550+.
Everything else looks OK.

For rating my Barb I swapped the jewels in the helm and boot because the ruby in the helm gives me 31% increase in exp. I swap in my Hellfire ring for and added 30% exp. for paraleveling.
@staj nice barb however you can try to get a memp with CC and 1-hand with critical hit dmg. As you said having life around 60k will be nice too.

11/17/2013 06:55 PMPosted by YORI
Rate me please, I made my barb last night while extremely drunk. Spent 500 mill


Good job on finding a pair of Inna pants with more STR than DEX, that's something I've not been able to find within my budget as of yet, and I will very likely be looking at something like that with VIT for my next upgrade.

Your biggest bottleneck is your low VIT. Lifesteal on the OH and Passive will help somewhat, but even I wouldn't depend on that to keep me alive at only 32k HP and 500 resistance (and I've been known to run some crazy builds.) You might have a bit of trouble in MP10 elite battles, and without more VIT, I'd pass on doing uber runs, unless I was running with a decent group. And even then, I'd worry about dragging the group down from having to be ressed a lot. But who knows, maybe you can run that build better than I can.

Not trying to berate you, I'm trying to help you..
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7/10, crafted gloves/shoulders/amulets should replace the ones you have pretty easily... could also consider getting a skorn with higher dps. Hp on the low side if you take off the purple gem.

Overall still pretty solid :)


Nice barb, with high tDPS, but a few problems. First you got 8% attack speed over both your breakpoints, so you are missing out on some damage output. An easy fix for that would be replacing the attack speed on your unity with crit damage. You also have only one piece with movement speed, which is especially bad because you use a main hand echoing fury. That means you are chasing targets around a lot, so you need all the movement speed you can get. Your lifesteal is also pretty low. That's standard for DW barbs, but it's still a weakness.

As far as upgrades, I suggest crafting more amulets, but I guess you are already giving it all your DEs. Good luck with the craft!



Great barb, that mace in particular is sick. Almost no attack speed wasted (2%), 2 LS pieces, echo in off hand, 24% MS, etc. Every thing is there. What strikes me the most is the amount of eHP you manage to get while having such a high dmg output and lifesteal. I bet you can use this exact set to solo ubers without using war cry and with very high safety. I think you don't use duped gear either, which is great.

The only thing I don't understand is why you use those archon greaves. Is it because of the look? Maybe you found them? They are pretty good, but pair of MS IC's or zuni boots with 8% elemental, high str, vit and AR would still ouperform them by a big margin.

Very impressive 2-hand sword, got a feeling to try my luck in AH for something like that. Could tell that you are trying very hard on crafting to improve on the low AR. I might not be a suitable person to criticise your gear, but there seem to be some space to sqeeze more Vit from your armour to be more tanky and spend some gold on upgrading your gem.

Awesome all blue gear!!! I been trying to get something like that but no luck, inspired me alot.

overall 9.5/10

as for my barb, please suggest ways to improve my life to 55k and push dps to 300k while maintaining my AR and armour as I usually play in group and wanna be tanky. Thanks


The easiest way to boost your dps is by improving your gems, especially the 1 in wep.
As other gear, everything is fine. I suggest crafting an STR ammy.
Rate me...

Obvious are my mempo needs CC and str craft bracers and neck (so annoying) lol
SupaTimmay,buddy you got to have more hp because 40k is not enough.Get an immortal chest and a witching hour with better vitality.I have 80k and i still think that i can have more.I give you a 6/10.
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