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Rate the Barb above You

@Bryan1995 8/10, You are the first person I have ever seen who has better gear on their hardcore chars so kudos to that alone, I'm still struggling to get my first through to complete the 2 barbs to 60 achievement.
BrianGoudy 7.5/10 solid barb, u only need a little more HP then u can handle high MP. Goodluck.
Rate my barb pls. Useful critics are very welcome

Since you've got those two daggers as weapons, I'll give you a 10/10 if you were playing in Hell Mode lol.

But, of course, I'm sure those aren't your real weapons judging by the other gear your barb is wearing. Anyways, 8/10 for your gear and build (minus the daggers) if you're playing in Inferno Mode haha. I'm curious to see what your real weapons are.

9/10. Interesting choice to have vit on weapons and all res on rings/amu, there's still a plenty room to increase your dps there. Beautiful vit/str sword!
@radical lmao! i cant stop laughing! those were my crypt set up weaps. i equipped my main weap just now. sorry

Thanks for the rating.

I'll give you a 9/10 as well. I see many similarities in our setups. We're both using a 1.30 ApS axe and 1.40 ApS sword combo with 9+9+9+9+9+9 IAS to be in the 2.50 ApS WW BP for both weapons. But our setups are different because we're achieving this IAS through different pieces of gear (Lacuni's and Mempo for me whereas it's the other ring and ammy for you).

I chose to have AR on my jewelry so that I could get DPS elsewhere. I'm sitting at approximately 50k life and 500 AR with 302k unbuffed dps. So, for now, I'm happy with my ehp and dps. If i were to up the dps on my jewelry, I'd have to drop resists (which I wouldn't want at the moment) or spend a a TON of gold. Decisions decisions.


Glad I could make you laugh. Thanks for updating your profile. Now that you've got your skorn equipped, I'll give you a 9/10 now :-D

But I still think those daggers are BIS in Hell Mode! Proc RLTW all day and never die with all that LoH!
@ Radical

Overall looking pretty solid, im sure critdmg% is a major dmg booster for you? :) id add some of that onto the rings, nice amulet trifecta 250+ str would be more delicious than cornflakes ;) but other than a few damage modifiers id say your on top of your game and definitely doing some rippin / tearin on demons!

8.5/10 - smasher for sure and definitely on your way to being top-tier! keep up the good work! :)
11/20/2013 10:23 PMPosted by RAD
BrianGoudy 7.5/10 solid barb, u only need a little more HP then u can handle high MP. Goodluck.

I appreciate the encouragement but I already do MP10 with no issues so I can already handle the highest MP, even so, your assessment is quite accurate, I do need to improve my vitality. I could also improve my resistances by improving my IK Helm.

@JimTheMighty 9/10, I'm nitpicking but your resistances need to be a few hundred more and I would switch out the lesser ring for a SoJ to help with elites. Still way better than my gear though, so props.

Pretty nice barb... great amount of life.. some might say it's to much.. but I believe you can never have enough life! My only suggestion is to try to up your all resist. Also, why did you choose that particular skill setup, instead of the ww or hota build or ww/hota build?
Really, what can be said. Your gear is pimp. 11/10

PS: I don't run WW at all.
Edited by jerjabs#1110 on 11/21/2013 12:04 PM PST

little do you realize that I have over 17% lifesteal with rend, and I have over 14% melee dmg reduction in combination with 6800+ armor resistances after 500 have such sharp diminishing returns its not really worth it too me, my barb is completely immortal and to me I find that amazingly fun ;) I made this build myself been running it for over 700 hours, my barb currently is at roughly 1700+ hours lol
Really, what can be said. Your gear is pimp. 11/10

PS: I don't run WW at all.

With your gear you really don't have to.. 9/10. The only thing you really need to do is improve your gems and you're there.

P.S. You have the best Skorn I've ever seen, nice leech/crit damage.
Edited by BrianGoudy#1540 on 11/21/2013 12:11 PM PST
@briangoudy nice, we have similar setup. 10/10
please rate my 'legendary' barb
11/22/2013 04:52 AMPosted by oudokh
@briangoudy nice, we have similar setup. 10/10
please rate my 'legendary' barb

Your Barb is much, much stronger than mine is. 10/10. I like that you use Blackthorne's over IK's armor and I have never seen a barb rock a natalya's ring before so kudos for that as well. Your build is also very unique, I'm just using a modified version of the cookie-cutter Double WW with hammer instead of a fury generator. All in all though, excellent barb man!

I'm interested to see what changes in RoS though, from what I gather resists don't need to be high because of a new gem (diamond maybe? D2 was AR). So I may start stacking armor over resists and rock like 400 AR bc lots of people are saying you can get the other 400 with these new gems.
@BrianGoudy 9/10. You need a little more HP on your bar and he should be good .

9/10....Maybe 1 more slot of resistance? Not much you can do at this point lol. Solid. For WW you actually have 9 extra attack speed you could drop though.


Whoever does me please use my softcore barb here
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Hey man, X/X because its already a beast barb even at plvl.51. Its not even wearing ice boots.
My last leveled barb; so she's the only one thats not naked, lol. (ik chest is from MASKOAA btw) ^_^
Edited by Leth47#1299 on 11/23/2013 3:07 PM PST
@ Leth. 9/10. Try nat ring + boots. And in that case work on crafted bracers. I think you'll like it. Pretty nice roll on that amy.
@Amour Great equipment for the build you have, love it. Keep rolling bracers another slot of AR/vit you could probably drop WC.
If I could change anything I'd go OP:Momentum instead of WC and Battle rage:bloodshed, 3/4 of you attacks can proc it and it's great fun blowing stuff up. Might have fury trouble but hell it adds a lot of damage. 10/10 just for raw stats and a unique build :D
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