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(RoS): "Avalanche" is RagingKoala´s fault :P

Avalanche discussion. General "new Barbarian expansion skill" discussion.

1. What is your stance on "Avalanche" guys? Good, bad, does it fit our fantasy?
2. Do you have other (better) ideas for new Barbarian skills?

Short video of Avalanche (18 sec)

Whole panel video from BlizzCon
26:40 -> Wyatt begins to talk about new class skills.
28:50 -> Avalanche is showcased.

Cooldown: 30 seconds / Cause a massive deluge of rocks and debris to sweep across an area dealing 1800% weapon damage to all enemies caught in its path. / Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 25 Fury you spend.
- Glacier: (Advanced) Giant spears of ice freeze enemies.
- Snow-Capped Mountain: (Advanced) Cave in from both sides push monsters into a valley in front of you.
- Volcanic Eruption: (Advanced) Chunks of molten lava rain down from the sky.
- Lahar : (Advanced) Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 15 Fury spent.
- Tectonic Rift : (Advanced) Store up to 3 charges of Avalanche at a time.

RagingKoala´s improvement ideas in the RoS topic
Rumble: Stalagmites fall from the sky, crushing and dealing damage, (physical based) The crushing effect should slow the enemies movement, mid-upper range damage.

Cracking rift: Armageddon type brimstone rain from the sky and burn the enemy over time, (fire based) Impacts should be random and deal massive damages with a decent burn damage radius as well.

Strength from Earth: Huge ice shards slow enemies with a chance to freeze. (cold based) Have this rune deal a lower amount of damage to make up for the slowing/freezing effects.

...and, I guess, partially my fault too (maybe?).
4. Runes (1) element (2) on crit (3) on kill effects
a) Stagger: the initial shockwave pushes enemies towards you
- element – just your weapon damage, reverse Knockback
- on crit – stun the target for 1.5 sec
- on kill - affected enemies have an increased chance to leave behind a health globe when they die
d) Strength from Earth: initial shockwave releases magma from the ground
- element – direct fire damage, keeps Knockback
- on crit – create a small explosion that generates 1 fury for each enemy hit
- on kill – slain enemies leave behind a pool of fire that deals Dot damage to enemies passing through it
e) Arctic Rift: initial shockwave creates sharp ice shards
– element – direct cold damage, keeps Knockback
- on crit - ice shards Blind affected enemies
- on kill – ice shard explosion that deals damage to nearby enemies

Although those were improvement ideas for Seismic Slam ;)

Well, my personal opinion is that its animation is more like Meteor than Earthquake and I don´t think it fits the class. We don´t really need another skill like this. I´ll probably post alternative ideas in a couple of days in the RoS forums. My favourite is Battle Command with neat bonuses to turn Barbs into a party friendly player ;)

I really do like the active cooldown reduction mechanic of Avalanche though.


What´s your opinion?
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Cool, now barb busts a move and !@#$ falls from the sky.

Very barbarian-like...

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Oh thanks for that zapro I just edited in a link to the whole panel vide alongside your link.
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Can't look at the vid atm but it sounds cool.
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Honestly, I think they should scrap the skill and do something else. It really doesn't feel like a barbarian skill and is more along the lines of a wizard skill.

Edit: Spelling
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Zoltun Build in 3...2....1

Looks exactly how I figured.
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God damn RagingKoala always getting into trouble.
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So when we find that avalanche sucks and does little to no damage, we know who to blame.
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11/11/2013 01:51 PMPosted by silverfire
So when we find that avalanche sucks and does little to no damage, we know who to blame.

Fluffy little koala bombs falling on you can't hurt to bad. Can it?
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11/11/2013 01:54 PMPosted by Sedi
So when we find that avalanche sucks and does little to no damage, we know who to blame.

Fluffy little koala bombs falling on you can't hurt to bad. Can it?

Not as much as the smell.
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Fair enough. Monks have bells, barbarians have falling rocks.

I'd be nice if there was a rune that changed the rocks into corpses so that it becomes more Azmodan-y style...or koala pieces...
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11/11/2013 02:15 PMPosted by Eduw
changed the rocks into corpses

I know everyone says D3 isn't dark enough, but that's a little too morbid imo. This isn't a necro we're talking about. Rocks fit a barbarian well.
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Wow, some of those skills for the other classes look awesome too. And holy hell, they're using frostburns, a tiklandian visage, and it looks like a raven's wing bow in some of those videos.
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I guess there will be a whole reworking of the Barbarian skills and nothing will remain as we know it. Exciting times and daunting times :).

How about a transmutation Skill. Turn into a giant (koala) bear for 60s?
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I guess there will be a whole reworking of the Barbarian skills and nothing will remain as we know it. Exciting times and daunting times :).

How about a transmutation Skill. Turn into a giant (koala) bear for 60s?

Only if you can dance like the Moonkin while in Koala form ;)
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LOL you guys...falling koalas...wait, no, was it koala "pieces"? :O

Well, to be perfectly fair, if you saw the Crusader skill Phalanx that summons Unicorns (dubbed warhorses in the description) then the Barbs might as well get to

call forth a rain/swarm of red eyed, chilli fire breathing koalas that would look like gremlins...

That´s definitely better than "rocks" and actually competitive with freaking Piranhas and a hidden Croc which stole the "new skill" show.

Or this. Everyone knows Koala > Werewolf/Werebear.
11/11/2013 02:29 PMPosted by Morpheus
How about a transmutation Skill. Turn into a giant (koala) bear for 60s?

Talking about corpses...
changed the rocks into corpses

I know everyone says D3 isn't dark enough, but that's a little too morbid imo. This isn't a necro we're talking about. Rocks fit a barbarian well.

When I was trying to come up with a new skill a couple of weeks back, I thought how else are we able to cause pain to the hordes of hell...I felt like we needed some bare-handed pure physical action, I mean we don´t need weapons, do we?

Dread Brawl

Description: Grab a monster corpse by its legs and slam it against targets in front and behind you 2 times in quick succession, dealing 200% weapon damage per slam as physical to enemies within 8 yards of the impact location. Enemies hit by Dread Brawl are demoralized from the sight and take 25% more damage / have a 10% increased chance to be critically hit for 5 seconds.

Availability: This skill becomes available for 10 seconds after an enemy dies within 8 yards of your location. This range is extended by a portion of your bonus to Gold pickup radius.

Base effect cost: 25 Fury.

1. Bam-Bam: Double the frequency to perform 4 overhead slams in quick succession, each slam dealing 150% weapon damage as physical. Your Fury generation is increased by 10% for 10 seconds after the last slam lands. Keep the 25 Fury cost.

2. Abhorrent Discus: Perform 2 spinning circular swings, dealing 170% weapon damage per hit to enemies within 12 yards. Releasing the corspe turns it into a missile that deals 200% weapon damage to all enemies in a straight line and knocks them back. Abhorrent Discus has no Fury cost, instead it generate 3 Fury for each enemy hit.

3. Shred Dunk: Expend all remaining Fury to perform a single jumping slam. The impact shreds the utilized corpse to pieces, increasing the area of effect to 16 yards, dealing 300% weapon damage as physical and blinding enemies for 2 seconds on critical hits. Deal 3% additional damage for each point of Fury expended. Enemies killed by Shred Dunk explode, dealing 5% of their maximum life as physical to nearby enemies. This effect can chain repeatedly.

4. Grim Guard: Hold the corpse in front of you as a shield, absorbing all incoming damage for you and allies within 12 yards for 3 seconds. The corpse explodes when the effect ends and deals 350% weapon damage as physical to enemies within 12 yards. This ability has a 10 second cooldown. Generate: 75 Fury upon explosion.

5. Meatball: Utilizing the corpse as armor, roll over enemies and deal 360% weapon damage as physical (80% per tick at a 15/aps frequency). Killing an enemy with Meatball increases its damage by 5% and its range by 1 yard up to 10 times. Meatball gains a damage bonus equal to your movement speed bonus. Cost: 2 Fury per tick.

This is basically a mix between D2´s Corpse Explosion (requirement for activation and dealing damage utilizing it) and Weapon Throw - Dread Bomb. The runes add variation: multiple overhead slams, spinning throw, leaping slam, shielding and rolling over things...

Now recently I´ve been thinking about other skills and seeing as the Barbs aren´t really seen as very party friendly...which was the most favourite party skill in D2? Yeah...

Note that if corpsed are too dark, you may simply grab a monster nearby and perform actions with it or dish out pain to it. My initial idea was slamming a nearby monster around and a swinging double-handed overhead hit to elites who would be immune to being utilized as weapons).

Battle Orders

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Description: Command the battlefield, fully restoring primary resource and granting you and your allies temporary bonuses for 20 seconds:

(1) Resource generation: 20%
(2) Skill cooldown reduction: 20%
(3) Damage vs Elites: 15%

Rune (a) “Gather!”: Grants a 40% bonus to max primary resource.
Rune (b) “Spam!”: Gain 20% skill resource cost reduction.
Rune (c) "Stand!”: Reduce damage from Elites by 15%.
Rune (d) “Outlast!”: All healing sources gain a 20% bonus.
Rune (e) “Focus!”: Now also grants 40% Crowd Control reduction.

pwease gimme BO!
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Dread Brawl would be badass, haha. And something like Battle Orders is something that needs to be implemented.
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11/11/2013 03:00 PMPosted by Nubtro
pwease gimme BO!

Seriously, at least two-three of those runes/effects should be implemented...
...cause War Cry has some seriously crappy out-of-context runes.

○ Charge! - Even granting 60 Fury on cast sucks. WC needs a resource-related rune and I seriously think that 20% Resource Cost Reduction or Resource Generation would be perfect for resource intensive builds/parties.
○ Invigorate - It'll probably become more attractive since lifesteal will be gone.
○ Veteran's Warning - A barbarian shout granting dodge...seriously?!?

I understand that WC was designed as a defensive aura but the way it is, only tanks would use.

An alternative would be implementing one of those runes on BR:Ferocity's place, since that's the barbarian's offensive shout. It would be nice specially since BR lost the utility part from ItF.
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The numbers are ok, and the way they r thinking, the more fury you spend, lesser will be the CD is cool too, but the way the skill is presented ingame is horrible.

The boulder falling from the sky is way too similar to Wiz Meteor skill. And really dont resembles what a barbarian would do.

My sugetions is make the barbarian take a huge stone from the ground and throw it with his bare hands, That would be something that you would expect from a barbarian, a character with such massive strenght.

The skill would be a ruge stone roliing throught a path, like a projectile skill. Not some stationary AOE skill like it was presented.
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