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(RoS): "Avalanche" is RagingKoala´s fault :P

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Ha, this skill does bear some resemblances to our suggestions; )

This skill and it's cd reduction could be a powerful addition to other skills.
One that comes to mind is ww/hurricane + avalanche. Providing we can generate enough fury, we might just be able to perma spam Avalanche using ww to:

A) spend fury, lowering the cd on avalanche and

B) pulling enemies into is effects.

Turning into a Koala would be awesome! The graphics are already in the game (cuddle bear), So it wouldn't be too hard to implement :)

Don't know about Koala pieces though:''''(
Good stuff
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Ha, this skill does bear some resemblances to our suggestions; )

This skill and it's cd reduction could be a powerful addition to other skills.
One that comes to mind is ww/hurricane + avalanche. Providing we can generate enough fury, we might just be able to perma spam Avalanche using ww to:

A) spend fury, lowering the cd on avalanche and

B) pulling enemies into is effects.

Turning into a Koala would be awesome! The graphics are already in the game (cuddle bear), So it wouldn't be too hard to implement :)

Don't know about Koala pieces though:''''(
Good stuff

add in eq and rend voila
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Avalanche + Earthquake = Lulz.
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Even though I'm a barb fan since d2, I thought they should have merged barbarian and druid classes after the destruction of Arreat. This seems more like a druid skill, so it seems Blizzard has a similar opinion.

My first build idea revolves around high fury gen/spent, life per fury spent, and a balance of single target verus AoE.

1) Passives

- Sword and Board - fury on block
- Weapons Master - fury on hit
- Blood thirst - life per fury spend

2) Actives

- WW Hurricane - fury drain, group up mobs
- Run like the Wind - fury drain, mobility and some damage
- OP Momentum - fury gen
- HotA Smash - Single target, fury drain (we will be fighting more bosses in RoS)
- Bash Instigation - Single target, fury gen (we have to use a generator vs single targets now...)
- Avalanche Lahar - massive damage (hopefully)

There are most likely better versions of this, especially with the new affixes and legendaries.
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Ha, this skill does bear some resemblances to our suggestions; )
Good stuff

The main culprit has spoken hahaha. How do you feel, knowing that a D3 skill might be based on an idea of yours?

I kind of hoped we would finally get a chance to use Earthquake and Call of the Ancients in normal gameplay but Avalanche may fight for their slot. We´ll see whether the skill makes the game and what exactly it will do. Let´s hope that our beta feedback won´t be discarded if our opinion is negative.

Btw. here is how much Fury WW spends per second today
Ingame Whirlwind Fury cost (1.0.8)
tested APS <-> frames / tick <-> fury loss <-> ticks = fury / tick (fury / sec)
3.33795 aps 5 frames 84 fury 49 ticks = 1.71 / tick (20.57 / sec)
2.86740 aps 6 frames 76 fury 41 ticks = 1.85 / tick (18.54 / sec)
2.50500 aps 7 frames 98 fury 50 ticks = 1.96 / tick (16.80 / sec)
2.22600 aps 8 frames 106 fury 50 ticks = 2.12 / tick (15.90 / sec)
2.00001 aps 9 frames 109 fury 50 ticks = 2.18 / tick (14.53 / sec)
1.82000 aps 10 frames 116 fury 50 ticks = 2.32 / tick (13.92 / sec)
1.66800 aps 11 frames 120 fury 50 ticks = 2.40 / tick (13.09 / sec)
1.54000 aps 12 frames 126 fury 50 ticks = 2.52 / tick (12.60 / sec)
1.43000 aps 13 frames 132 fury 50 ticks = 2.64 / tick (12.18 / sec)
I think a skill like Seismic Slam could work better, with Mighty Weapons master is stays relatively spammable. Also I´d love it if there was a synergy between those two skills and one Avalanche rune would create a wall behind oponents so that your Slam was knocking back enemies against it :D
The boulder falling from the sky is way too similar to Wiz Meteor skill. And really doesn´t resemble what a barbarian would do.
My suggestion is to make the barbarian take a huge stone from the ground and throw it with his bare hands, That would be something that you would expect from a barbarian, a character with such massive strength.
The skill would be a rugged stone rolling through a path, like a projectile skill. Not some stationary AOE skill like it was presented.

Yep I agree with you, the presented animation feels very similar to Meteor. Don´t get me wrong, I love meteor, it´s an amazing skill, but it doesn´t make much sense for a Barb. Also I´m not sure if you guys have seen some of the Crusader footage but his version of this skill is basically the same, one rune is animated as a single large falling boulder.
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Description: Call in an assault from afar, raining balls of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 310% weapon damage. The bombardment continues on randomly targeted monsters for the next 6 seconds.
-> Impactful Bombardment: Reduces the number of impacts to 1. On impact it instantly deals 310% weapon damage within a 30 radius
-> Moo-Splat: Instead of hurling burning balls of pitch, the carcasses of dead and diseased animals (cows) are thrown. When they land, their poisoned parts are scattered across the battlefield, leaving the area poisoned for 3 seconds doing 250% weapon damage per second.
-> Targeted: If you have a target highlighted when you cast bombardment, that enemy will be the focal point of all the bombardments.

@silverfire there is your answer to falling corpses being too dark for D3. They were/are considering giving the Crusader (righteous wrath) the ability to call forth poisonous diseased cows.

But back to Avalanche. The idea of hurling a boulder could work really well if implemented correctly. If the Avalanche skill concept is final, at least they should change the implementation to fit the Barb more. Simply let us rip out part of the earth and throw it or slam it against targets. Not sure if anyone here is familiar with the One Piece manga but a character did something like that with a big chunk of ice :)
-> The hurling rolling stone/bowling ball/snowball idea could be one variation (on the ground).
-> Another variation could be this larger scale rock throw (rock slide) as a ranged missile.
-> Next a "clap" like slam with huge pieces of earth like when in comic action movies a big dude grabs two cars and his opponent is hit from two sides. Here he´d do it with the some earth plates.
-> Then just use the corpse shield (Grim Guard) idea I posted earlier and use a boulder as protection or smash the ground so that chunks of rocks fly in the air and create a shield or simply create an earth wall. Note that this earth wall idea could be a nice Ground Stomp rune as well.

Basically just substitute the corpse with boulder in my Dread Brawl idea and adjust the animations.

The most important aspect for a new offensive skill in my opinion is bare handed, pure brute force combat. Like, a couple of demons think that they caught me weapon-less and off-guard, only for me to turn around with a smirk on my face, instantly punching one demon into oblivion and continuing by slamming its corpse around like the maniacal berserker that I´m supposed to be. Even hordes from hell would be demoralized from such a sight.


Here, based on the datamined information about skill changes so far, I´ve compiled a new skill categorization to see what type of new skills could fit into our roster.
1. Primary - main Fury generators (4): Bash, Cleave, Frenzy, Weapon Throw
2. Secondary - main Fury spenders (5): Hammer of the Ancients, Rend, Ancient Spear, Seismic Slam, Whirlwind
3. Strategic - defense and utility (4): Ground Stomp, Leap, Sprint, Ignore Pain
4. Might - offensive support (3): Revenge, Furious Charge, Overpower <- Dread Brawl
5. Shouts - buffs and debuffs (3): Threatening Shout, Battle Rage, War Cry <- Ancient Roar
6. Temporary burst (3): Earthquake, Call of the Ancients, Wrath of the Berserker <- Battle Orders

Battle Orders was created as a burst skill that rivals the likes of WotB and turns you into a walking Empowered Shrine that would greatly benefit the party. I personally view it as a huge problem that we bring nothing remotely offensive to the party and improving resource generation and reducing cooldown is a neat indirect offensive buff, not to mention I purposely added elite damage because that bonus is on no skills in the game yet.

Dread Brawl could work as a "WHOA, holy cow! What did that Barb just do to those monsters?" moment that wouldn´t be always available. It requires you to be active and kill a monster first and is usable for a period of time afterwards like Revenge which relies on getting hit though - you can´t really do much to improve its availability beside not stacking dex and maybe by using a shield as blocking counts towards activation).

Ancient Roar
Cost: 10 Fury (gear rolls cost reduction)
Description: Perform an intense frightening yell, generating a shockwave in a 22 yard arc that deals 220% weapon damage to affected enemies. Critical Hits petrify affected enemies, rooting them to the ground for 2 seconds.
Rune (a): Killing an enemy causes its head to explode, dealing additional damage to all enemies within 10 yards
Rune (b):
Rune (c):
Rune (d):
Rune (e):

I haven´t finalized the rune effects yet but the basic ideas here should be pretty clear:
-> D2´s War Cry revival, which was a damage dealing skill that stunned enemies;
-> with BO around, I´d love to be able to play a super party friendly Shout barb with 5 Shouts.

Originally, this Roar idea was a special effect of Threatening Shout as a legendary Barb helm.
“Rebel Yell” (blonde spiky hair appearance :)
-> 201-230 strength, 5-6% crit chance, 8-10 pickup radius, socket, 2 random magic properties
-> improves the wearer´s Threatening Shout efficiency (hidden bonuses):
- TS has no cooldown but costs 10 Fury
- TS now deals an additional 200% weapon damage
- TS crits have a chance to Stun affected enemies for 1.5 sec
- the heads of enemies killed by TS explode, creating a shockwave that deals 40% weapon damage to nearby enemies

I know Threatening Shout needs some attention itself because it´s currently worse than both Battle Rage and War Cry, but I think there is enough room for both Roar and TS. I´d adjust Shout to be more of a mix of defense and utility. Ideally all runes would have the Demoralize (taunting) effect but a pure Taunt was shamelessly stolen by the Crusader :(
11/11/2013 03:37 PMPosted by Eduw
pwease gimme BO!

Seriously, at least two-three of those runes/effects should be implemented...
...cause War Cry has some seriously crappy out-of-context runes.
○ Charge! - Even granting 60 Fury on cast sucks. WC needs a resource-related rune and I seriously think that 20% Resource Cost Reduction or Resource Generation would be perfect for resource intensive builds/parties.
○ Invigorate - It'll probably become more attractive since lifesteal will be gone.
○ Veteran's Warning - A barbarian shout granting dodge...seriously?!?
I understand that WC was designed as a defensive aura but the way it is, only tanks would use.
An alternative would be implementing one of those runes on BR:Ferocity's place, since that's the barbarian's offensive shout. It would be nice specially since BR lost the utility part from ItF.

Great thinking there. Although I think there is room for Battle Orders as a separate party buff, some of the WC runes are really not competitive.

One of the worst ideas for Barb runes in my book are the dodge ones, in particular the WotB one and Warcry one. They need to be changed ASAP. I could actually understand the idea behind a Sprint one granting dodge but it´s still below the bottom of usage stats. Isn´t the Monk the dodge-oriented class?

Well, I went overboard with the wall of text again...please forgive me :p
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I feel it kinda goes against the whole melee fighter, up in ur face, concept of a barb. Looks pretty cool though, thanks for the link Nubtro.
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Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Since its basically the meteor skill from the wizards, I think it somewhat falls behind that, at least as far as the visuals goes. Not that such a skill really fits to the concept of the Barbarian anyway. I mean ... there are ranged characters, spell casters etc. for that already.
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No sir I don't like it. Without insulting my throw barb friends, the last thing I want to do as a screaming conan is have more abilities where I stand still performing a cast animation from afar.
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I think Avalanche sucks personally! First of all it looks stupid that he can summon rocks to fall from nowhere, second of all I was hoping for some more melee/might or weapon oriented skill... I guess an earth oriented skill would be fine for endgame skill, since I really like Seismic slam, but this new one just looks so stupid. To me the barbarian is primarily a warrior and I love his connection with the ancients and his culture, so I would really hope for something that's related to that.

Also I heard that the crusader is getting a passive to be able to use dual hand sword with one arm as opposed to barbarian. That is very lame and to me is just a way for Blizzard to promote the expansion and their new class.
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So the barb has blizzard now?
Sounds legit, but kind of weird.
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The Animation is kind of disappointing thus it looks like Rain of Toads only it rains Rocks..
I would rather have Frenzy skill revamp and change a rune to atleast hits enemy simultaneously just like D2 Barb Double Swing skill cause animation looks awesome..
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I don't think the name or the discretion is something that brings Barbarian in mind.
Perhaps Yeti's but no Barbarians.

I would rather have something that was modeled like what is seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvjwt9nnwXY

It's video of pyroclastic flow, tho I don't think Pyroclastic Flow or Pyroclastic would be good name for a skill.
Krakatoa on the other hand would be kind of nice name for skill that Barbarian uses.

As ancestral and spiritual was already one aspect of Barbarians, it would be kind of awesome....at least to me, if this Barbarian would summon spiritual spear that dropped from heavens. Then it would slowly, relatively speaking, sink in to the ground and summon small volcano from the ground withs then would explode mimicking the video above.

Rune effects:
Snowball: The spear that drops is frozen and instead of volcano it summons up geyser that freezes instantly and explode with ice chards. All enemy's take huge mount of damage and are friezed to place for short duration.

Sinkhole: Rather then exploding the spear forms sinkhole that pulls enemy's in to it, the ground flows towards the center.

Strength of Krakatoa: Barbarian summons this spear but it doesn't drop from above it materializes in to the Barbarians hands, following this the Barbarian strikes the spear in to the ground causing cascading explosions like ripples to emanate from where he/ she stands.

And so on.
That kind of skill would, at least to me, seem more like Barbarian then this "Avalanche".
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Disappointed ...A barbarian skill must be Barbaric , Melee, Raw and Powerful .....

Pray for their god to drop !@#$ from sky is suck.........
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I hate this skill completely!!!! What on earth is Blizz thinking!!?? Why would I want another skill that uses a cast animation and ranged to boot??!!! A barbarian is about melee combat, not this terrible casting crap! First they destroy barbarians resource regeneration so it looks like no barb can WW but for 5 secs before he is fury starved. How is this remotely fun? Bash 5-9 times WW for 5 seconds .. or Bash 5-9 times and hammer 3 times repeat. However, that is not nearly as bad as ... hey lets summon rocks to fall.. wait don't wizards have a much cooler version of that already??? Trash the stupid new skill.. get a MELEE based attack!!!!! Do not ruin my favorite class more!!!
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11/22/2013 03:24 AMPosted by Frankthetank
Why would I want another skill that uses a cast animation and ranged to boot??!!!

Lets remove the following skills also as per your description:

Weapon throw
Ancient spear
Seismic slam
COTA (caster?)
WOTB (Shapeshifter?)

Also WW is not a melee skill. Its a stick and run skill, as you are constantly kiting in and out of mobs.

Hota is the only "real" melee skill, (and fury generators), If you dont like the skill, dont use it :P

I think it will be a good addition, and provide diversity to those that would like to play a ranged barb.
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Yes, I hate every skill you just listed... HOTA is fine, revenge is fine, charge is fine, leap is fine.. etc.. Why should anyone want to ruin WW or any strait melee based attack??!!

Instead of you saying "Don't use those skills" How about people that want that play a hybrid class....

Blizz should not ruin a classic character many love.

Again.. wizards have the same skill.. its lame.
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Why would I want another skill that uses a cast animation and ranged to boot??!!!

Lets remove the following skills also as per your description:

Weapon throw
Ancient spear
Seismic slam
COTA (caster?)
WOTB (Shapeshifter?)

Weapon throw > as a fury generator and not a 70 lv powerful damage skill its ok well throw a weapon to you! Barbaric enough! powerful move!

Ancient spear > same as above

Seismic slam > do you remember the animation of it? A powerful ground hit and the shock wave send out! what a powerful hit! Power!

COTA > well....just call someone to help.....

WOTB > have you watch dragon ball Z ! super saiya!!!
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HAHAHAHA @Madthunder! Yes SuperSayian mode is fun I use it live, but I dont consider it in ROS only because It wont last long anymore. Seismic slam could be sick without knock back, but I will admit it is pretty damn cool. Sadly, its just not for me bec of that knock back.
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off topic deleted
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Actually, after seeing the skill in action you get used to it pretty quickly. The best part about it is the cooldown reduction on Fury spent, which allows a pretty solid uptime of the skill.

Now that I think about it, I asked for a ranged support eDPS skill to supplement Seismic Slam
1.2. No real synergy with other skills that would stack more damage beside the Slam on the target.

Close combatants may use Punish/Maniac stacks, Rend and Overpower to increase their effective damage output. From a pure ranged perspective, Slam only has very limited options. Rend isn´t ideal because monsters are continuously knocked out of its range. The same applies to Bash/Frenzy, you can´t use such skills on targets that you just sent a screen away. Overpower isn´t hopeless with Storm of Steel and I really like that animation, but you´re losing the much needed 10% crit chance bonus from Killing Spree this way.

The Barb´s ranged skill options Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear are both separate high priority attacks that interrupt Slam usage, deal less damage and bring no damage increasing bonuses to the table. There´s a few easy fixes to this situation, which are suggested below.

1.2. Ranged synergy:
-> rework Ancient Spear to a DoT as suggested here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9786108545?page=2#24
-> WT Mighty Throw should grant a damage bonus similar to Punish and Maniac, slightly lower (15-18% max stacks for 6 sec) due to faster cast frequency of WT and slow frequency of Slam (to get in more Slams between refreshing stacks)
-> all Overpower runes should grant a crit chance bonus (shift Killing Spree to base rune) in which case Storm of Steel becomes a viable support rune for ranged (damage oriented) Barbs
-> create a new passive similar to DH´s Steady Aim with (no enemies within x yards), increase the damage bonus to 15% (or grant an IAS + mobility bonus) and make it reverse scale with pickup radius (more pickup radius -> less yards for the effect to become active)

Avalanche looks like a very good candidate to fulfill this role (instead of the suggested Spear as DoT we get Avalanche). Thanks for listening (if my post had anything to do with the concept).
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