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Actual Age of Sanctuary

I have read a lot about the Diablo Universe, with all its realms, regions, levels and areas of conflict, resources and homelands. What I have not seen anywhere, though it may very well be out there and I have simply not yet run across it, is the actual age of Sanctuary. Just how long ago was it that the world stone was used to create it?
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There's no concrete year for when Sanctuary was created, because there was no need to record the date. The angels and demons that created it were essentially immortal and had little reason to record stuff like that and may have seen the passage of time differently. Being immortal, time was of no consequence.

The Book of Tyrael does shed some light on this issue however. Deckard Cain writes that the Dawn of Civilization starts around -2300 Anno Kehjistani, when Kehjan becomes the first kingdom to rise. The Purge, where Lilith goes on a rampage and kills all the renegades save Inarius, happens before this and we don't know how much time there was between the Creation of Sanctuary and the purge. It may have been 50 years, or 500 years.

The current year is 1285 Anno Kehjistani, when the heroes kill Diablo atop the Crystal Arch.
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Good question. One I won't be able to answer exactly, but hopefully shed some light on.

The Book of Tyrael gives us some exact dates. The current year is 1285, and the Sin War occurred in -1809. Right there we have a definite 3094 year timetable.

During many of the events of the Sin War, timelines are discussed in 'centuries' so we know that it has been quite a while since the birth of the Nephalem.

In the Scales of the Serpent, with Bul-Kathos awakens from his slumber, he estimates that it has been at least 1000 years since what we assume were his 'glory days.' So we can bump up the number to at least 4094.

It's fair to assume that there had been a few years before then, when the firstborn were still infantile, so I feel safe adding on at least 100 more years (considering their long lifespan) and defining the date when the first generation were born at about 4194 years ago.

I also feel pretty safe to add on some years before the Nephalem were born, maybe 100 more years. So, I am very, very, very, VERY, roughly estimating that Sanctuary is about 4300 years old at a minimum, and probably about 5000 years at a maximum.
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