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My account is being used to farm gold.

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Hello there, I would really need some help. My account here in Diablo 3 got hacked and is currently being used to farm gold. I just learned of this incident yesterday when my friend asked me if I was online and playing Diablo 3 I told him that I wasnt, some of my friends even saw my character "hack" through inferno mode by 1- shot killing mobs. I HAVE NOT TOUCHED/PLAYED MY DIABLO 3 ACCOUNT FOR ALMOST A YEAR. I have stopped playing even before the game got the "Paragon" system patch or something. I dont even have Diablo III installed on my computer.

I wanted to report this incident but I do not know where to properly place it. I went to the support but it said that I cannot send a ticket about this matter and it redirected me on changing my password instead. I wanted to report this in detail so I sent an email to hacks@blizzard.com and I am posting here so that I can inform them properly.
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There are quite a few support articles on this starting here https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/compromised-diablo-iii-account

You need to:
1. Clean the malware off your PC (likely way you got hacked)
2. Regain access to, and control of, your account
3. Request an account restoration/rollback (keep the restrictions in mind that are in the arcticle I linked.

To remove Malware:
1. Download, install, and update Malwarebytes (free version is fine). Boot into safe mode and run a FULL (not quick version) scan with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions.
2. When that scan is done, run a FULL virus scan with an updated virus scanner. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and decent these days. Some folks here also like Avast. Better than Nortons, MacAffee, etc.
3. From a PC you know to be free of malware, change your email password. Check it for forwarding as well. Sometimes hackers set up forwarding.

To regain account access:
Submit an account recovery form https://us.battle.net/account/support/account-recovery.html Do this ONLY after the PC is clean or they will just get more info about you.

Secure your battle.net account:
1. Change your bnet password again now that the PC is clean.
2. Create a new email that you use ONLY for battle.net and switch to it. Gmail is great because you can put two factor authentication on it and prevent hackers from logging in without a code.
3. Get an Authenticator!!!! The mobile device version is FREE and the keychain is only $6.50 in the US with free shipping.
4. Consider SMS Protect - this is not an Authenticator, but is a messaging service that lets you know about account changes and prevents some of them, such as an unauthorized email change.

Request a rollback:
Submit a ticket using this https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/solution/d3/266 D3 > I think I was hacked > I want to request a restoration
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11/15/2013 11:35 PMPosted by Baneblade
1- shot killing mobs

that's pretty sweet actually; unless it was Mp0 with a 600k+ WD :-)
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