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what do i need to be mp10 capable

As far as my gear goes
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Personally I think that you require less than what Planet said regarding changing gear.

While I do agree that your Life is too low everything else looks fine.

If you spend more time crafting it should be easy to craft shoulders with more Vitality.

If you want to use Innas pants then try to get some with Vitality.

I can tell that you're paragon levelling hence the ruby in your helm, but if you can craft a good Hellfire ring you could use the Hellfire for XP and put an amethyst in your helm for more Life.

And if you really want more Life you could always get an IK belt.

Other than that you are already above 200k dps, your resists are decent and you have a nice amount of critical hit chance.

Focus hard on trying to get your Life to a minimum of 45k but preferably above 50k so that you can absorb some spike damage.

As for the SoJ HotA ring, I am able to spam HotA as my only attack and I have no issues with Fury, but I do use Overpower Killing Spree which is huge for HotA (almost any build really). I would also replace Bash with Overpower and learn to play without a Fury generator. On my profile it shows my critical hit chance increased by 40.5% versus your 38% so really close.

The other reason why Planet is suggesting an IK belt is for the extra Life Steal, which will allow you to replace Bloodthirst with Brawler as he suggested. Try to stay above 5% Life Steal if possible; but yeah, Brawler will give you a noticeable dps increase. When Brawler activates for me it increases my dps by something close to 100k dps give or take several thousand.

If you have the coin I would also recommend All Resist Lacunis and non Movement Speed Ice Climbers (for cheaper and better rolls on Vitality and Strength) just like Planet said, but personally I think that your build only requires some minor tweaks and changes without spending millions of gold.

If you have the gold, then sure Planet has some great advice.
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MP10 capable? Do you mean survive or kill efficiently? They are not the same. You might be able to survive MP10, but lower MP's might be far more efficient for gaining xp at your DPS
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11/18/2013 01:58 PMPosted by GenghisKhan
MP10 capable? Do you mean survive or kill efficiently? They are not the same. You might be able to survive MP10, but lower MP's might be far more efficient for gaining xp at your DPS

Agreed. If it is just the challenge that you want then sure, but if you are looking to do MP 10 for efficient XP then you would either need more dps (on top of extra Life) and/or be in a really good group with high dps. The issue with MP 10 is that everything has so much Life that it seldom makes farming efficient.

Ignoring time efficiency of killing since GenghisKhan already talked about that, there is also the number of deaths that you have to factor in. Take for example a typical popular VORCS run in Act II, if you are dying more than 2-3 times for the entire run then you are earning XP considerably slower just because of time spent dying and running back to the mob. Ideally of course you do not want to die at all.

What some people will do if they cannot kill elites efficiently is they will only kill trash and leave the elites behind. That's not really my thing, but some people do that to earn XP faster.
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sorry it took so long for a reply but thanks it did help a lot for what I could do with money I had this is the new setup I went with. Now I am able to rip through mp7 and live more in 10 thanks again. i am liking the overpower setup to sometimes it takes awhile to get some fury but over all it is much better
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