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Reaper of Souls DLC for Xbox 360/PS3

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Are games still going to be made for the ps3? From what I have been reading all companies are switching to the new consoles. If you play more then one game then you would be upgrading to a ps4/Xbox One, in the near future.

I understand being concerned about not having the characters you've worked so hard on transferable to the new consoles. But blizzard said it's hoping to allow that. And with a release date of December 31 2014. http://m.ca.ign.com/games/diablo-iii/ps4-161079
That's a year to save.
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I would also like some clarification on this one. I originally started on PC and picked up the console version as well because it just made more sense to play the game with family and friends in my living room.

I do not plan to drop $400 or $500 on a next gen system any time soon, and would be very disappointed if I had to by a third copy of the game and start all over AGAIN because it didn't come to an Xbox version. If this happens, I highly doubt that I'll be getting ROS simply because if I have to purchase a new system, and start over again, then it's simply not worth my time. Could I purchase the PC version? yes, but then I'd have to take turns with family, rather than actually playing together on the tv at home.
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One important and logical question that anyone should ask themselves when the question arises - "Will Reaper of Souls be eventually released to Xbox360/PS3?" - is: Why would Blizzard release Diablo 3 for those two consoles and not plan to have the expansion follow later down the road?
If Blizzard was unable to make the expansion work for these two consoles (which I highly doubt, because the expansion runs obviously on the same game engine), then why would they have even released the game itself for xbox360/PS3?
It be as absurd, for instance, if Obsidian had decided not to release "Dead Money", "Honest Hearts" or any other DLC for Fallout New Vegas on he consoles, because they were unable to make it work for the consoles.
Or if Bethesda had decided not to release "Dawnguard" or "Dragonborn" for Skyrim on the consoles.
If Reaper of Souls is designed for such extreme processor usage due to the density and amount of enemies on the maps, then they have to just tweak it down to make it work for the consoles.
And I doubt the graphics are that much more demanding the base-game itself, since it's an "expansion" and runs on the same game engine.
I think it be not much more different if a subscriber on my you-tube channel downloaded my Fallout New Vegas mod "Zombie Apocalypse" and came back to me and told me, he needed a lighter frame version of my mod because there are too many zombie spawn markers on the map and his computer can't handle it.
I'd make a custom version of my mod with less spawn markers and a higher spawn timer and set it up for him as a optional download and he is good to go.
I'd think the same would apply for a console version of the expansion, dubbed down and lighter frame.
And as far as making enough profit of an expansion for the Xbox360/PS3 to make it worthwhile for Blizzard to develop and release it?
As far as I remember, D3 sold more copies on the Xbox360 then it did on the PS3.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I am quite sure this is accurate.
It seems to me (from what I gathered online reading) that there was a great reception of D3 for the Xbox360 and PS3 and Blizzard made great sales on it.
So why would they not want to release it on the consoles and allow for more profit making?
Aside that, why would they want to risk upsetting customers who bought D3 for the consoles by not releasing it's expansion eventually later this year, after it's set and good to go on the PC?
I bought D3 three times already; once for the PC, once for my Xbox360 and then once more for my girlfriend for the PC.
And I don't mind paying the price for ROS, but I would mind having to buy a new console just to be able to play ROS on console (which I actually prefer over the PC version).
I think that would be unreasonable.
It would seem to me, the reason why no official announcement has been made yet for the consoles (except PS4) is because Blizzard wants to make sure they can get it to work 100% without issues (which I am sure they will).
Alas, perhaps also because they are getting more then enough questions and feedback for ROS for the PC as it is, and to make an official announcement for the consoles would invite more unwanted questions from gamers, which they likely could not address as it were, since they have their hands full.
However, if ROS does not come to Xbox360/PS3, then shame on Blizzard.
I still get ROS for PC if so, but I really would prefer it for my console.
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Jeepers guys do some research...the devs have said that once they have finished with the PS4 version they will "look into" porting it back over to current gens but given the fact they are still developing the PS4 version they are unsure a) if they can port it back across as some features may need stripped out and b) if it is even possible.

So the answer is to be patient and wait for news...we will know more by March time once RoS is released on the PC...
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you can actually use different profiles, i do it all the time....
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it is possible but it boils down to do they want to do it. i think they should so they can make more money but its up to them.
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Here's what one of the forum manager had to say.....
I know this is an old thread, but I want to echo what Vaeflare said earlier this week while we're on the subject. So far, we've only announced that Reaper of Souls is coming out for Windows and Mac and that the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will be on the PS4. We don't have any further announcements for now.

here's the link to the original post:
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Blizzard has always been this way, even with WoW. They like to announce things last minute or keep news to themselves so that if something doesn't happen no one is able to point at something and say, "But you said here....". That's one reason and the other is to try to keep the fan-base happy while letting competitors know as little as possible. We all KNOW people are making games for the PS4 because it's new. I doubt Blizzard will ignore the cash-cow they have got in selling for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, after all they do this to make money.
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Like I said somewhere else, support for the original Xbox was pretty much dropped within two years of the Xbox 360's release. If the next gen Ultimate Evil Edition doesn't get released until late 2014, we're likely looking at a 2015 release date for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Remember that Blizzard doesn't have a lot of experience with console development and the console team is quite small, around 20 or so according to one interview. It's entirely possible that by the time they did manage to finally release a PS3/X360 version, very few would buy it having already purchased the PS4 (and XB1) versions rather than wait. The pressure to buy one of those is going to grow inevitably as less and less games get released for the now outdated machines. Remember that you'll be able to import your save game from the previous console generation onto the new console(s) as well, something I feel says a lot about their plans for the future.

So to sum it up, starting development on a PS3/X360 game right now doesn't make much sense for any developer, not when it won't see the light of day until a year or two from now. Releasing for the PS3 and Xbox 360 may have been a cash cow right now for Blizzard, but very likely won't be a couple of years from now.

PS: If I were a betting man, I'd wager we will see an Xbox One version for sure, probably released on the same day as the PS4 version (basically mirroring the November 2013 release of Diablo 3). I wouldn't bet on ever seeing RoS for the PS3 and Xbox 360 however, not with everything we know. And before you get mad at me for saying that, just know that I'm in the same boat. The only console I own is the Xbox 360 and I have no plans on buying anything else until at least November 2014, longer if possible. I promised myself I'd wait at least one year before buying a next gen console, largely to see which one ultimately makes the most sense.
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11/19/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Ash
Chill man. This game isn't coming out anytime soon. The soonest release date they have given us is the last quarter of 2014... so a year from now. If you don't have a PS4 by then, get it on the PC until you do. Lots of things will change for you between then and now.

dont know where you are getting your information but reaper of souls is coming out march 24th.
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01/01/2014 10:06 PMPosted by enclave1488
And I doubt the graphics are that much more demanding the base-game itself, since it's an "expansion" and runs on the same game engine.

Think again, PC that have run D3 for the past two years with no graphics issues are being told to upgrade graphics for PTR and/or RoS beta.

01/01/2014 10:06 PMPosted by enclave1488
t would seem to me, the reason why no official announcement has been made yet for the consoles (except PS4) is because Blizzard wants to make sure they can get it to work 100% without issues (which I am sure they will).

When was the last time you looked in the console bug forum? 100% is not what this dev team strives for, just going by the work that's been done so far on D3 PC/console, we're lucky if they're aiming for 80% without issue.

01/12/2014 05:43 PMPosted by cupracer92
So far, we've only announced that Reaper of Souls is coming out for Windows and Mac and that the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will be on the PS4. We don't have any further announcements for now.

This, pr reply, is a way of saying something, without actually saying anything. It's a political response, if it's supposed to answer the question "Will we be getting RoS for PS3/360?" it does not.
The above quote is essentially saying Yes and/or No, depending on what Acti/Bliz decides. For now, it seems like there are no current plans to release RoS for ps3/360 but if they decide at some later date that it would be worth their time to distribute on the older systems, they leave the door open to do so.
Acti/Bliz has shown themselves to be incredibly adept at string along their customers with false hope.
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All that classic blizz bs aside, I think sony would lose alot of money and customers, if they dont release ros for ps3/xb360. by the time i buy a ps4, ps5 or wutever will be on the way. come on blizz... people love to play your games, give the consumer a break and release the game on ps3/xb360 as well as pc/mac and next gen platforms. Is making a seperate sever for each really that big of a deal? and for that matter how hard is it to intigrate the platform versions on the same server. and the pc and mac together? I don't know I'm not a doctor... but I would like to play ros without having to buy a next gen.
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Hey dudes,

if ya want an answer on what your going to do, read this article on Diablo 3 expansion that I just found. Its not much, but from the looks of it, Diablo 3 reaper of souls will be on all consoles

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Guys your freaking out about this way to much the console sales were extremely high for ps3 and xbox 360 the majority switched of as a matter of fact due to being highly polished and the game actually being fair in the sense of making gems and gear gold is evenly used and such they most definitely will be releasing the expansion for 360/ps3 since they made so much at initial release so just relax and look forward to it happening the worst thing that could happen is they say due to high demand we are working on releasing the expansion for console they won't just let money get thrown away
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my guestimation, it will be on all consoles. Im sure if everyone keeps complaining on the forums you'll be more likely to get what you want also, so keep it up flamers/trolls
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I really hope RoS will hit to x360 and ps3 too, I have Diablo 3 on PC, but I enjoy it on console more, the whole feeling is better on console for me imo.
I rather get it as DLC for 360 along with my friends then get it on PC (might get it on pc too just for its a good game) and have my friends keep playing console version, instead of forcing them to move to PC :)
Diablo 3 on console is one of the best PC -> Console port there is
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02/06/2014 01:52 PMPosted by Puxo
Diablo 3 on console is one of the best PC -> Console port there is

Kotor 1 & 2. Though i wouldnt really call it a "port"
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Tell us do we can play D3 Ros on PS3 now i am playing on my computer and i am wondering to buy D3 on PS3 but i wanna know can I play ROS PS3...
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Well, even though I have the funds saved up to buy a PS4, I can't find one anywhere (other than Craigslist, which I don't want to get jacked for), so many of us may not get a PS4 for quite a while regardless. So it would make sense for them to try to make something for current gen but who knows.

I am getting RoS for pc even though I really hate the pc version, because I don't have the patience to wait for 'maybe someday'.
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