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What is THE PERFECT Setup for XP Farming?!?

Setup possibilities with Tal's


Setup possibilities with Tyrael's


Setup possibilities with Nats 2x? (not a fan personally)



OP below


Hi Guys,

Looks like I'm late to the party for XP farming efficiency. Been catching up on what ppl are doing in terms of routes for best efficiency since I came back to D3.

I'm curious has anyone tested what would be the best Gear setup for strictly XP farming?

Here's two setups I'm looking to try (Missing HF ring /w IAS, so haven't really tested and also still looking for GG lacuni/wh if anyone selling lmk lol)

First off, I can see the argument for going for only 1.67 BP and stacking raw damage to make rends tick harder. Makes sense since the most efficient would be run/rend, run/rend, run/rend.

But has anyone tested running a much higher BP?

You can easily reach a higher BP without giving up much in terms of RAW damage if any at all, so overall if your talking the best possible gear setups for this run, I would assume with perfect gear you would want the higher BP while maintaining enough raw damage to make ur rends kill whites.

HIGHER BP = the obvious benefits of course, better fury gen/management, and much higher damage from our secondary skills (Whirlwind/Nados)


Here's a few gear choices I don't agree with that I see people using with the Skorn.

- IK chest/gloves

Sure they are great items, but if we're talking about perfect gear setup. Rare Crafts + Tal's chest will win every time and it's not close.

We can pick up 300 str on gloves with trifecta, which will make up for the 100 str we lose in the chest while also picking up 9 IAS.

- Inna's pants

I can't see any reason to go inna's pants ever for these runs, unless you were to go crafted chest + inna's as opposed to tal's. But that doesn't really make sense either since you can't get str,vit,AR on inna's pants. 1% crit doesn't mean anything and dex is almost completely useless.

- Green gem in SKORN

Now this I really don't understand, but I haven't tested it yet so maybe I'm wrong.

AFAIK, a ruby will be much more efficient for these runs than an emerald will, sure your crits will lose some damage (110% CD may seem like a lot, but when ur fully buffed the ruby gains are quite large too), but I'm quite confident that with enough gear your rend crits will be more than enough to kill whites @ MP10. Rend benefits greatly from AVG damage on gear as well as the ruby and skorns also roll 50% wep damage.

So our crits will lose a little damage, but our non-crits will gain a TON of DPS.

To me this is much much more efficient than going an emerald when our main damage skill is REND and making our REND damage more consistent would be ideal.


Anyhow onto the two gear setups I'm waiting to test, or perhaps others have tried already and can chime in.

First setup runs 1.8 Breakpoint, with near perfect gear @ plvl 0 you'll be sitting at about 3300 str, 54% crit, 490ish CD, with about 1800 DPS damage range on the skorn (using ruby ofc).

I'm not gonna go over EHP stats cuz it's very easy to attain good ehp while maintaining DPS at a high gear level.

For Act2 500+ resist and 50k+ hp, you shouldn't have any problems and Act1 requires even less EHP.

#1 Setup

- Mempo
- Crafted Shoulders/Viles
- Crafted Gloves
- Tal's Chest (AR or VIT)
- Witching Hour (AR/VIT)
- Lacunis (STR/VIT or STR/VIT/AR)
- Quadfecta Ammy
- Depth Diggers (STR/VIT/2os)
- HF Ring (IAS req)
- Leoric's Signet
- Ice Climbers (STR/VIT/Move speed)

This setup imo is the most easily attainable and there's lots of gear flexibility here for people not looking to dump a ton of gold for server best items and spend countless hours farming DE's for perfect crafts.

You have 7 slots for IAS where you can get up to +63% Attack Speed. You only need to have 57% IAS to hit 1.8 breakpoint with a skorn (buffed ofc).

So you have a 6% allowance you can afford to give up among your 7 slots, this is real nice because this makes up for the fact that HF rings are hard to roll and if you get a 5% IAS one with decent stats you can still maintain 1.8 breakpoint.

With Godly gear the paper DPS should be sitting at 400k+ even with a leorics, it really comes down to HF ring, but even right now for me with very attainable gear and far from perfect I can easily reach 350k unbuffed with passives with no 2nd ring equipped. So any 50k+ HF ring would push me over 400k unbuffed paper dps.


For the second setup I'm thinking, now this is absolutely the most extreme DPS setup you can get with a skorn but we would be dropping the leorics signet, but gaining another 70-80k paper DPS as well as 2.0 BP.

#2 Setup

- Mempo
- Crafted Shoulders/Viles
- Crafted Gloves
- Tal's Chest (AR or VIT)
- Witching Hour (AR/VIT)
- Lacunis (STR/VIT or STR/VIT/AR)
- Quadfecta Ammy
- Quadfecta Ring
- Depth Diggers (STR/VIT/2os)
- HF Ring (IAS req)
- Legacy Zunis (STR/VIT or STR/AR)

Now this here is what I am personally trying to achieve, since this would be the maximum DPS output for a nado/rend skorn build.

Although we lose the 30% XP bonus, if the leoric's signet is not required, I would say this is the best possible setup for doing XP runs.

This is a very gear intensive build, you will need to have 75% IAS on gear, which means you have an allowance of 2% IAS you can afford to give up (Meaning you can afford to be 2% IAS off from perfect in all your slots combined).

Personally I will be using perfect 9 IAS in every slot, and 6 IAS on legacy zuni, to give myself the 2% IAS allowance on the HF ring incase I get a good one.

The damage stats of this setup will pretty much be what it was in other setup except that we will be at 2.0 BP and gain another 50cd, 5-6% crit, and another 40-50 avg damage in near perfect gear.

We will lose about 100 str in Boots which we make up for in an extra rare ring, so overall our stats actually improve significantly in terms of damage

Second setup runs 2.0 Breakpoint, with near perfect gear @ plvl 0 you'll be sitting at about 3300 str, 60% crit, 540ish CD, with about 1850 DPS damage range on the skorn.

EHP can be an issue in this gear setup, since you have to make up for the EHP loss of ice climbers in other slots, so yes I say again VERY gear intensive to pull this off.


So in the end it comes down to things, don't quote me on exact numbers for perfect gear, im just using rough reachable estimates that I know I can get.


#1 - 1.8 Breakpoint, 3300 str, 54% crit, 490ish CD, 1800 DPS Range /w 98%+ XP on gear


#2 - 2.0 Breakpoint, 3300 str, 60% crit, 540ish CD, 1850 DPS RAnge /w 68%+ XP on gear

EDIT: Check my dprog for Items I have for trade right now, http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/mannercookie-1362/BOOM/2803134

Also have TOP ranked monk gear if anyone interested, check my monk.

I'm looking for top ranked WH and Lacuni atm.
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Nice write-up but the breakpoint is >20/11 so above 1.81818 aps which means 57% IAS on gear with a Skorn. That´s two more IAS slots (7) compared to the >20/12 (>1.6666 aps) breakpoint (5 slots).

For the majority of people, this is a huge trade-off. You basically need IAS on pretty much every slot that can have it. I do understand that you´re talking about best possible setup but getting trifecta on both Amulet and Gloves takes thousands of crafts and you could be better off with one of them having IAS and then craft a nice Str chest for up to 230 more strength in that slot.

The difference between those two breakpoints is 5.88% (18/17) and remember that you want the majority of your damage to come from Rend. Also, there is no point where your Rend can crit for too much plus the difference between a crit and non-crit is so high that you can´t count on non-crits killing monsters.

Fields of Misery
mnster <-> base exp <-> MP10 health
savage beast <-> 9000 <-> 10.12-12.55
plague nest <-> 6750 <-> 7.70-9.85
wood wraith <-> 5625 <-> 8.44-9.54
moon clan warrior <-> 4500 <-> 3.23-5.65
plague carrier <-> 3375 <-> 1.17-1.98
moon clan impaler <-> 2700 <-> 1.84-2.14
burrowing leaper <-> 2250 <-> 2.31-3.69

Anyway, I´ll let others speak who have more experience with access to BiS items and in general I´m not the go-to person to discuss gear choices. When it comes to Rend-running optimization, I´d say just check out Chazhang´s Barb. He has put a lot of time and effort into exp/legendary efficiency.
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I'm confused on the use of War Cry : Charge instead of Battle Rage : Into the Fray.

I'm surprised that Unforgiving is able to generate enough Fury for you.

Wouldn't it be more effective to replace WC with BR for the +15% dmg and Fury on Crit, then replace Unforgiving with Brawler +30% dmg or Ruthless +5% ChC & +50% ChD?
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The breakpoint is at 1.81818.. APS, and you need 57% IAS to reach it.

I agree with most of your gearing choices, but the issue is that such gear is very difficult to obtain.

How many people are there on the server with strong trifectas with 300 str? I could probably count them on my fingers.

Tals versus inna's; a perfect archon chest paired with perfect inna's will beat perfect tal's + perfect depth diggers handily.

The former will give you 430 str (330 from chest + 100 from pants). The latter will give you 400 str (100 from chest, 300 from pants), so the inna's wins even on that front alone albeit by a tiny margin. In addition to that, the inna's gives you 1% crit chance (you say it's unimportant, but it's still a factor) and movement speed, which allows you to free up an affix on the ice climbers. Granted, for an unlimited budget, the only thing that will really matter on the ice climbers is 300 str and 12% MS, but nevertheless, that free affix could be used for anything from extra vit to PUR to armor, etc. The only argument in favor of the tal's chest is getting AR instead of double vit, in which case it'd end up with 200 less vit than the inna's in exchange for another slot of AR. 200 vit vs 80 AR. For gear that'd heal as quickly as this, the 200 vit would likely yield higher survivability.

Edit- I see you're assuming legacy zuni and not ice climbers. Point still stands about crit chance. Additionally, I'd be inclined to drop lacunis for crafted bracers with this type of a setup but that brings me to my next point anyways.

I'm honestly not certain which should win between 1.67 and 1.82 (or even 2.00) with the best gear possible. Most of the top barbs run with 1.67. I run with 1.82 out of personal preference, and gimp myself heavily in the process. With an unlimited budget, I'd no longer be as gimped. With perfect gear, 1.67 would give you an extra 130 str on the bracers, and an extra 200 str on either the chest or pants (whether tals or inna's), in exchange for dropping a breakpoint. 330 str is a very hefty amount. It'd come down to whether the extra tornado damage could make up for the rend damage being so much lower, and my gut says it probably couldn't.

Ruby vs emerald in the Skorn, you're correct that it's optimizing for crit vs non-crit, but the theory behind the gearing style of the top ww/rend barbs is maximizing crit chance as much as possible to approach a 100% crit chance. For the <20% chance that the rend doesn't crit, you recast it. The bottom line is that practically every rend that you allow to complete should be a crit, so the rend crits are more relevant than non crits.
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thnx for correction nubtros

My thinking in terms of the gem selection is that

Yes we can't count on a non-crit killing whites that's true but we also can't count on rends always critting and do double back and rend again would be inefficient versus just continuing to run and not killing 100% of all mobs.

Plus we are also doing damage with nados/whirlwind, the ideal is the stabilize the rend DPS to be more consistent than a really HIGH crit and low non-crit is what I think would be much more efficient.


don't mind my spec, was just testing breakpoints


Like I said in the OP, EHP stats are really non-important in terms of this discussion, giving up an extra EHP roll on ice climbers is irrelevant.

The ideal of re-applying rends to make sure they crit is def a good point to going a green gem, since if we don't have a leorics we'll be running at roughly 80% crit with berserker up and killing spree.
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From the 1 hour FoM challenge from a while back, the top two scores by ww/rend barbs had different setups. Chaz had the harder hitting 1.67 APS setup whereas ImTheReall3377 had a 1.8 APS setup. To be honest, it didn't really make that big of a difference, route optimization accounted for bigger gains than gear improvements at that point. Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9309300922?page=1

For the green gem in the skorn, it's because you're pretty much counting on crit rends to kill trash mobs, particularly if you're trying to be as quick as possible moving through the map. You're looking at about 91% crit chance solo (with Inna's), and the emerald there will help most people get to the damage threshold to be one-shotting mobs with a single rend. A non-crit rend will do something like 1/6 the damage of a crit, the higher base value of a ruby in the weapon (maybe 10%?) will not be able to make up that difference to clean up those mobs you didn't get a crit on. Maximizing crit chance is probably more important for consistency.

At some point, more DPS may not necessarily result in more XP/hour, provided you're already killing things at close to optimal efficiency. As you approach that point, the use of a hellfire and maybe a Leoric's become increasingly attractive provided that the gain in XP outpaces any loss in clearing speed. Chaz used to have a special setup using a 6CC nat's helm, nat's boots and Leoric's ring for clearing certain easy zones - the 7CC from the Nat's bonus compensated for the 1CC present on the Leoric's to keep CC as high as possible.

I think Str/Vit Inna's + crafted bracers are just more affordable than high strength Lacuni + high strength Depth Diggers. The 1%CC is nice though since the build is so CC dependent.

Finally, I think that theoretically a doom hammer might produce better results due to harder hitting rend vs moving up a breakpoint. The fury generation difference is not really significant, you can permawrath through an XP run on as low as the 1.43 breakpoint .
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Like I said in the OP, EHP stats are really non-important in terms of this discussion, giving up an extra EHP roll on ice climbers is irrelevant.

I agree with that. Point still stands. Crafted chest+inna's will yield 30 more str and 1% more crit chance, so their raw damage is higher and their EHP is equal or higher. The challenge is crafting such a chest.

I would also argue that the optimal setup would have both of these and crafted bracers with 330 str instead of lacunis with 200, which is the additional benefit of having an extra movement speed affix. But that comes back down to whether you want stronger rend ticks or quicker tornado ticks.
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@ zylog

I totally forgot about using a doomhammer, only because it's almost near impossible to find a Doomhammer with 5.5%+ LS, 300+str, 190+cd, with a base of 1400+ DPS

Not saying it can't be rolled, just extremely hard to find, if they even exist yet.

The 2.0 Breakpoint will obv not be reachable, but with a doom hammer and perfect IAS in every slot with the mentioned above gear I'm sitting at 1.83 BP

So if we're talking about maximizing REND efficiency yes DOOM hammer is hands down the BIS.
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So Uberjager has been doing it right all along!
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11/19/2013 02:53 PMPosted by xxxkan
So Uberjager has been doing it right all along!

Dont let him hear you x_X
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So Perhaps (Assuming Red Gem)


#1 - 1.8 Breakpoint, 3300 str, 54% crit, 490ish CD, 1800 DPS Range /w 98%+ XP on gear


#2 - 2.0 Breakpoint, 3300 str, 60% crit, 540ish CD, 1850 DPS Range /w 68%+ XP on gear


#3 - 1.8 Breakpoint, 3300 str, 60% crit, 540ish CD,2000 DPS Range + 68% XP on gear


#4 - 1.67 breakpoint, 3300 str, 54% crit, 490ish CD, 1950ish DPS Range + 98% XP on gear
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@ MannerCookie

Iam not sure either one of your dream setup's would beat a Tyrael's might setup, if you want to farm act2..

About the ruby vs emerald in weapon.. Gonna use my current set as a reference (swap to ik chest if i wanna farm halls 2 etc, and change rare ring + diggers to soj + innas when iam getting stacks)


tDPS -> 3806787
Ravage rend crit -> 4719810
Average rend damage -> 4148700


tDPS -> 3746647
Ravage rend crit -> 4609130
Average rend damage -> 4066770


I'm not gonna go over EHP stats cuz it's very easy to attain good ehp while maintaining DPS at a high gear level.

You will be surprised in fields, halls 2 and/or getting stacks in VotA.. Especially in the chaos group play brings.

@ zylog

While its true that you can perma wotb with only 1.43 aps buffed in fields, but i don't view this as a viable option.. As you need to kill elites before you start farming trash, and in my eyes 1.67 aps is the bare minimum you would want vs single targets..

I know i can have a hard time killing a leaper champion or whatever.. :)

About the doom hammer.. I have been playing around with the #1 ranked doomhammer by diabloprogress standards in d3rawr. But i cant seem to beat my current numbers with the skorn iam using, when i keep 1.67 aps as a requirement.. Atleast not with the other gear i have available myself.


Fixed d3rawr link
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I didn't include a tyrael's setup into the mix because I'm not sure which Route in which act would be the most efficient.

If ACT2 is the most efficient for a BARB then Tyrael's will def be a must to keep.

According to your D3rawr your basically gaining roughly +10k on non crit rend ticks and losing about 10k on crit rend ticks

To me I would prefer the +10k on non crits as opposed to crits, it should be much more consistent dps overall by bringing our rend ranges closer together.

Has it been tested that ACT2 is the best XP?

As far as Doomhammers vs Skorn

If the goal is to maximize Rend damage output, a perfect doomhammer >>>>> skorn.
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Has it been tested that ACT2 is the best XP?

In my experience, you want to farm act2 if your playing solo with a barb.

If your planing on playing in a group (with 3x ww/rend barbs + a puller wd) act1 is the place to go.. As you can reach insane xp/hour numbers with a pre-prepped crypt run, or just the non-prepped standard run..

One other option which i have been using the last few days, is just scouting for Crypt before we go Festering. It only takes ~20sec and it pretty much guarantees 400+ mil xp per hour on a run to run basis.

If the goal is to maximize Rend damage output, a perfect doomhammer >>>>> skorn.

Sadly we live in a imperfect world, so i have to use whats actually available on the marked :P

Anyway, the keyword was maintaining 1.67 aps while using a doom hammer. (with the items i have available)
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Posts: 1,595
-50% crit chance on gear (43% + 7% from nat's 2-set) and Hysteria on scoundrel.
-2.002 aps
-10% ias skorn
-57% ias on gear (7 items): gloves, mempo, WH, amulet, lacuni, Inna pants, Nat's ring.
-25% move speed because why not
-If you dont have a good ias amulet then get Tal-Rasha chest. Otherwise, str chest.
-The other ring should be SoJ/Hellfire

ww/rend 101:
- only garbage barbs use IK items in softcore
- only garbage barbs use Brawler.
- crit chance is king so 93% is a must
- if your rend damage is over 3.5m you need more attack speed.
- Ruby in weapon is bad
- for act 1 best rend rune is Bloodbath
- for act 2 it's Ravage

This is the ideal setup for solo play in acts 1/2 with no gear swap except the SoJ.
If you want to include gear swaps, for some areas in act 2 you can increase efficiency with Nat's helm + leoric's or dual wielding. Getting 5xNV is also easier with 2 x 1h.

In a party, you can run whatever setup you want. It doesn't matter that much.
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@ everyone

Here are the different setups with tyrael's, don't mind other stats and my photoshop HF lol.

Here are the BP's achievable with both skorn/doomhammer

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Your WW/REND 101 what is this based off of?

are there some numbers you can show to show why Nats 2 piece would be ideal?

A nats ring wlil lose a LOT of DPS vs a rare for a barb, and you will also lose A LOTTTA dps in helm from using nats helm or would it be boots?? (still lose dps, and potentially IAS from leg zuni)

not to mention if leoric/HF is the way to go, you can't even use nats 2 piece.
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In my previous post I went over the Leoric's + Hellfire + Nat's Helm + Nat's Boots setup.
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11/19/2013 04:11 PMPosted by zylog
In my previous post I went over the Leoric's + Hellfire + Nat's Helm + Nat's Boots setup.

@ Zylog

just re-read ur post, i see it now.


Nat's boots/Nats Helm will be a huge dps loss though, I'm curious to see what the numbers will look like.
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The theory is that at that point your crit rend damage should be high enough that the biggest hindrance to your efficiency is rend not critting, and giving up some rend damage in exchange for more crit chance ends up ahead.
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