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RoS new Barbarian skill

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The barbarian can't have a caster ability and that is no diferente from the Wiz Blizzard whatsoever, so just don't do it.

Hope a blue sees this, this game engine IMO was already made for failure, abilities based on weapon damage, Witch Doctors wielding two handed axes, Wizards wielding maces.

Rune skills, no runewords and one can go on and on about the epic failure a game with so much potential has become. That's not even mentioning the huge AH mess.

All the pretty colorful jungles that made me feel like I was whirlwinding through sesame street and afraid to bump into Kermit the Frog.

I am giving RoS one last shot as it seems like Blizz is really trying to FIX this game. Most of my friends wont even try it.

So, don't make the mighty barbarian's new ability stone rain, or whatever it's called. Oh how I miss Diablo 2 and 1.

Agree, disagree ?
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11/20/2013 10:49 AMPosted by IronMike
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One of my old favorite classic barbarian characters was from an old fighting game called Killer instinct 2. He was a huge barbarian warrior named Tusk. One of his finishing moves was calling down a shower of flaming rocks from the sky upon his enemies pulverizing them into oblivion, as if he were channeling the fury of a volcano . It felt so primal and awesome! That is what a barbarian is all about, the sheer power of crushing stone and burning fire and rage.

The new skill fits this idea perfectly.
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Look it does fit he like the rest is a nephalem instead of a real barbarian. So do not think Conan the Barbarian and you will understand that this new skill fits him just fine. That is unless you think that being able to summon is like the witch doctor.

I know you would want to have it where there would only be a few things that the classes could use like wizards that only have wands, monks fist weapons, etc... But this is a fantasy game not reality made into a fantasy game.
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Sorry but u didnt play D2 at all cuz sorcerer with Plate armor? druid with plate armor? necro with plate armor? all they could use any weapon or you never saw a melee Sorc? or necro? even there was a legendary crossbow for necro or u never saw it? (btw it was 2h)

they are magical heores with the unreal powers barbarian should use the power of earth as true force i mean earthquakes and stuffs so volcanic powers are just fine with him as frogs for a voodoo master like witch doctor each class have signature spells that fits them i think D3 problems are others not this ones and as i seen so far ROS streamers are quite showing us ROS will fix almost all the problems with the core game ....

BTW let me clear this point AH is been removed on march 18

By the way u talk ur 30+ years old like me but at least i dont fool my memories and keep reading about what happend with diablo and missing such a info as AH remove well ..........
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