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Daily Crypt Channel Thread

ww rend hota barb
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got a crypt ready
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unxx#1127 looking for channel barba to prep wd for dps or pull monk
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I'm running crypts now if anyone wants to join - just add me
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hey Drabz, I get off work in 2 hours or so, then I gotta fix up my computer.. one of my drives is missing, may I join you after that =D?
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Hi all,

Don't really know what a crypt run is or how to prep(been out of the game for a number of months), but am really keen to get my Demon Hunter up to Paragon 100 before RoS. I am currently at P70. Playing solo is a bit of a grind and the public games I join just don't seem to work out that well, or a full of muppets(last night in an MP10 public game there was a Barb and a Wizard with NO gear at all on running round, dying and asking for revives)

Keen for some help, please add me in game

I will be on tonight and will try to jump on as much as I can do over the coming weeks/month.

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Yeah I'm wanting to know the same as Detomaso, what's this thread about? A bit out of the loop.
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Farming Decaying Crypt in Act1 Fields of Misery (FoM) is one of the fastest ways to get paragon 100.

There are some roles distribution, but in general players get 5 NV of elites to maximise %exp bonus before moving to the crypt. FoM and Weeping Hollow can be a part of exp run as well.

4 players run:
- 1st prepping crypt
- 2nd prepping FoM
- 3rd prepping Weeping Hollow (weep)
- 4th prepping elites in Festering Woods (woods)

Prepping crypt (FoM, weep) means using low dps character geared to max survivability and speed to aggro mobs, wretched mothers in particular to make them vomit more zombies. In all prepped locations mobs get grouped and slowly dragged to some points on a map, not killed!

4th player with high dps lowers elites health to ~ 5-10% to get them ready for group.

Preppers often use P100 chars to prep and switch to low level char when ready. In that case the crypt prepper asks someone to take portal from him in level 2 of the crypt where run will start. The portal holder should not use teleporting option when hunting elites or helping others with something.

If during the run player dies, in good group other players wait for him to come back, because dead player doesn't get exp. Dead player should not wait for resurrection and get back asap.

Recommended to stay close to maximise dps in small area for fast kill. Also highly recommended to follow the leader in certain location, as he knows fastest way to the location of mobs groups.

No "brb", "sell" etc, accepted. This is pure exp runs and nothing else, respect other players.

prepper :)
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well said Defender :)

and have fun!
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100 Human Paladin
Posts: 40
Monk prepper looking for multiple crypt runs add me gerardz#1440
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Pretty well geared barb looking to get into crypt runs with people. None of my friends play anymore and it's pretty boring alone.


Hope to see people in game


Edit* I can play my barb or monk
Edited by PsiXSpider#1305 on 1/16/2014 2:54 PM PST
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LF for channel invite
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Posts: 5
lf crypt channels
*all toons*
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LF Crypt Channels or a consistent group, got a pull monk right now levelling to 100, WD also levelling to 100, and still a few toons looking to get to 100, got 2 person team here very interested in running crypts long periods of time, 5 hours nonstop with 1 break time, add me.
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please add me ;D interested...though i never one this before haha
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01/22/2014 05:04 AMPosted by Volartryen
5 hours nonstop with 1 break time, add me.

I would've added you but my bladder can't handle that and I stopped wearing nappies or using a potty to do gaming marathons :D
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Can't get the crypt chat so I'll reach out here.

LF2M with prepers. All prepers in crypt, crypt only for some chains.

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Hey GoPies.

Sorry that you have not been able to tee anyone up. Unfortunately for me I don't get to play at night like I used to.

What may help you out is drop a message in here for Abend and he will add to the farming groups.


Good Luck
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@GoPies, feel free to browse the list of players in the thread and start adding them. Most are still active and doing XP runs. Also add the list of preppers here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10433163735. Chances are between these 2 lists you will find a crypt channel or 5.
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01/23/2014 01:29 AMPosted by YDFWM
Sorry that you have not been able to tee anyone up. Unfortunately for me I don't get to play at night like I used to.

Have been missed....
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