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Advice on build (L50)

I'm just starting to see the big picture on this game, I'm traditionally a single player, but will have a go at online later.

Played through on Normal (Monster Level 10), as it was too easy without the Monster leveling.

In my 1st playthrough I only used the weapons in the game, no Auction house, didn't read anything, no outside input, just me and the game.

I'm about 1/2 way through Nightmare (still Monster L10) and have started tinkering with Auction House. My 1st attempts were pretty poor, big weapon damage but the balance I had attained from carefully picking between items after scouring every inch of every map, breaking items down for materials and saving for something that never came (until now I guess) was fun.

So, now I am learning the benefits of Auction House. Bought and sold a few items, working out how to make a few $$$ without wasting lots of time making money for items I dont really need.

Just clocked through upto Level 50, looking to play all the way through with some Auctioning Assistance.

My build focus is around high damage and vitality, but this is pretty thin and the further I get, the harder its going to be to make that basic setup work.

So, after any quick feedback any of you may have for a late-comer to D3 (I'm a 32yo gamer, played a lot of games over the years, but my first go at the Diablo series) guides you may recommend, threads that you recommend. Please look me up on here to see my setup if you care enough.

Feel free to look at my profile, its a little out of whack until it updates, but the highlights are:
Stun Grenades
Hi Vel - Rapid Fire
Caltrops with spikes
Bat Companion
Spitfire Sentry
Stampede Vengence

The Stun are new to L50, so I'm seeing if this combo works for me.


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Reach level 60 ^.^ It's not that far! Once you hit level 60, you enter a new realm! (>^^)>
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Welcome friend :)

First, learn about the raw mechanics of your preferred style of play. I love to dual wield (DW) so here's the link to my Dual Wielder's Handbook: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10195250837

Next, find a good build like: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9308901625

Finally, start learning to stutter step: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8569108872

P.S. What I meant by "find a good build" was not to strait up copy one; but rather to see what builds and tactics others are using and then put you're own twist on them, thereby making it your own. Also, continue to experiment with the different skills.

P.P.S. I've been playing Diablo games for 15 years now, a few breaks (the Wars and all). There's just something special about this franchise. The game-play is just so fluid. Like Nyan, lvl 60 is a whole new world.
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If you want to take your DH game-play to a whole new level, join the Prime Assassins: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9792720247#1

The clan's focus is on ranged play, and we have some great members that enjoy helping others learn new things. No gear checks. No requirements. Just bring a passion for the DH class, and a willing to embrace the oft times difficult, yet very rewarding, ranged play. Good luck and have fun.
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Thanks Guys! That is fantastic feedback, great to find a forum of helpful people.

I'll take the time to read into what you've read and the links

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Should i be spending money as I earn / trade for it or do I need it later?

Sitting on about 1/2m
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if you need a weapon add me in-game I will drop you a calamity and dml and stuff
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that thing is nasty!
I'm not @ 60 yet, but won't take long.
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You might want to buy a RS ruby for the calamity I have it has socket which will booster your base damage. IF you can't stick to a flawless emerald.
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few more hours, up to 55 a little way into Hell difficulty. With weapons up around the 1K mark some of the Elites are proving to be very strong dealing huge damage.

Might have to think about ML down as things get hard.

Was surprised that I didn't level past 52 before entering Hell, progress seemed to be capped / slowed in the later chapter of Nightmare.

Anyway, chugging along, looking forward to 60 and maybe beyond.
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Pushed past 60, now on Paragon 2.

Damage is now well up there, sitting just shy of 35k

Edging through Chapter 4 (Hell), wondering how much harder its going to get.

Still on Monster L10, expecting that will be crazy hard once in Inferno as the scale changes drastically.

Have been playing with a few different skills, but keep coming back to Rapidfile, Caltrops (damage) and a Bat companion.


Started Inferno, totally different difficulty. Spent a while working on my equipment, damage now upto about 45k, still very slow to kill on Monster 4. Monster 10 was ridiculous...
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<(^^<) Nyan added you!
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Thanks mate, and invited me too...

Will have a go with you soon, cheers.
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with some help from Nyan and Kirus with some nice gear, I'm slowly turning over Inferno on M4.

Without spending much time on AH, don't think I'll be upgrading my gear much beyond what I have now.

Current gear yields:
Dexterity 1450
Vitality 1370
Armor 3400
Damage 79k
Life 83k
Had damage over 100k, but was getting killed by single hits of Elites which was a pain. Dropped my damage to make up my life stats which has made the game much more playable.

Bat is gone, Preperation is proving to me much more practical when I need the power.
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I think your skills are too offensive. You shouldn't rely too much on gear to be defensive. In fact, most of your defense should come from your skills NOT GEAR!
Try using caltrops -> tort ground to keep yourself distant from monsters
I think you should go back to bat companion imo instead of bat companion.
Try using night stalker instead of perfectionist.
You should keep that nat ring I gave you on........your eHP was perfectly fine......
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