Diablo® III

OP barb build in ROS

so much fun

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lol the current beta is so broken

It's only matter of time before every class finds a way to break the game.

It's been like 2-3 days at best and ppl are already facerolling the content.
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Hopefully instead of nerfs they just add a bunch more broken builds >.>
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he's "facerolling" torment 1 in that stream
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That's because he still hasn't built properly like most barbarians that are doing torment5-6: stacking crushing blow.

The only things he's abusing right now are:
- The 60 seconds duration Ignore Pain might belt
- The shrines last one hour gloves combined with the empowerment shrine

He'll have a really hard time doing any high torment without any crushing blow, even though he probably can survive it.
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barbs aka "Super mega death Christ" class needs a nerf badly. They can solo ubers while other classes get 1 shot. Life steal on hit, being hit, sneezing, farting, walking, looting and breathing needs to stop too. Crusader will be the obvious OP class in ROS this is bull!@#$ blizzard were talking about where games are fun as long as you play them and what class the way blizzards wants you too.
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What is " OP "? Sorry for being new.
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11/22/2013 09:32 PMPosted by SLOGG
What is " OP "? Sorry for being new.

In this case "Over Powered"

sometimes it refers to the Original Poster of a thread or Original Post when in the forums.
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Thank you Sedi!..
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They have it like this so that they can find and test things.. of course they are going to be "over powerd"
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