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looking for help on ubers build mp10

cant find the best gear and skiils to get zulton and siege right?!?!
hope u have something that's cheap and with efficiency...
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Get out Death/Phantom's Uber guide

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i try this build still the siege and zulton are too strong! and its lack of the gear in this build..
where is the gear?!!?
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It can be done with any gear, as long as you meet the requirements. Drop some sheet DPS for survivability and that's it.

The more used you are into playing with HotA, the less requirements you will have.

I'm terrible with HotA. I died a lot because I couldn't keep wotb up. Then I started using a cheap LS skorn (one of those 5 mi ones on AH with 1200 DPS), stacking AR, Armor and life, even using war cry instead of overpower in order to pay atention to fury management only.

Siegebreaker died, ZK killed me. (I was too angry to try again). A week passed and I tried again on MP8 and it worked-ish. I killed kulle, but I couldn't keep wotb up all the time. Sometimes I used rend and started run around. It was the 3r portal and I got organs from the 3 ubers.

I was looking around for a Hellfire Ring for RoS crusader. Minimum damage and maximum damage is kinda cool for a lvl 1 character. Arcane res and reducing impairing effects is terrible. Since it isn't a complete disaster, I will use it to farm white mobs until RoS.

If I wanted the hellfire ring - something decent, that involves a few tries - I would pratice with hota and the stack/key farming build with the minimum survivability possible. But I was aware that even if my ring rolled life drain I would be cool with it :)

Farming keys with the same build I planned to kill ubers helped me a lot.

Hope my embarassing story helps. I was planning to hide it...

(My gear on MP10, when I killed SB and left ZK with 10% life or so was: Mempo, crafted shoulder, rare gloves, rare ammy, rare rings, rare pants (vit str ar sockets), IK belt & chest, Lacunis, Ice climbers,1260 DPS LS skorn - a player that knows how to play with hota would be able to actually kill ZK with my gear on MP10.

It's almost the same gear I use to farm trash mobs, with a couple pieces for extra EHP and a LS skorn.)
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Get yourself more HP. I do it with 55k HP, a 5.9% LS Skorn, Rend/Bloodlust, and all resistances in the 600s. But I use different gear & skills than what my profile shows right now.

Hang on I'll change into my uber gear so you can get ideas.

EDIT: Here you go, this should give you ideas. This is what I use to solo MP10 ubers. In multiplayer battles, I'll drop the IK belt for a str/vit Witching Hour for added damage and health.
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