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Concerns about the new legendaries?

I know this will be an unpopular question but I want to raise it here...some of these legendaries i'm seeing are not build changing, they are actually game breaking.

e.g EA as a hatred generator instantly makes all the other generators obsolete. The only way it makes sense is to have it on a bow which doesn't do as much damage as other end game bows to force players into a decision.

Tasker making sentries shoot 100% faster is potentially in same boat.

same as stacking cooldown reduction to spam RoV.

I don't disagree with these concepts, but if an item has these cool properties then they better make it so that the player is missing out on something by equipping these items. e.g. The current SoJ is cool but equipping one potentially means you lose the cc/CD of a good rare, hellfire rings bonus. This is actually good balance.

I guess I am worried about enchant being able to make (for example) an SoJ exactly the same as a good rare but with the elite dmg bonus. Then everyone will be using a SoJ.

Blizz should be careful about making certain legendaries too powerful and build diversity will actually suffer as a result.
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Current D3:

- snapshot RF works best in MP10
- 99% of the DH use it
- 99% of these DH uses Manticore
- same goes for Mempo Helm

From RoS streams:

- EA, Cluster, RoV and perhaps Strafe viable in Torment.
- Many diverse bows to choose from

How is that lack of build diversity? Blizzard wants items to make that build, in fact they want Legends to be the end game items. Rares can roll just as well but without the unique affixes.
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Gamers will zero in on the most efficient and effective build, end story. We have build diversity now.

I think Op is making a different point however.
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only 82% of the demons hunters actually use manticore. I get your point though. Manticore, Skorn and echoing fury have to be some of the lamest items in any game.
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Actually.. depending on play style, RoS will give MORE diversity.

Because as of the moment, we either tank with Echoing or RF Snapshot or give it a challenge and stutter step.

When RoS hits, we can TANK or play RANGED. But both have different skill builds and item builds in which you can cater to your specific skill build.

We can't dismiss the fact that Cookie Cutter builds will be established still, but if 10 builds becomes VIABLE in Torment 6.. that's better than 3 that we have now.
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I didn't articulate my point well.

These cool bonuses are great but they also need to be balanced.

Take the bow that turns EA into a generator. It should ideally have some inherent disadvantages e.g. lower damage output compared to other end game weapons. If it does the same damage as other end game weapons then people will all use this and all the other hatred generators will become obsolete.

Same as SoJ now. It provides a great bonus vs elites. But it lacks CD/CC etc. and players then are forced to make a choice.

The issue with manticore is while the windforce/calamity provide good bonuses. The bonus are not sufficiently nice to make up for amount of damage you normally would lose with manticore.

Getting the balance right is a function of (how nice is this bonus vs. what are you losing by using this weapon).
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Ah yes.. I get your point.. even from the OP.

Especially the SoJ example. But yeah, they tend to make items without any downfalls.. like Mempo. Best example IMO >_<

Anyways.. we're, they're still in BETA, it's a DH item, Blizz tends to break DHs anyways :3
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yeah these great bonuses without any downfalls is what I am concerned about.

Especially with enchant.

At least with the mempo, the downfall is the rarity of getting crit chance. Now imagine if enchant existed now and you can just keep enchanting the property until you get the crit chance. No one would ever use another helm.

Its like right now (from the beta) the EA bow would immediately better than the end game windforce. Damage numbers are the same, would you rather have knock back or turn EA into a generator at 300% AOE weapon damage e.g. Ball lightning?
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I'm not really interested in that bow since I don't intend to use EA.

Calamity with the fast attack speed and MFA works better for my build.

Builds depend on items now, so I don't see any issue.
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No the items are looking great. Why are you worried about balance?

You can't equip everything at once. These items are build changers and enhancers. Not everyone wants to use EA.

I'm drooling over WF with strongarms combo. Knocked back enemies take more damage. Yes please :). I have always loved the WF. Never even equiped a Manti, even for the beloved bombardment builds and all its breakpoints - don't interest me.

Its the lemming players that have to worry "oh noes whats the most powerful, i neeeed dat build!" "I need to be efficient..."

But with all these changes.. there will be so many different powerful builds. And it depends how the player wants to play and what skills they prefer. Also it depends on the skill of the player. Some of us like a challenge and choose builds/skills accordingly. Same will happen in ROS.
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- snapshot RF works best in MP10
- 99% of the DH use it
- 99% of these DH uses Manticore
- same goes for Mempo Helm

Bad statistic.
If you count how many active DH in the game (not some guy that has a DH but not as main) nothing you said there is true.

11/24/2013 04:03 AMPosted by Chrizzle
Actually.. depending on play style, RoS will give MORE diversity.


The devs have cut out the easy builds and now its time for you guys to think. You guys need to learn and play with 4-5 damage dealer instead of focusing on one. Then the control the spacing on the battle field will be your next challenge. The devs are forcing us into melee range when they have said the class need to be range, funny isn't it...

for example reduced pickup yards so player can only pick them up in melee range

I'm using this right now and got a few alternatives
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